METAdorerna kickoff meeting, two Fridays in a row?!

Hello dear Data and perhaps some Media folks too! Now that the new first-year students have arrived, we, the METAdors, want to welcome everyone to an amazing kickoff meeting! We in the METAdors do everything from graphic design 🎨 and programming 💻 to taking care of META and hosting awesome TBs!💥If you want to know more about the fun life of a METAdor, then you should definitely attend one of our kickoff meetings! 🚀

🗓️ The first meeting will be held in a suitable E-classroom, and we'll depart from META at 12:15 this Friday to go there together. There will probably be someone who can catch up with latecomers as well.

🗓️ If you can't make it this Friday, fear NOT! The next Friday meeting (29/9) will also be tailored for future METAdors! So please fill out the form, but mark the 29th of September instead!

Form (not mandatory, but appreciated):

Tl;dr: Be outside META at 12:15 this Friday (22/09) to learn everything there is to know about METAdorerna and META! If you can't make it on Friday, come at the same time next Friday!

// Lokalchef, who knows there will be plenty of snacks! 🍪🎉

dJubileet - Lunchföreläsning med FRA

dJubileet and D-Dagen are proud to present our first lunch lecture together! The lunch lecture will be hosted by FRA. If you're wondering who they are or what they do, they have been kind enough to introduce themselves.

Here's what FRA has to say:

What is it like to work with technology development at one of Sweden's most secretive agencies? FRA is a regular workplace - yet entirely unique. FRA works with signal intelligence and cybersecurity. We are a civilian agency that is part of Sweden's intelligence service. The agency contributes to protecting Sweden and Swedish interests by providing unique information about important foreign affairs to our clients. The technical department at FRA develops many of the solutions needed to carry out our operations. Much of what we need cannot be found anywhere else - our technical range spans from normal IT operations to advanced signal processing and supercomputers. We are currently in an expansion phase; FRA is growing and will continue to do so in the coming years. This means that the technical department is also growing, and we are therefore looking for individuals who want to work with us. Come and let us tell you more about how the work at the technical department of one of Sweden's most secretive agencies functions.

During the lunch lecture, food will be provided, of course. However, you will need to register in advance if you want to have food. Food registration is open NOW and can be done through this form.

When: September 28th at 12:00 PM Where: V1 How: Like this

dJubileet - Slutfesten + Afterparty

🎉 Don't forget to shift into high gear and activate party mode for this year's most epic celebration! 🚀

💺 THE SEATING: The seating is already FULL with festive guests.

🚗 AFTER-PARTY TICKETS: For those who missed the chance to secure a seat, after-party tickets will be released at 8:00 PM today (20/9)!

+1s are also welcome!

📆 DATE: 14/10 🕖 TIME: Around 10:00 PM 📍 LOCATION: Nymble 👕 Dress Code: Suit/Black Tie/Similar 🎫 Ticket Link:

Remember: The year's most extravagant party - we'll see you there! 🎊

Annual Hockey Event - Interest Form

Hello everyone!

Our annual hockey event with AIK-hockey is slowly approaching. I want to know what date works best for you and how many people are interested in this event.

Please fill out this form if you're interested!


Link to form:

Apply for NLG

HEEEYYY! 🦕🦕 The applications for the** Business Relations Group** are finally open! APPLY NOW!! <3

Saturday Sports: Volleyball with the sports club

Hello hello!

Every Saturday from 2 pm to 3 pm we have booked KTH Hallen for the rest of the semester. This week (Saturday 23rd) we will play volleyball. I will try to vary the sports in the following weeks. And please come with suggestions for what we can do!!!

Everyone is welcome! The primary goal is having fun, not to play super competitively.

All events are published in our sports group on Facebook.

dJubileet - Spextakulär Karaokepub: Födelsedagsfest – Kom och Fira!

Singing + beer, could it get any better? METAspexet will provide live entertainment, and Ada, along with Project Pride, is dusting off the karaoke machine. Come and sing your heart out! If you're not a songbird, come hang out and listen to others sing!

We will celebrate the chapter's 40th birthday when the clock strikes midnight and something very very very very exciting will happen. Don't miss it.

dJubileet - Lunchföreläsning: Var det bättre förr?

At the Lunch Lecture: Was it better in the past?, we will invite two of our honorary members, namely the former program manager Stefan Arnborg and the former head of the education office Inger Larsson, to tell both funny and disturbing stories from the long history of the Computer Science program.

Lunch Lecture: Was it better in the past? will take place on the 26th of september at 12:00 in V2, and lunch will be provided!

Everyone who wants free lunch needs to fill out this form, but only the first 100 people will get lunch. (

Sign up for food for the Budget chapter meeting

Hello chapter! It is now possible to sign up for getting food at the Budget chapter meeting the 9 October. You'll find the form on this url:

dJubileet - Företagspub med Vermiculus

What's better than a pub? Well, a sponsored pub!

Vermiculus is building revolutionary systems for the world's stock exchanges, clearinghouses, and securities depositories. With its innovative and advanced trading, clearing, and CSD technology, the fintech company has taken the global financial markets by storm and is now teaming up with NLG and DKM to host the first sponsored pub of the year!

