The Clubs of the CS chapter


Group for helping girls at the CS chapter network with each other.


Takes care of the chapter car, Cerise, so it stays on the road.


dbuggen is the Chapter's own paper. It's released whenever any possible editors have the time or the will. This actually sometimes happens! Nowadays you can also read it online.

DEMON - Music group

DEMON are the music enthusiasts of the CS chapter. Meet to jam together!

DESC - Computer Science E-sports community

DESC organizes gaming nights and other events for gaming enthusiasts in the chapter.


The chapter's yearly CTF competition.

DKM - Party organizers

What would a Chapter be without parties? DKM has been organizing parties as long as the Chapter has existed.

Equality Committee

We want everyone to feel safe and welcome.

Election Committee

Manages elections within the chapter to elect people to official positions.


Is responsible for safekeeping and rediscovering the Data Chapters long history.

International Committee

Makes sure international students are welcome by arranging events for both Swedish and international students to get to know each other through.


Our common Chapter Hall is named META and can be found at Osquars Backe 21. we are the ones taking care of the place.

Prylmångleriet - pathces and merch

Prylis sells the stuff CS students want to buy

Qulture Committee - Qulturnämnden

Film nights, eating candy, and other forms of qulture.


The chapter choir for everyone who likes to sing.

Study Board - Studienämnden

Keeping an eye on the studies, the courses and the faculty.

Tag Monkeys

Graphic design <3

The Baking Committee

Bakes pastries for chapter meetings and other occasions.

The Business Relations Group

We handle the chapter's professional contacts, organizes job fairs, lunch lectures, study visits, and other kids of sponsoring.

IOR - The Information Organ

We develop and maintain the chapter's websites. Including the one you're looking at now!

The Reception

Here is all the info about the reception, the schedule, etc.

The Sports Committee - Idrottsnämnden

We do whatever we want.

Recurring projects

dåre - The chapters trip the the ski resort: Åre

Studs - The Study Visit, a course organised by students of the Chapter

METAspexet - The Spex shared between the CS chapter and the Media Technology Chapter - An interactive student musical theater.

Project Pride

Vårbalen - The CS chapters spring ball

Current projects

dÅre 2024

Studs 2023

Studs 2024

METAspexet 2024

Vårbalen 2024

Project Pride 2024

dJubileet 2023




Project Dive

Groda 2024

Operational plans for all current projects are uploaded to Google Drive.

How to start a project

To start a project, there has to be an interest on the part of the chapter since we'll be using the chapter's money. So you have to get a motion passed at an SM.

Earlier groups/committees and projects

Spexmästeriet: Was responsible for creating new spex. Closed Budget-SM 2013.

Fenixorden: Awarded the "Årets Fenix". Closed at Budget-SM 2013.

Cerise Siren: Choir of the CS chapter. (Merged with Spexmästeriet 2005)

Dataspelet: Data's own spex. Now exists as a common spex together with Media, METAspexet.

Dart Vader: CS Dart group.

Jong: CS Juggling group.

SHFF: Sektionshusfondsföreningen (untranslatable - sorry to the one international student that got this far. Thanks for reading tho!).

Sångboksgruppen: The Chapter songbook group.

Bröllopet - Our Wedding with the Media chapter

Stack Overbowl: CS Bowling group.