What is Prylmångeriet exactly?

Well... Prylmångleriet is a club at the Computer Science chapter, led by Prylmånglaren (also called Prylis). Prylmångleriet handles all from embroidered patches, boilersuits (Ovve) and all other types of merch for the chapter! Our work mainly consists of designing new patches and the sale of them but also designing the chapter's songbook. Contact Prylis by mail at if you have any project ideas that you want to realize or if you have any questions.

So Prylmångleriet is where you go to style your Ovve. We usually sell these items outside of META every other Wednesday from 12.15 to 13.00 but contact us if you need something special and we might be able to arrange something. Follow prylmångleriet at Facebook for further information and updates on what we have in stock.

What do we have?

Prylis has an abundant amount of fun merch, so stop by during our Wednesday sales and see what you want for yourself! We currently have everything from patches, pins, cufflinks, songbooks, sweatshirts and Ovvar. But you have to see for yourself to get the full experience and idea of what we have.

If you need to buy an Ovve or a sweatshirt, you might need to contact Prylis to see if your size is in stock but you always get the possibility to test your clothing before you buy them.


Prylmångleriet are of course experts in everything Ovve-culture and in all kinds of patches. So if you want to learn more, join us or contact one of us if you have any questions.

For members in our chapter, the most important piece of clothing is the Ovve. You sew patches, modify pockets or add pins to it to display for all your fellow students at gasque or other events for students (without dress code). Take care of your Ovve, since it is so glorious and will soon become your most expensive piece of clothing.

The Computer Science chapter has the most distinguished and honourable colour which is cerise, not pink. Other chapters might like to think that our Ovve is pink but they are wrong. Read about other chapters' colours to see where all of them come from.

This tradition of carrying Ovve started at KTH in the late 60s as an alternative to b-frack. And the following chapter is a description of how we at our chapter handle our Ovve.

Vett och etikett

The Ovve is only allowed to be washed if the owner is in the Ovve, which means your only alternatives are bathing or showering in your Ovve! Thus, Prylmångleriet holds an event at the start of summer, every year, called Plask where we gather to bathe in our Ovve in a local lake.

Another rule is that you are not allowed to cover the seal with the chapter-delta on your back. There are a lot of students that carry Ovve so it might be beneficial to sew your nickname (or your name) on the front of your right leg. This is what we call Ovvenamn. Furthermore, according to tradition, we sew select patches on specific spots:

  • The KTH-patch should be on your left shoulder
  • The Computer Science chapter-patch should be over your heart
  • The patch that represents your specific year should sit on the opposite side of your chapter-patch
  • The patches from Mottagningen/the Reception should be arranged to be a vertical row on your left leg where the first event is on the bottom.

The members of our chapter usually have the Ovve "nedcabbad" which means that we solely use the leggings part of the Ovve by having the arms tied around our waist or let them hang on the side. You can instead use these arms as additional pockets.


A tradition is to have Ovve during your fifth tenta/examination for one course. There are also more traditions if you have had more than five exams, like having a suit of armour on.

Moreover, we have a tradition of exchanging parts of our Ovve with people of outer chapters but the rules for how to exchange specific parts might vary. The most popular being to exchange the legs, arms and collar of the Ovve. The usual "conditions" are being friends, being in a relationship and exchanging bodily fluids, but a few people say it is completely free. So there is no reason to do anything you aren't comfortable with, make something fun out of it!

Lastly of course is Ovveoskuld (literally Ovve virginity). There is a symbol of the supplier for our Ovve on the left leg pocket (JAC for our chapter) which Ovveoskulden refers to. To still have the symbol on your Ovve means to still have your Ovveoskuld. There have been traditions of taking others and gathering others' Ovveoskuld and the only allowed way of removing others' Ovveoskuld is by ripping them off with your teeth. So if you still have your Ovveoskuld, you are fully allowed to protect yourself if someone tries this.


Your Ovve usually has a lot of pockets, but if you need more space, the arm openings can be tied up to make two enormous arm pockets. Usual items you might want to carry are: towel, patches to exchange with others, sewing kit, barblade, shot glass, mug, tape and a textile marker. Having something to hang your items on is usually popular and modifications can make the Ovve even more stylish. Modifications might include making the legs detachable with zippers or modifying your pockets.

Be careful with items in your pockets as the Ovve will likely get wet!

The best tip Prylmångleriet can give you is that you should sew your patches on properly. Otherwise, your patches might fall off during all kinds of crazy events and parties. If you use a good thread and sew them properly, this is less likely to happen. Never use glue though, since this will leave ugly marks on the Ovve and the patch.

How do you find patches?

The goal with your Ovve is to of course make it as nice as possible. So our tip is to fill the space with a lot of cool accessories and modifications to make your Ovve unique to you. The most common way of getting patches is by participating in events, going to pubs (and getting the chapters' speciality drink), buying from us outside of META, exchanging with others or buying privately. There are a lot of sites and Facebook-groups where you might exchange or buy/sell patches privately.

I hope after all of this you find yourself a bit more wise in the ways of the Ovve and I hope to see you outside META one day!

See you <3, Prylis