Come and join Vermiculus as they offer great food, drink tickets, and an exclusive branded item for those who order Vermiculus's own drink at the bar!

dJubileet - Pluggstuga med Studienämnden

After a week filled with fun activities, it's time to catch up on your studies a bit. Of course, the Study Committee comes to the rescue and organizes a study session! Come hungry for fika; there will be plenty of treats to keep you going all evening. After all, you need to have fun for another week!

dJubileet - Syplunta med Färgfemman

dJubileet 2023 proudly presents the very first event to kickstart the Jubilee Weeks: SYPLUNTAN! During this evening, you can come and test your luck as we bring back a favorite from last spring, namely Färgfemman! Additionally, the bar is open, and CSN has just landed in your account – will you be the king of the bar? Furthermore, we will also have a sewing competition, so don’t forget to bring your ovve and sewing kit! Prylis will have sales during the evening in case you need to purchase sewing supplies, patches, or perhaps buy some spegater for the banquet? Don’t miss out on this – the celebration is beginning now!

dJubileet - METAhäng: Pysselstuga och märkestävling

Come and hang out in META! We will have an arts and crafts workshop where you can create cool decorations for the Jubilee. You can make decorations for the final party, but we will also have a dJubil(tree)t in META that obviously needs decorating! If you're not into crafts, there will be board games and a PATCH COMPETITION! Is there a cool patch you dream of having on your ovve? Come and draw it! The winning patch will be ordered and can then be purchased from Prylis.

dJubileet - Bio på campus

Who doesn't love a movie night? Relax after school with a really awesome 80s film! There will also be a double feature screening with a movie about someone the same age as the chapter! QN and dJubileet will provide popcorn in true cinema style.

Gasque: How To Sweden (reminder)

If you've missed it (primarily the new first-years), the International Committee vill have a gasque together with international students now on friday, where the theme is "How to Sweden". 🥳

It'll be a fun gasque for both welcoming internationals in the chapter, but also getting to know each other a bit better. 🤝

If it sounds interesting you can simply sign up here:

Sign up closes on thursday at 15!

It's fun to see you first-years, and internationals, in the chapter, and I hope we see each other on friday! 😄

Data to Sjöslaget 2023!

Data to Sjöslaget is back! 🔥

Once again, we're heading out on the water fully dressed in cerise. This year Sjöslaget will take place from October 16th to 18th, Monday through Wednesday.

What is Sjöslaget? Sjöslaget is Sweden's largest, most iconic boat party! Students from all over Sweden take over an entire ship for 36 hours! It's always a blast, so get ready! This event is for D-chapter students (and others who want to join) to find people to share cabins with, see who else is coming, and just chat about Sjöslaget 2023!

What can you do at Sjöslaget? Onboard the boat, there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy. For example, you can buy cheap alcohol completely legally. There are also things like karaoke competitions and live DJs onboard. You also have half a day in Tallinn to explore the city or go straight to Super Alko 🍾.

How much does it cost? The price usually amounts to around 1000 SEK per person (depending on the cabin). This price includes a hearty lunch buffet (with wine), access to some events, and lots of fun.

dJubileet - Sektionshistoriaföreläsning och Sångarafton

Come and get an insight into the section's past and practice your singing voice for the banquet! This evening includes a lecture by Sektionshistoriker, and you also get free food! We will end the evening with a singing session led by Sångledare and Scala.

DKM's first pub!!

DKM will arrange our first pub this Wednesday (20/9)! First one for the fall!!

Come and eat some gött grub, and take a beer (alcoholfree ;)) and HANG WITH US <3<3<3<3

DKM recruitment <3

Hello! Now DKM has opened their recruitment!! Applyapplyapply!!!!

Data's Dance Evening

The dance evening will to be in Q34!

We start at 17:30

Join the METAcraft team

Recruitment for METAcraft season 3 has now opened! 😄🥳 If you want to participate in building up a maxed out SMP server with lore, plugins and KTH buildings in 1:1 scale, join the METAcraft team through the form:

The server will open officially around the end of the year.

Elections are now open for the head of next year’s reception!

The annual reception has come to an end, but believe it or not, new organisers are actually needed for next year. Therefore, elections for next year's head of reception (Storasyskon and Konglig Öfverdrif) are now open. Nominate all your friends and best friends right away! Nominations close already tomorrow, Monday at midnight.

Nominate and accept here:

Have a delectable day, The election committee

Data's Dance Evening

Welcome to Datas Danskväll (DDK)! On Monday we'll have our very first dance evening of the semester. At DDK on September 18th, we will focus on ballroom dancing (Waltz/Viennese Waltz/Bugg). The goal is for us data scientists to gracefully glide across the dance floor at balls.

On future occasions, we will also have the opportunity to learn salsa, chacha, rumba, foxtrot, jive, lindy hop, tango, slow foxtrot, and quickstep.

(𝐎𝐁𝐒: We couldn't book a room so Joakim will occupy one in the Q-building)

Join us on Monday with or without a partner! Hope to see you then.

/Trang and Joakim

METAspexet applications

Hello chapter! The time has finally come to open recruitment for the rest of the spex as well. Go to and apply now! The application closes in connection with the pub on the 6th of October.

NOTE: the scripting team closes its application now on Monday. If you are keen on such things, it is urgent!

Come on, it will be fun, Direqtionen 24

The Study Board is looking for new Year and Master representatives

Hi Chapter!

Did you know that you can now apply to become a Year Representative and Masterrepresentative in the Study Board? You didn't? Now you know!

Life at KTH has started for some and continued for other sand you have probably noticed that sometimes there is... improvement potential for courses at KTH, which is what the Study Board is passionate about!

Right now we are looking for just you to become one of our two year representatives for CDATE23 or one of the Master representatives for one of our mapped Master's programmes!

Why should you apply for the role? Because it's important and fun work, with plenty of opportunity for student influence! 💪

We love fika and there are rumours that the Study Board has their own patch... 🦉

Fill out the form and we'll call you for an interview! There we explain more and tell you a little more about the role as well as answer any questions you might have!

So apply to become a year representative for CDATE23 or Master representative i Studienämnden! It's fun and important!

Apply here for the role of Year Representative for CDATE23:

Apply here for the role of Master representative: