Extended recruitment period for METAspexet 2022!

Hi chapter!

METAspexet will extend the recruitment period to October 5th! It’s therefore a week left of the recruitment period and the end of the recruitment will be celebrated with a pub in META so make sure to join if you want to know more about the spex! SpexM (the spex’s party planning group) will keep their recruitment open until November 10th.

But maybe you are still wondering what a spex is? It’s a theatre show that also includes musical numbers and improv. We will be working together all school year with everything you need to put up a show. Acting, music, dance, scenery, script, cool lighting, cool costumes. The possibilities are many and it will be so much fun!

You can apply at the link below!

Study board meeting 28/9


The study board is having a meeting September 28th at 12:15. The meeting will be digital and held over Zoom. https://kth-se.zoom.us/j/68673246494

The meetings are, as always, open to all chapter members. If you have any opinions regarding your studies at kth, come join us and speak your mind!

Take care! ❤️

Time to choose the Teacher of the Year!

My fellow CS-majors, The time has come to show our love and affection for the hardest working and most proficient teachers at KTH. It's time to nominate the Teacher of the Year!

Do you know of any highly skilled teacher, someone who inspires you to reach new heights? Write their name and a summary of why they should recieve this glorious award in the attached form, September 28 at latest.


D-Dagen lunch seminars

D-Dagen has succed to get four fantastic companies to hold lunch seminars!!!!! So save 29/9, 30/9, 5/10 and 6/10 to your calendar! These companies are Tink, TietoEvry, Skatteverket and Scania! More information can be found on our facebook page!

See you there!😊

Datasektionen's Chapter Fair on Thursday the 30th!

🐋 Hello Data! 🐋

On September 30:th, it's time for the Chapter Fair!

** What do you do at the Chapter Fair? ** At the Chapter Fair, you will have the opportunity to learn more about all the clubs of the chapter, about the role of the functionaries within the section and what they do.

The fair itself will take place (on site) in the KTH Entrance building, on one of the upper floors, and it will be in full swing between 12-16. There will be free fika!

During the fair, there will also be a scavenger hunt for the very exclusive fair-patch, so make sure to gather points!

For more info, check out our Facebook event!

Have a good time, see you at the fair!

Board game night with QN

Board game tuesdays are back! Everyone is welcome, especially those who haven't played before!

There will be fika.

Where? META When? 17.17 28/9

Tickets to Rewind: DFS

Don't miss the ticket release to De First gaSque today!!! 🥳 At 19:00 we'll release the form in the facebook event, be ready 🔥

Application for Scala is now open!

This spring, a choir was started at the D-chapter called Scala, and it's now time for Scala's first recruitment ever! Scala is a chill choir that meet, hang out and sing together once a week. It's gonna be so much fun, so if you are the least bit interested in singing, don't hesitate to apply!

Apply in this form: https://forms.gle/ee2ajhtA7njYtqWVA

I'll see you at the audition!

Application to METAdorerna open!

Hello! When the autumsemester has begun and the reception is over the time for the chapterhallclub METAdorerna to open for applications has started

METAdorerna is a shared club between the Computer sience chapter and Media Technology chapter and we are responsible for making sure that the chapter hall META works as it should and looks nice. We also have very fun during lunchmeetings and teambuildings.

METAdorerna is a open group so everyone is welcome to join. If you are interested you can apply intrest at http://metadorerna.datasektionen.se/

We will be having a open lunchmeeting this friday 24/9 12.30 -13.00 where you are welcome to show up. Be in META at lunch and we will walk to the meeting as a group. There will be fika for everyone :)

Friday Sale

Finally, after all this time Prylis is back with another Friday Sale in META. During lunch (12:15-13:00) the 24/9, Prylis will sell all sorts of patches. It's going to be fucking awsome, so make sure not to miss out :)

Application to DKM is OPEN!


What are you waiting for! Head on over to dkm.io/ansok and apply NOOOOW! Everyone will be guaranteed and interview so APPLYYY!

Also, check of the DKM Videon 21/22!! FETA DKM Videon

Have an awesome day!

Application for NLG has opened!

Application to NLG (the chapter's business relations group) has opened! 🥳🥳🥳 If you are intresting in developing our relationships with companies and want to have loads of fun while doing it, you should apply now! 💸 Application closes 15th of October, but interviews will be held before then so applay today! Apply at www.nlg.bz/sok! Make sure to check out our recruitment-video here!

Study board meeting!

The Study Board is holding its first regular meeting for the semester!

When: Friday, September 17th, at 12:15 pm Where: Zoom

Do you have any opinions, thoughts and/or feelings regarding your current studies? The meeting is open for all chapter members! Come tell us what you think!

The meeting will be held over Zoom, with the following link: https://kth-se.zoom.us/j/61342704272

Hope to see you there!

A PC D-directorate meeting

On September 21st a DM will be held on Zoom at 17:30. At the DM, the board will, among other things, review taken per capsulam-decisions.

Here's the summons.

Here's the agenda.

Here's the supplemented agenda.

Here's the Zoom link for the meeting.

All chapter members are welcome!

