Qulture Committee

Qulture Committee

Qulture is a big and exciting concept, which can be a lot of things really. At the same time. Just like Quantum mechanics, but completely different, maybe.

Qulture could be, for example, screenings with a completely functional projector, parlour games with appurtenant parlour game players, LAN and meetings with cookies, many cookies. We also do not have a locker where we have candy for the chapter's needs (but we used to).

We in the Qulture Committee try to make sure that the Computer Science chapter experiences as much Qulture as possible, in all of its forms, most of the time. If you feel like something Qultural is missing at Data, or that you’d like to help us in our work, do not hesitate to contact the Qulturattaché (see contact info to the right). We do not have a membership, anyone is welcome!

For more info about game nights and other events, join our Discord!

We also have a Facebook-page, check it out! (it’s currently in Swedish unfortunately)