The Chapter

Konglig Datasektionen

Datasektionen, or the Computer Science Chapter is a non-profit student chapter under THS which exists to give all CS students at KTH the best study time possible. We achieve this in part by monitoring the courses in the programme, and in part by organizing activities outside of the studies themselves. We're a bit like a watchdog, and a bit like a fraternity (but more open). In the chapter there are several groups doing specific stuff that interests them. Read more about those below!

Discussion Forums

The chapter has a Discord server, a chat platform where chapter members can discuss both study-related topics and extracurricular chapter-related activities. The server hosts course channels for the program's courses where students can get help. Events that fall under the activity categories below are also advertised there. All students at KTH are welcome to join the server via the following link:

Party activities, DKM

Few engineering students could go longer than a few days without partying. To satisty this need, we have DKM, or the Club Masters of Data. DKM, is made up of a few nice people who organize totally incredible parties. You must think they are awesome. They are. Parties are helt at META almost every wednesay.

Activities and entertainment

There are many ways to have fun at the CS chater. Apart from interesting studies and epic parties, qultiral events are sometimes organized. This could be film- or gaming evenings. We also collaborate with other groups to spread qulture all around the campus. Looking for company? We can help! DKM

Keeping an eye on the studies...

The study council makes sure that all CS students get the best education possible. We meet at least once a period and discuss how things are going in all the different courses and programmes. If you're experiencing problems with the faculty or a course, you should contact us! The study council is open for all CS students, so anyone can come to our meetings. Studienämnden [email protected]

Industry contact

The industry group takes care of the chapter's contact with the professional world. We organize events together with interested companies, such as the yearly D-dagen CS job fair, company pubs, lunch lectures, and other events. We also help companies advertize jobs and sometimes organize something special.

Women and nonbinary

Ada is a club that wants to make it easier for women and nonbinary to meet other women and nonbinary in the chapter, and does so by hosting an array of different events throughout the year!

META, our Chapter Hall

META is the hall where CS and Media students can meet, eat and party. The address is Osquars Backe 21 and the heroes taking care of the place are METAdorerna.

Information distribution (or, the hacker club)

IOR (eeyore) started as a group to facilitate spreading of information in the chapter (e.g. through this website, which we develop!), but has morphed in the the CS Chapter's hacker club. We make sure the website, and all other projects are up and running, and there are many of those. Want more programming in your life? Or maybe you're a good designer, tester, developer, or just like ice cream? Join us at a hackathon every* thursday in comptuter room Grå (fifth floor, E building).

*We're not really that punctual and sometimes miss thursdays. Check our facebook site for fresh news!

Student Reception

The reception is very important for welcoming new students and making sure they feel good coming here. The schedule and other information can be found at the reception website.


The board, or the d-Directorate has the overarching responsibility for everything that happens in the CS chapter. They are the bosses, you could say. Each member has their share of responsibilities, and they are elected during SM, Chapter Meetings. Their main task is realizing democratic decisions made by the Chapter.

Chapter Paper

dbuggen is the CS chapter's own paper!

Equality work

The equality council works to make everyone feel safe, accepted and treated equally at the CS section. You can turn here if you have questions about discrimination, unfair treatment, or similar issues. No issue is too small! If you like combatting inequalities you should definitely join.

The Spex

A Spex is a theatrical student event of sorts. METAspexet is a collabortion between the CS and Media chapters. It brings joy to the members of the chapters. THe spex, is full of music, dance, comedy, and more. It's hard to describe. But you should see it!


The Sport group does whatever its members feel like doing. Football, hockey, running, it varies a lot. Join here:


We have an international study coordinator who knows the most about the CS chapter's international projects. More information can be found here or by sending anemail.

Study trip

Studs is the CS chapter's yearly study trip to another country.

Overalls and patches

Prylmånglaren is the person at the CS chapter who makes sure to get all the, patches and merchandise, which are s big part of sedish student culture. They can be found in META and organize selling events semi-regularly. [email protected]


Each year, the CS chapter goes to Åre (dÅre) for some skiing! SIgn-up opens after the reception.


DEMON is the music group. They sometimes practice live, meet up, et.c.

Bath house party

Plums is a party organized each year by DKM. We actually rent a whole bath house, get some awesome DJ's and party all night long!