The Information Organ


We are happy that you found IOR's page. We are also known as the Donkeys, which is a name that does not describe what we do very well. IOR is in charge of developing new systems and maintaining the Chapter’s current systems. In short, we are a group of students who enjoy programming and learning together. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of whether you have worked as a developer for a few years or are completely new to programming.

The Chapter’s systems

The chapter’s systems are available on our Github, if you want access to see or edit something, you can ask Head of IT or come to one of our programming evenings.

Selection of systems

Here is a list of some systems that previous students have built and that the chapter use extensively:

  • [Cashflow]( is probably our most used system. Here you can register expenses that you have made for the chapter and the Treasurer (or some other responsible person) will pay the money to you as soon as possible. Neat, right?
  • [Mentometer]( is used to hold certain elections during chapter meetings (SM).
  • [aaallt]( may not be our most exciting system, but here you can go to almost every other system the chapter has.

Current projects (updated November 2021)

  • Budget HD: Our current budget system has its problems and therefore the development of a new, better (hopefully) system has begun, in HD.
  • dUrn 2.0: Our current system for ballot-elections (see [the regulations 3.12.7]( for more information) needs to be reworked a bit. The system is being rebuilt with a backend in Go and frontend in React.

Join the club

We regularly try to hold programming evenings where everyone is welcome. Usually from 5 pm onwards on Thursdays, usually somewhere in the E-house. You can come here to see what we're doing, develop something for the chapter, hang out or maybe get help with a programming lab. The easiest way to find out when we have events is to ask in our slack or Head of IT at Hope to see you there!