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Lördagssport: Harry Potter (variant på spökboll)

Complaint lodge with the Study Board

Hello dear chapter!

The study board will once again be holding a complaint lodge in META, tomorrow on the 29/2 during lunch hours.

As per usual we will be exchanging fika for your opinions.

Hope to see you in META and good luck with your studies!

Saturday Sports: Harry Potter (variation on dodgeball)

Hello hello!

Every Saturday from 2 pm to 3 pm we have booked KTH Hallen for the rest of the semester. The idea is that we do some activity/sport for an hour. Everyone is welcome! The primary goal is having fun, not to play super competitively.

This week (Saturday 2nd) we will play Harry Potter (it's a variation on dodgeball) for 1 hour.

I will try to vary the sports in the following weeks. And please come with suggestions for what we can do!!!

All events are published in our sports group on Facebook.

Hope to see you there 🙂

Urn election and Election documents Revisions-SM

Hello again chapter!

The Election Committee has opened up the urn election for Student union assembly delegates. Like the last time, you are able to change your vote, if so desired. Head over to durn.datasektionen.se to find the election. More info about how the system works can be found there.

The Election documents for Revisions-SM has also been released, and can be found here!

Have a dELECTable day, The CS chapter Election Committee

¡Last sale for the third period!

Tomorrow will be, as the title says, the last sale for the third period. The sales will continue as normal when P4 starts but we will take a break during the exam weeks. Reminder to everyone who were at the Chapter Fair that had an official role or gathered enough points on the quiz, that there are "Get to know the chapter at the Chapter Fair" Achievement patches to buy. We also just got in sewing thread in black & white (20 kr each) and sewing needles (5 kr each)"


On Monday the 18th of March at 17h45, the International Committee 🌎 and the Sports Committee ⛹️ will be hosting a FREE BOWLING EVENT at Birka Bowling! 🤑🎳

Sign up now using the form below - we have limited availability so make sure to register before all the spots are taken! 💨

See you there, bowlers! 😎

Bouldering with the Sports Club - Registration

Hello hello Chapter!

It's time for BOULDERING!!! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 5th, from 2 pm until X pm (up to each person how long they want to stay).

Before you tackle the rocks, please fill out the form below. It's free, so why not give it a try and experience the thrill of bouldering?

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and get ready to climb to new heights, challenge your limits, and create unforgettable memories.

Hope to see you there!

Link to the form: https://dsekt.se/ihkt


BOOK META IN P4 TODAY! Here comes the form to book our chapterhall META (aka fishing by chatgpt...) on Fridays and Saturdays during P4. https://dsekt.se/meta-p4

Book calmly! // Carl Liljencrantz, Lokalchef


It's time again. The old foxes have been called to gather once again in META to show today's youth how to party like data loggers🦊🎉. Stop by GAMLINGPUBEN on Wednesday to meet them and learn a thing or two.

Now you can finally ask the oldies questions that they will all start with "in my time". Come on, it'll be fun - all old data loggers and media people are welcome at this pub!👴👵

Annual report for 2023

It's time to close the year of 2023. Here comes the annual report, annual record and the financials for the year of 2023!

Annual report 2023

Unfortunately the reports are only available in swedish.

Please note that the financial work is not quite finished yet. We have attached a preliminary financial statement in the folder.

Question Time with Titel24

Greetings, Esteemed Chapter!

On the morrow, Wednesday, the 21st of February, the entity known as Titel 24 shall be ensconced within the confines of META from the hours of 12 to 15, for the purpose of addressing inquiries or contemplations regarding the 2024 Reception. Refreshments (fika) shall be made available to those who pose exceptionally insightful questions, hence do make it a point to visit and engage in inquiry!


With profound regards, Titel24 ♥️

JML survey 2024

Hi Chapter! 🥰

It's once again time for the annual JML survey! We who work with JML (equality, diversity and equal treatment) within the Chapter would really appreciate if you took the time to fill out our survey, so that we can get as accurate a picture of the Chapter's operations as possible ❤️

We estimate that the survey takes 5-15 minutes to fill out, but it really depends on how much you choose to write!

All answers are of course anonymous, and thank you for helping us make the Chapter better! 🥳🎉


===Cockney English===

Now ain't much tick-tock left 'fore the application for the Reception 2024 shuts for good!

https://dsekt.se/janifattar https://dsekt.se/janifattar

Is this you? But I ain't lobbed in me form yetf I've already chucked it in, hello!?! Bit of a pickle choosin'! Got a sack of questions I want sorted before I throw my hat in I wanna hang about with the Title before I make me move.

No matter what, YOU GOTTA - yeah, you, eyeballin' this right now... you... yeah, you... pop over to The Receptions Pub tomorrow at 17:17 in the one and only META!

The application shuts tomorrow at the witching hour (that's 23:59, 12 AM or when the big light's at its dimmest)

Tl;dr Lazybones, just give it a butcher's.

Information regarding A Write it in a thread-DM before Revision-SM

At 17:15, 2024-02-26, a DM will be held in Sammanträdesrummet.

