The Freshman Banquet of 2019

16th of November is the date for the Freshman Banquet, it’s a banquet with good food, soothing music and as tradition arranged by the freshmen at Konglig Datasektionen. The party will take place on M/S Borgila, which is a party room as much as it is a boat. Additionally, you get an amazing view of Stockholms stadshus and gamla stan on-board the boat. The mingle will start at 6 pm and the sitting will begin 30 minutes thereafter, an after-party will also occur after the sitting. The tickets will be released at 6 pm on the 21st of October on the linked Google form.

Winnie-the-Pooh - D-directorate meeting

On October 24 a D-directorate Meeting will be held in Sektionsrummet in Nymble at 17:30.

At the D-directorate Meeting the board will, among other things, start projects like Project Pri𝛿e 2020 and close projects that have concluded their activities.

All chapter members are welcome!


You can find the summons here.



Come and celebrate the end of the exam period and welcome our new members!! ITS GONNA BE PARTY TIME!!😁💃🎉🎊

Food ››››››› no food today... (we have readymeals)

Beer & cider ››››››› 15 kr+

Drinks & shots ››››› 35 kr+

Non-alcoholic ›››››› 10 kr+

Photographs will be taken during this event, contact us on facebook if you dont want to be photographed or if you want us to delete a photo!

This pub is open for members of the Computer Science and Media chapters at KTH as well as their +1. Don't forget your ID and THS ID.


NOTICE! This is not the same event as the CS chapter's women's gasque, but rather arranged by the Physics Chapter's Equality Committee.

Come to a gasque in Konsulatet! All women, non-binary and non-men from Physics, Vehicle Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Open are welcome. The theme is halloween, it will be fun. The dresscode is theme-appropriate or student overall/tailcoat.

The afterparty will be open for everyone regardless of gender.

Price: 130 SEK without alcohol, 160 SEK with alcohol.

Payment info is sent via email after signup.

If you have questions, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

META closed during the day on the 14th of October

META will be closed for a couple of hours today as there is builders working on the roof inside of META, therefor META will be closed during the day but should open again in the after noon.

Closing of META

During the 10th of October META will be closed as the premises will be used for D-Dagen. Microwaves for heating food are available on the ground floor in Nymble or in U.

Election documents

The election documents for the by-election at the next chapter meeting are published. They might be updated later.

D-Dagen 2019

D-Dagen is an annual work fair organized by the Royal computer chapter. During D-Dagen, D-students and companies will have the opportunity to meet, and this year we have 80 companies coming to D-Dagen!

D-Dagen will take place on October 10 in Nymble, KTH Vallhallavägen campus. During the day you will have the opportunity to talk and make contacts with different companies. At the end of the day there is also a banquete where exhibitors and students can enjoy a relaxed end to the day.

Don't miss the chance to make new and valuable contacts.

Lunch lecture with YELP

"The state of mobile application development" is the theme of Yelp's lunch lecture. Does this sound exciting and are you interested in a free lunch?

Then register at:

Note that the lunch lecture is in English.

Interviews during D-Dagen

Sieze the opportunity to have an individual conversation with a company in an informal setting. It is the perfect situation to get in contact with representatives from companies who you might be interested in such as Ericsson, Bontouch and Facebook.

Apply through the link:

Ericsson Programming Challenge

Are you ready to awaken your competitive side? Then you should participate in the Ericsson Programming Challenge. The competition consists of solving three problems of different difficulty levels, and your goal is to solve as many as possible in as short a time as possible. You can compete on your own or in a two person team. Food is included. Registration:

D-Dagen Banquet

D-Dagen does not end just because the fair closes! Around 16.30 on the 10th of October, right after the fair closes, the doors are opened to the pub in Nymble. In the same house as D-Dagen. There you can grab an apertif before attending the D-Dagen banquet.

At 18.00 the mingle ends and everyone moves to Syster O Bror. At the venue a lovely three course dinner will be served. There will be speeches and there will be song - you do not want to miss this!

When the sitting is over the pub in Nymble will open. This event is open fore everyone including those who did not attend the sitting.

This application is for students belonging to the Computer Science chapter and those students who have worked at the fair. Link:

Dresscode: Business Casual

Nattgibb with DESC!

Short info in English: Greetings gamers!

We're finally having a "nattgibb" with DESC. A "nattgibb" is basically a very long gaming session, starting in the evening, lasting at least until the sun rises. Usually it costs 140kr, but if you're a chapter member, DESC is paying the entrance fee!

See you there!

Where? Inferno Online Stockholm (Odengatan 60) When? 2019-10-04 22:00 - 2019-10-05 08:00

Deactivation of e-mail addresses when employment, studies or other connection to KTH has ended.

