It's time for another election. Nominate someone or announce your candidacy at val.datasektionen.se.

Information meeting with the project leaders for METAspexet

Have you thought about becoming the next project leader (direqteur) for METAspexet? Do you want to know more about what the work entails?

The current project leaders for METAspexet 2020, Anton and Felix, invite you to an information meeting where we will talk about what one does as a project leader for a spex and where you can ask us questions. It’s also a good opportunity to see who else is interested and maybe find someone to candidate together with.

The meeting will be held on tuesday 7th of April at 17:30 on Zoom: https://kth-se.zoom.us/j/172325236

Student union council election open for voting

Once a year the members of THS elect their representatives in the Student Union Council, the highest governing body of THS. Now it’s time again! Contribute to a democratic Student Union, vote before 12th of April 23:59 at: ths.kth.se/vote

Important information regarding re-exams in April

Due to covid-19, changes will be made for the re-examination period, 14–17 April.

The objective is that the examination format for re-examinations should be as similar as possible to the regular examination format. Meanwhile, it must be possible to take the examination digitally and with the technical solutions that are at KTH’s disposal.

The following changes will be made:

The period for exam registration is extended to March 30 at 24:00 hours. Only students who have signed up for the exam before the deadline will be allowed to take the exam. Taking a re-examination in order to raise grades in courses or course components (”plussning” in Swedish) will not be permitted in this re-examination period.

Exams may for example take place as open book (take-home) exams or as written assignments or quizzes in Canvas. Class-room-based exams may be replaced with oral exams via Zoom. Other options are that examinations are designed with quizzes in Canvas while students, teachers and exam proctors are connected with camera and sound to a web meeting in Zoom.

After the registration has closed the examinator will contact all students that have registered for the exam with more detailed information regarding the examination. This includes students with compensatory support.

All IT related questions should be directed to IT-support: https://kth.se/en/student/kth-it-support

Stay updated on the situation regarding COVID-19 at KTH: https://kth.se/corona-eng

Link to the Audit Chapter Meeting

The link is: https://kth-se.zoom.us/j/319121315

Best wishes, the D-directorate

Management audit report for Audit-CM

The management audit report for Audit-CM can be read here (in Swedish).

Concerning method of attendance on Revisions-SM

Revisions-SM is around the corner. The meeting will be held using the digitally using the software Zoom. A link to the Zoom meeting will be published in this post and in the facebook post of this meeting at 17:00 at the 26:th of march.

Sincerely, the D-directorate.

Need for experts in online software tools to aid epidemiologists - urgent

Offer of helping with software tools to solve the covid-19 epidemic:

Dear all,

Please forward to persons you think suited.

I started working with Nele Brusselaers, Associate professor of clinical epidemiology, team leader at the Centre of Translational Microbiome Research at KI.

There are very few epidemiological models available on COVID19 outbreak and people typically have their own home tools of sorts.

We see a need in getting online software tools for people to use in different settings.

  1. We are looking for expertise to do this.
  2. We are trying to model and publish on the outbreak in Sweden - Swedish authorities (as one of few countries) do not release key information. There is a need for transparency.

Please identify one or few persons that could help with this kind of immediately. This innitiative started yesterday night, so prepare for a non-structured organisation of this in a near future.

It would be great to have a Telco soon - there will probably be one at 14h00 with some of the persons involved.

Best greetings, Wouter <[email protected]>

The board meeting tomorrow

Hello, all Chapter members, the board has decided how the board meeting will be held tomorrow. The conclusion was that the possibility to attend in person will be preserved but we recommend digital attendance. The board will be physically represented tomorrow but the meeting will primarily be hosted digitally, which is the option that we encourage. To attend tomorrow’s meeting, you send an email to [email protected], then you'll get a document consisting of an invitation link as well as the rules. The other option is that you attend physically. Sincerely the D-rectorate.

Regarding the novel corona virus (covid-19)

Announcement from the D-directorate.