All info (proper summons PDF, agenda, etc.) can be found on the link provided below.

The link

With kind regards :) The D-directorate

The last chance to nominate for the Hedersdelta 2024

Hello everybody!

The board will soon decide who will be the recipients of the Hedersdelta 2024. If you haven't nominated the individuals you want to nominate yet, this is your last chance.

The Hedersdelta is the section's finest badge of merit and is awarded to the section members who have particularly meritoriously worked for the section on a non-profit basis.

Submit proposals at: dsekt.se/hedersdelta Previous recipients and motivations can be found here: https://datasektionen.se/sektionen/hedersdelta

Send in your motivations and we'll see you at Rev-SM!



It’s time to feed the 🦜parrots, lock the 🪙 treasure chests and replace your right hand with a 🪝hook 🪝!

On Wednesday 21 february at 17:17, the pirates will be let loose in META during the year’s most adventurous pub. During the pub, you will be able to drink new cocktails like Captain Jack Sparrow, challenge one of the staff to a deadly fight with fake swords and above all APPLY TO THE RECEPTION 2024! SO come and meet the most dangerous seafarers that the seven seas has ever seen if you dare… It’s also a great time to get answers to any questions that prevent you from applying to the Reception 2024! You can apply at the pub or by clicking this link: http://datasektionen.se/mottagningen/janifattar !

Happy Patchentines day!

Sale today, with some Valentines day snacks! We have new items in the shop: carabiners and a restock of 105 km of sewing thread. Everyone who was at the chapter fair last tuesday and gathereed enough points on the quiz or was there on official business may buy the chapter fair Achievement patch.

Talk to Groda and get cake

Hii all! Project Groda🐸 (aka just me heh) will once again be in Meta during lunch today to answer your questions. there will be cake, don't miss it! Also dont miss out on applying for the project group before it closes this sunday 18/2 to be part of very real and important change in the chapter!

Saturday Sports: Basketball

Hello hello!

Every Saturday from 2 pm to 3 pm we have booked KTH Hallen for the rest of the semester. The idea is that we do some activity/sport for an hour. Everyone is welcome! The primary goal is having fun, not to play super competitively.

This week (Saturday 17th) we will play basketball for 1 hour.

I will try to vary the sports in the following weeks. And please come with suggestions for what we can do!!!

All events are published in our sports group on Facebook.

Hope to see you there 🙂

Board game evening with Kollin, Alobyte, NLG and QN

Welcome to a board game night with Alobyte, Kollin, NLG and QN! There will be board games, free dinner and lots of great socializing. Meet our guests from Alobyte and Kollin and hear about their experiences from the startup world! 🍎💻

📍 Where? META 🕓 When? 13/2 at 17.15 🥑 Food? Free (first come, first served)

// NLG and QN

Sign up for food for the Glögg-Chapter meeting

Hello chapter! It is now possible to sign up for getting food at the Revision-SM on March 5th. You'll find the form on this url: https://forms.gle/qyKnPDrRnKZHMAR86

Last day to sign up is Sunday February 25th 23:59.

Hackerkväll with The Information Organ

Any programmers here? Not sure if I'm checking the right place 🤔

The Information Organ (IOR) actually needs those to maintain the chapter's systems!

I mean, just look at https://aaallt.datasektionen.se/ and you'll see how many there are.

Every Thursday after 17, IOR has a Hackerkväll™ and the next one is then of course this Thursday and that is in room V11! (same room rest of P3)

Come, eat fika, talk CS and perhaps take on an issue on one of the chapter's systems. You can just swing on by!

Ice Hockey Event - Registration

Hello Hello Folks! 🏒 ✨

The time has finally come for some ice hockey! The date to mark in your calendars is Saturday, February 24th, from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM.

Come to Tulehallen in Sundbyberg for an afternoon filled with ice hockey action and glowing passion for the sport. Whether you're a die-hard hockey fan or just looking for some exciting entertainment - don't miss out on this! See you on the ice! 🚀🏒❄️

Before you hit the ice, please fill out the form below. It's free, so why not give it a try and experience something new?

Hope to see you there! 😊

Link to the form: https://dsekt.se/dz7s

Ask question to Titel24 today (8/2) in META!


Today during lunch and the afternoon, Titel24 will be in META to answer all kinds of questions you have about the Reception, so if you're still unsure about applying, you can ask us anything!

Best regards, Titel24

Meet Projekt Groda

Got any questions about our new sustainability project? Come and talk to project leader Kristin in Meta during lunch today!

yes, there'll be fika!

Motion-writing workshop before Revisions-SM

The Directorate officially invites you to the motion-writing workshop of the period.

The motion-writing workshop will take place on the 13th of February at 17:30 in V12.

The motion-writing workshop is the best opportunity you have to discuss your motions before the Revisions-SM with the board. A motion that has been discussed at a motion-writing workshop has about a 20% higher probability of not being criticized to pieces by the board at the SM, so it is strongly recommended that you bring yours along.

Fika will be provided!