Lunch Lecture with Northvolt

Hey there, chapter!

On friday October 7th, Northvolt is going to host a lunch lecture IN ENGLISH as continued warmup for D-Day. They're going to talk about the operations at Northvolt, and there will of course be free food, YUMMMMM. Make sure to register as fast as possible since the seats are limited!!!

WHEN? October 7th, 12:15-13:00 (no academic quarter) WHERE? KTH Campus, lecture hall V1

Food on the Budget Chapter Meeting

It is now possible to register for food on the Budget Chapter Meeting. Registration is done in the following form: Registration has to be completed before 23:59 on the 5th of October.

First Prylmångleriet sale this term!


Prylmångleriet are returning this friday with a hot sale 12.15-13.00 outside of META. We'll be selling patches, spegat, stickers and sewing kits to start off. You just need to stop by! However, no overalls will be available for sale this week as they haven't arrived in Sweden yet.

If you're interested in hearing more about the club that holds these sales, we're having a meeting on Monday from 17-18.30 which we'll post more about on Facebook so check that out!

Extended application for Studs 2023

Hello again our beloved chapter!

The application period for Studs 2023 has been extended until the end of the week. If you have not applied yet make sure to do so now at! Keep in mind that the interview is as much for you as it is for us, so if you have any questions about what it’s like to be a part of Studs, if you’re curious and want to know more or if you’re unsure about which roles would suit you the best just send in an application and we’ll fix it during the interview! 😄

PS: You do not need to have received an answer from your master coordinator regarding your eligibility to take the course AI2151 to send in an application.

//Studs 2023 management team

Lunch lecture with FRA


On monday October 3rd FRA (The National Defense Radio Establishment) will be holding a lunch lecture as warmup for D-Day. They're going to talk about the operations at FRA, and there will of course be such a thing as a free lunch 😋. Make sure to register for a seat as fast as possible, since the seats are limited.

The lecture will be in swedish.

WHEN? October 3rd, 12.15-13.00 (no academic quarter) WHERE? KTH Campus, Föreläsningssal V1

Baking event with DIS, the international committee and the baking committee

Hi everyone!

Guess what? I have an event coming up for you!! It will be a baking event 🍪 together with the international committee, the baking committee and the exchange student organization DIS.

If you are interested, just fill out the form! I will send an email to everyone that signed up with information about if you got a spot or not.

For more information, read the top of the form!


*** DO YOU KNOW A LOT OF THINGS?*** You're in luck! The pub this Wednesday is going to be filled to the brim with exiting quizzes about DKM and other cool things! 🤓😎

The quizzes will be complimented by the DKM pub signature of good food, tasty beverages, and good company! So come on by! 🤩

Join the Equality Committee <3

Hello dear chapter!!

<3<3<3 The Equality Committee is recruiting! We need a PR-person and an event planner to arrange nice activities at the chapter.

You can apply regardless of whether you have watched half a million video essays about equality or if you just listened to the lecture during the reception. The main thing is that you are interested, want to learn more about equality and want to make the CS chapter even more inclusive!

Apply now!

The application period for Studs closes soon

Hi! The application period for Studs closes tomorrow. Are you a master student who wants to meet companies, travel abroad and have a good time alongside other master students? If so, you should take this opportunity and apply!

For further details and to apply, visit! //Studs’ Management Team

D-Lab Opinions and Suggestions

Hi Chapter!

I hope you all had an amazing friday!

I have recently attended two startup meetings to create a so called **D-Lab **at Kista Campus. D-Lab is proposed to be a place where you can go to work with hardware, software and everything that relates to it. The idea is that there will be faculty that will be able to assist you with your studies as well as your own projects.

Another idea is that KTH eventually can host a voluntary course/workshop for new students with no previous background in programming at D-Lab to get acquainted with the basics of programming before being thrown into the world of Computer Science.

Since we are in the early stages of this project I want your opinions and suggestions regarding what you want to see and do in such a place as well as what the industry's role would be. Current suggestions include the ability to work with Unreal Engine, Ray Tracing, UI/UX, VR, Deep Learning/AI,* IoT* and RISC-V! 😮

I would appreciate if you took a minute to fill out this survey which also contains a bit more detailed information about D-Lab:

Thank you in advance and have a great weekend!

The D-Day Sitting


D-Day doesn't only have a really sick fair, but also a really sick sitting the same evening! The tickets for this are going to release now this monday at 18:00, so make sure to spam refresh the page then!

If you really want to attend but feel like you can't be bothered to wait on the lock you can of course also apply to work at the fair, which nets you a guaranteed ticket.

Staff applications are here

The form for the sitting is here (once it opens)

Help us make Magenta happen!

Hello Chapter 👋 The recruitment for the Magenta gasque on November 26:th is now officially open!! We need your help to be able to make the event that we have promised all girls and non-binaries of KTH happen.

If working the event is something that you're interested in then you can apply via the link down below and become part of a great team. Everyone is welcome to apply** regardless of their gender identity** 🥰 If you are one of the workers, we will make sure that you can do your work in english!

The recruitment will be closing on October 24th so make sure to apply before then!!

