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Welcome to the Chapter's page on equality (Jämlikhet), diversity (Mångfald) and equal treatment (Likabehanding) (JML in Swedish)! Here you can find everything you need to work with JML (both as an individual member and in your committee/project), but also information on who can be contacted if something happens or if you as a member want to discuss something. Here you can also find more information about what JML is and how we in the Chapter work with JML.

Under resources there are links to other important documents related to JML, but also to various tools (such as lectures and cases) to use when working with JML.

Under the heading Report and Questions there is a form you can use to ask questions to the Head of the Equality Committee (JNO) or report incidents to JNO (anonymously or by name). Questions can be asked anonymously, you will still be able to receive answers via email. Reports can also be made anonymously, but an anonymous report can never lead to an investigation at KTH as it requires a testimony. An anonymous report can however lead to more general preventive measures around the incident. If you want a report to lead to an investigation and the possibility of greater influence for the school, the report needs to be made in someone's name.

Responsible for maintaining the information on this page is JNO (Head of the Equality Committee).