KTH has decided to deaktivate e-mail adresses for people who no loner studies, are emploey or has any connections to KTH. The whole decisions can be read HERE

What does this mean for us? The KTH e-mail adresses that are used for contacting alumni will be deactivated and will no longer be in use sometime before 2020-03-31

Regards, D-directorate

KTH Climate Strike

The following is a message from Klimatstudenterna KTH:

It's time to act! Take part in the global climate strike together with other KTH-students and employees.

27 September

11:30 Meet up and sign making outside of KTH entrance

12:30 Travel together via subway to Medborgarplatsen to join the global strike

13:00 Global strike begins at Medborgarplatsen

Also join us on Wednesday the 25th at 17:15 and make signs and banners in the A-building together.

KTH climate strike

Global climate strike

They’re getting away with my gold!-D-Directorate Meeting before-The Budget-Chapter Meeting

On September 24rd a D-directorate Meeting will be held in E33 at 17:30, in preparation for the Budget - Chapter Meeting.

At the DM, the board will, among other things, respond to all the motions submitted for the Chapter Meeting as well as review an already made per capsulam-decision regarding a power of attorney for the Spring Rave's rental agreement.

All chapter members are welcome!


You can find the summons here.

You can find the agenda here.

You can find the complementary agenda here.

The semester's first Study Board meeting

On Friday (27/9) we will hold out first Study Board meeting in the meeting room in META. We will discuss the courses held and what has happened in the Board since last meeting. If you have any feedback on, or problems in, a course, or have any questions about studying at KTH in general, you are welcome to attend!

Start-up Meeting with Jämlikhetsnämnden (the Equality Committee)

We have our first meeting of the year! At the meeting we will discuss the plans for the upcoming year, what kind of events and topics we wish to work with.

Fika will be provided!

The dJulkalender

The dJulkalender is the CS chapter's very own advent calendar where every door is a challenge. The challenges are within e.g. computer security, the internet, algorithms, programming languages, Unix, hacking, nerd culture. The doors get harder over time such that everyone can participate from the start, but few get to the end. Compare yourself to your friends on the live leaderboards in META.

==> We are looking for authors for calendar doors, web designers, story writers and especially TESTERS for the calendar doors. Email [email protected] if interested.

Intro-hacker-evening with Crash & Bränn

It's happening! The chapters systems will get some new life and Crash & Bränn starts with our first hacker-evening.

This first meeting will be targeted towards people who haven't been involved with the chapters systems previously. We will be covering the different projects, how our microservices are connected and areas where one can help out. We'll try to at some extent set the level of what we cover depending on who shows up.

The meeting will be in a classroom on the third floor of the E-house (E3x)

Join our slack for more detailed info

Castor Software Days 14-16 October

Joing the KTH continuous integration art hackaton and meet stars within software research

During the CASTOR Software Days software researchers, engineers and students meet to present and discuss cutting-edge technology, state of the art and current challenges in DevOps, Safety and Security and Large-Scale Distributed Systems. The days will mix keynotes, academic and industry talks, demos, lightning talks and student events.


Sign up

Participation is free for students. Other participants are asked for a 900 SEK flat rat.

CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION ART HACKATHON, 14 OCT Register separately to the hackathon in the spectacular former nuclear reactor KTH R1. Passionate and creative software students, software developers, artists, designers and curious citizens are welcome to join this first ever performance of software art based on continuous integration data.

Sign-up, no fee

By-elections for Head of Business Relations

At the budget chapter meeting the 3rd of October by-elections for the chapter's Head of Business Relations will be held. Send nominations to [email protected] Nominations/candidatures has to be announced before the 26th of September.

Budget Chapter Meeting

On October 3rd a chapter meeting will be held in B1 at 17:30. The reserve time is October 7th at 17:30 in B1.

The deadline for submitting motions is September 19th at 23:59.

At the Meeting we will, among other things, hold a by-election for the chapter's Head of Business Relations as well as decide on the budget for 2020.

All chapter members are welcome!


You can find the summons here.

You can find the agenda here.

Information from KTH Innovation

KTH Innovation is looking for 15 new startup project to spend a year developing their ideas in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program. You get 24/7 office space on campus, weekly workshops to develop as an entrepreneur, and a place in a supportive community. Whether you feel stuck or are you ready to go, the program is a great opportunity to make your idea reality. Apply by September 4th on

Course Start-DM

On September 5th Course Start-DM will be held in E34 at 17:30. At the DM, the board will, among other things, appoint the role as president of the Industry Group and discuss providing The Study Trip 2020 and Industry group with a power of attorney.

All chapter members are welcome!

Find the summon here

Find the agenda here