D-Dagen crew

D-Dagen 2021 is soon to take place and since the fair is going to be in person, we are in need of your help! The chance to be involved behind the scenes of D-Dagen is made available by applying for staff! Staff is unquestionably one of the most important assets and without it D-Dagen won’t be operational. All necessary information about work descriptions and benefits can be found on the link below. So if you’re as excited as we are, APPLY and help us have the best D-Dagen ever! We wholeheartedly hope that we will be working alongside you at D-Dagen 2021! https://ddagen.se/sok

Application for METAspexet 2022!

The application for METAspexet 2022 has opened!

METAspexet puts up a spex show in May each year and we are now looking for members to all 16 groups! Now what is a spex? It's a theatre show that also includes musical numbers and improv. We will be working together all school year with everything you need to put up a show. Acting, music, dance, scenery, script, cool lighting, cool costumes. The possibilities are many and it will be so much fun! You can apply at metaspexet.se/sok.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

D-Dagen 2021

D-Dagen 2021 is the Computer Science program's own career fair, which has the primary intentions of giving its visitors the possibility to be introduced to different types of IT companies. In addition, there will also be numerous competitions and free goodie bags which the sponsors and companies hold. The career fair can also help with your dissertations if you plan on doing it at IT companies, getting a summer job, or obtaining an understanding of the workfield for a computer scientist. If any of this interests you, then this event is one you don't want to miss!

The event this year will be in person and will take place on the 7th of October at Nymble (Drottning Kristinas väg 15-19, 114 28 Stockholm) and the doors will open at 10:00. Hope we will see you there!

Digital Inclusivity Panel with KTH Library

How can we work together to make KTH a more inclusive university?

Come and share your thoughts and ideas with our panel and learn more about what is being done today.

When: Thu 2021-09-16 12.15 - 13.00

Where: https://kth-se.zoom.us/j/69985316672

Language: English

Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/1JfppZNH9

KTH-calendar: https://www.kth.se/en/biblioteket/kalender/evenemang/tycker-du-att-kth-ar-jamlikt-och-jamstallt-1.1096312

You can now apply for Studs 2022 🎉

Words to describe Studs could be:

💼 Company contact 💃🏼 Events ✈️ An epic trip 👯Friends for life

And so much more! Read more and apply in the form!

DKM Presents: Reclaim21!

BA BA BOOM! The wait is over! The time has come for Titel to hand over the keys to spritis to its rightful owners! Join us, and celebrate the return of spritis at ✨ Reclaim21! ✨


What? Ehm?... Reclaim21 of course!

When? Saturday the 2nd of October @ 18:00

Where? META!

How? Weird question… wear something comfortable i guess... maybe ovve?

How much does it cost? For alcfree the price is 120:- and 150:- för alcohol.

How about tickets? The link to the tickets will be release in THIS event on Wednesday at 20:00 the 8th of September (8/9). OBS! Be ready with your finger over the F5 button as tickets usually get taken quicker than you can say RECLAIM21!

Hope you're as EXCITED as we are! Make sure not to miss this HYPED event, and ensure you get your ticket before someone else snatches it!

Project Destination is now recruiting new members

🌟 Project Destination is now recruiting new members! 🌟

Project Destination is an organisation at KTH aiming to inspire students to an international career by organising business events with international companies. As the project has it's core in the course AI2151 Industrial development and entrepreneurship you, as a team member, get practical project management experience, 15 credits and a 2 weeks trip abroad!🔥

You can apply to become: 🌟 Sales Manager 🌟 Art Director 🌟 Marketing Manager 🌟 Sponsorship Manager 🌟 Event Manager

Apply at https://forms.gle/ybrB3QEjXwGy81VY6

You can read more about Project Destination and the open positions at Instagram or Facebook /projectdestination

KTH:s Communications and Business Liaisons (CBL) is seeking new digital ambassadors

KTH:s Communications and Business Liaisons (CBL) is seeking new digital ambassadors, i.e. students that want to work with KTH:s social media channels.

More info here: https://www.kth.se/student/framtid/uppdrag/vill-du-driva-kth-s-sociala-medier-hela-lasaret-sok-jobbet-som-digital-ambassador-1.1094495

This year we are seeking students that want to work with Instagram, Youtube and/or Tiktok. The last day to apply is the 5th of september.

Student competition at the Game Development World Championship 2021

The Student Game Award is a brand new category for the Game Development World Championship (GDWC) aimed specifically for students, and open to students of all fields, as long as they have a game to show us.

The competition offers visibility to the global game developer community and recognition from industry professionals. The five best teams in the Student Game Awards will be rewarded, and the winning team will receive career coaching from game industry veteran Jean Leggett.

Participation is entirely free and online - so no travel is required.

Information and participation here: https://thegdwc.com/student-game-award

Tickets for METAspexet 2021 are up!

The shows are on the 28th and 29th of August at Teater Tre, all in Swedish. If you're interested you can get your tickets at metaspexet.se/biljetter! Use the code 'STUDENT' to get a student discount.

See you there~

Welcome to Digital Project Pride! 🌈

Hi all data students!

We hope you've had a great summer so far and really enjoyed the sun!

Arount this time of year we're usually geting excited for the Pride parade, but wouldn't it be way more fun to be able to share the summers best event with other data students?

Unfortunately, a festival isn't appropiate in a pandemic, but fear not! We are celebrating pride nonetheless, this year in Gather Town. Check out the Facebook event for more info!