DESC (Datas E-Sports Community) is the CS chapter's gaming club. Our mission is to spread the joy of gaming to the CS chapter. We are an open club: if you're a member in the chapter, you're a member of DESC. DESC is headed by the Desctop, elected at Val-SM each year.

What we do

We organize a slew of activities related to e-sports and gaming in general. For example, we...

  • attend Dreamhack Winter yearly (sponsored by the chapter),
  • organize tournaments with prizes in META,
  • watch e-sports events in META,
  • hold on- and offline gaming nights,
  • speed run Dark Souls,
  • convince fellow students to show off their VR gear,
  • get wrecked in Overwatch,
  • encourage members of the chapter to play more video games with eachother.

Any other time we're hanging out in the Discord server.


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