If the above didn't sound like something you'd wanna do then you can, as a woman or non-binary, instead choose to attend the event. There is a form below that you can fill out so that you'll get all the important updates about the gasque directly sent to you via mail. Toasting and other activities during the gasque will be held in Swedish but feel free to speak any language that you're comfortable with at your tables! Hope to see you there ❤️❤️❤️



Applications for DEMON is open!

Do you have the slightest interest in music? Do you want to jam? Are you music? Then you should join DEMON :D

D.E.M.O.N stands for something music related in Swedish and is the CS chapters music club! It's meant to be a club where you can jam, socialise with people with a share interest in music and other music related activites!

To join D.E.M.O.N, fill out this form,

Datasladden recruiting!


It is now time to start Datasladden! Datasladden is the club that is taking care of the car.

The link to the recruiting form can you find here!

Motion writing workshop

Hello Chapter!

The Budget Chapter Meeting is upcomming, which might mean that some of you want to write some motions. If you want to get some support in this, wether it is for brainstorming idéas, or for formulating formal decicision, the chapter board will hold a small workshop in order to help.

This workshop will be held on the 26th of september from 17:30 to 19:30 in sektionsrummet in Nymble.


Hello Chapter!

On the 27:th of September a DM will be held in Sektionsrummet in Nymble at 17:30, in preparation for the Budget Chapter Meeting. At the DM the board will, among other things, answer all motions and discuss all propositions that has been sent in for the chapter meeting.

The complete summons can be found here.

The agenda can be found here.

The complementary aganda can be found here.

Action minutes can be found here.

Intro meeting with the METAdors

Waiters Section!

Are you keen on having nice teambuildings, looking over the section room and hanging out with a cool group? 👀👀

Then come to one of the METadors' Friday meetings! It is where we sit and plan for the coming week, report what has been done and talk shit about various things. 😇

Now on Friday (23/9) and next Friday (30/9) we have a start-up meeting that everyone can come to!

Fill out the form below and we'll let you know the time and place! So kooooommmmmm! Will be great 🎆🎆

Here is the form: PS We always have the best coffee

The METadors see you.... Preferably at the Friday meeting 🔥

Application to the Business Relations Group (NLG) is open!

The application to NLG is now open! 😍🥳

If you want to make sure that the chapter has ca$h and also having some real fun along the way then this is definitely for you! 💸 The application closes on October 5th but interviews will start to be held before then so don't hesitate to apply today! Apply at! ❤

Extra recruitment for METAspexet project group is closing

Hi! Extra recruitment of the roles Sminqchef, Körchef and Arrchef for METAspexet 2023 will be closing on monday the 26th of September at 23:59 o clock. Do you want to apply for one of these roles? Surf onto the web page, click one of the groups who are currently missing a leader and on the question "Skulle du vilja ta på dig en chefsroll/mer ansvarig roll för gruppen?" (Swedish for "would you like to apply for a leader role within the group") that pops up, answer "Yes" or equivalent and we'll get in contact with you after the application period has closed.

ATTENTION: The ordinary recruitment for the project's groups will remain open, it is only application for the three mentioned leader roles that will close the 26th.

Recruitment for the anniversary staff

The year was 1983 and at KTH a new education had been created. The first computer scientists sought like-minded people and community, and so the Konglig Datasektionen came into being on October 7th of the same year. Since then, the section has been celebrated every five years with noise and bang. dJubileet is the project that organizes the festivities and ensures that Konglig Datasektionen receives the acclaim that the section deserves.

Next year it's time for the 40th anniversary and it's going to be bigger and better than ever!

We are now looking for smart, lovely computer scientists who want to help us get this party going. Want to help celebrate the best section on campus? Apply for the project group!ök

Application closes 7/10

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @djubileet so you don't miss all the cool stuff happening in the year ahead!

//Jubilee Marshals Billiam & Douglas

Board games + Switch night!!!

17.17 on TUESDAY we'll play board games and Switch and have fika in META! Join us and meet new people and try out new games!!! (Old games also available)

Also join our Discord!

Budget Chapter Meeting

On the 10th of October, the Budget Chapter Meeting will be held at D1 at 17:30. The reserve date is the 11th of October at 17:30 på Campus Valhallavägen. Last date to submit motions is the 26th of September.

At the Chapter Meeting, all submitted motions will be discussed, as well as a few propositions. By-elections for a few posts will also be held.

All chapter members are Welcome!

Registration for food can be done here:

Nominations for elections can be done here

The Summons can be found [here](Kallesen går att hitta här.

Applications to DKM are now open!

Hello everybody!

Do you want arrange the wildest parties for the chapter? Do you want to get friends and memories that will last a lifetime?

Then you are in luck! Appplications for DKM are finally open! 🤯🤩🥳 Follow the link bellow and fill in the form to apply!

Check out the DKM movie!

Applications open for D-Dagen staff!

Greetings, chapter friends.

D-Dagen is approaching rapidly (less than a month!) and to make the day work we need staff. As payment for your hard work we can entice you with having tons of fun!!!

Apply now here!


𝘽𝘼𝘾𝙆 𝙏𝙊 𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝘿𝙆𝙈 DKM is back! 🚀

Which means it's finally time for the first pub of the semester and you don't want to miss it!! So be there or be square ☐☐☐🤩!