Minutes for Budget-SM

See the minutes here

EasyTappen 2018

HEYA 🥝🥝 On the 8th of December METAdorerna will be hosting the annual EasyTappen!!🌟

What's EasyTappen? Basically help tidy up META and be appreciated with a gasque afterwards for effort 👍👍

Am I eligible? EasyTappen is open for all students in the Computer Science and Media Technology chapters and you may bring a guest!

How to partake?? Help tidy up META on the 8th of December in the morning or purchase a ticket. Pricing: 120kr for a ticket w/ alcoholic beverages, 80kr if w/o alcohol.

What's the theme??? RULE BRITANNIA 🇬🇧️🇬🇧️🙌❤️ What's on the menu?? Picture something very typically British🤔😊 How to dress?? Something something à la Britannia, embrace your inner Briton!!🐣

Sign up in the form: https://goo.gl/forms/A7qM5jAFJLSiON033

Cheerios, METAdorerna

Apply for D-Dagen 2019 project group

Now that we have been chosen as project managers for D-Dagen 2019 yesterday, we realized that D-Dagen is missing something... D-Dagen is lacking a project team!

Are you a driven person with a lot of ideas? Do you want to develop yourself and D-Dagen?

Apply for the project group! ddagen.se/sok

Victor & Simone D-Dagen project managers 2019

Study Committee meeting the 5/12

Welcome to a Study Committee lunch-meeting. We will discuss important questions regarding the studies. The meeting is in the meeting room in META at 12:15 the 4/12.

Summon to A Flying-DM

See the summon here

See the agenda here

The completed agenda can be senn here

Pub Night: Chapter patch

It's time for the new students to decide the design of their grade patch!

Election documents

The Election documents are here!

They will be updated in the future as well.


You can now vote in the elections for Chapter President and Vice chapter president on this link https://durn.datasektionen.se/

Nomination to the Delta of Honor

This is a reminder to nominate section members to the Computer Science Chapter's finest badge of merit; the Delta of Honor. The recipients will be presented at the Audit Chapter Meeting in March.

Lost and found

Hi there people of meta. Our lost and found bins will be emptied next Wednesday. Do yourself a favour and take a look in them before it's all gone.

A regular Code-evening

Themes are hard, so show up and build a theme system.

Come to grå and do some hacking with us, build something fun, boring or interesting and please help us find the memory leak that is bringing our servers to their knees.

Candidate hearing

17.30 in B1 27/11 we have the candidate hearing for the posts of Chapter president and Vice chapter president . Find out more about the candidates by listening to them and asking them questions.

Fill out the link in the event at least a week ahead of the event to get food as well!

Application for Titel 2019

The application for the managment team, Titel, for the reception 2019 is now open!

Applications to the Spring-ball-committee 2019

Applications to the Spring-ball-committee 2019 are now open. More information can be found in the form.

Pub Night

Jet beams can't melt en liten studentkaffe och en kanelbulle för 15kr. Now watch this drive 🏌️‍♂️

Food ››››››››››››››› 30 kr Beer & cider ››››››› 20 kr+ Drinks & shots ››››› 35 kr+ Non-alcoholic ›››››› 10 kr+

This pub is open for members of the Computer Science and Media chapters at KTH as well as their personal guests. Don't forget your ID and THS ID.

Pub Night á la 2009

2009 - The climax of pop culture ...not really.

This pub is open for members of the Computer Science and Media chapters at KTH as well as their personal guests. Don't forget your ID and THS ID.