Because of the circumstances in the world due to the covid-19 (The coronavirus) outbreak, D-directorate has decided the following:

  • All larger and longer events, pubs and seatings within the scope of the chapters operations, are cancelled until further notice.
  • We discourage all committees and projects from having physical activities in META, on KTH campus or at other locations. We encourage digital activities however.
  • If physical events are performed the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations for public gatherings must be followed.
  • No new expenses or purchases without consulting with the board beforehand.
  • We encourage everyone that has cold symptoms (respiratory symptoms, cough, fever or similar) to stay at home.

Why have we made this decision?

Updates about the covid-19 outbreak are published continuously and we don’t know what the next step is. We have chosen to act on the information we have received from KTH, THS and the Public Health Agency of Sweden. According to the Public Health Agency, the risk of spreading the virus increases with a large number of participants and long-lasting events, such as pubs and seatings. We don’t know how the situation will develop. Therefore, we want to be careful about new expenses since events might get cancelled.

The social pressure. When we arrange an event, the fear of missing out affects many members. Someone feels a little bit ill but doesn’t want to miss the seating and decides to attend anyway. That kind of reasoning is something that people make and we don’t want to encourage behaviour of this sort.

The decision has been incredibly hard to make and there are plenty of factors that have been considered before making this decision.

We will be reevaluating our decisions on a continuous basis and change the recommendations based on the current state.

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to contact the D-directorate at [email protected].

Information from Program Responsible because of COVID-19.

In case you missed the anouncment from our Program Responsible you can read it below.

"Dear CDATE students.

In line with KTH's guidelines concerning covid-19 we're working on temporarily moving courses that start now, or are continuing in period 4, online to some extent, with digital materials and activities. Right now it's recommended for 'courses over 100 participants to offer distance education or other forms of teaching that avoid gatherings of large groups (and therefore not to cancel the usual education). In smaller courses this will happen whenever it is practically possible.'

Soon you will get concrete information from course responsible staff.

For the latest informaion from KTH about the spreading of covid-19, please visit kth.se/corona.

Pawel Herman, Program Responsible for CDATE"

TM visits Fotografiska! Part 2

TM will be visiting Fotografiska once again! This time we'll be seeing the very popular exhibition "Places Beyond" that is about to end very soon!

There will be four other exhibitions simulaneously this friday so there will be a lot of things to look at!

We'll gather in META at 17:01 for those who wish to travel together to Fotografiska. Our ETA is ~17:30 so meeting up with us there works just as well.

Tickets to the Spring banquet 2019

Do not miss the ticket release for the Spring banquet today at 19.00. bit.ly/DVB2020

A Divergent Chapter Meeting

On March 17th a DM will be held in E33 at 17:30.

At the DM, the board will, among other things, respond to all the motions submitted for the Chapter Meeting and inform about an already made per capsulam-decision.

All chapter members are welcome!


The summons can be found here

The agenda can be found here

The complementary agenda can be found here

The protocol can be found here

*Cancelled* Exam Pub 3: Nostalgia

The year was [a year when you were young]. Life was good! You had no exams, no worries, and the only reason you didn't have money was because you wasted it on sweets and snacks!

Do you remember this? The good old days before the exams, how easy life was. Now, of course, I mean the times before KTH, we are talking way way back!

MSN was poppin, You were playing at Spela.se or habbo Hotel and listening to music you had downloaded from limewire! Everything was just perfect! The only worry you had was whether your tamagochi was alive or whether your crush knew who you were. Ahhhh hanging out with your friends at the mall, Pranking your friends or ahhh really everyone!

Do you get nostalgic? Because we are and we welcome you to Tentapub 3: Nostalgia! Bold Nostalgic Music, Awesome People (eh yes ... you please) and the best drinks you have seen!!

Came to the pub, be nostalgic !! Forget the exam anxiety at home and celebrate that the exams are FINALLY over.

  • Food ››››››› no food today... (we have readymeals)
  • Beer & cider ››››››› 20 kr+
  • Drinks & shots ››››› 35 kr+
  • Non-alcoholic ›››››› 10 kr+

Photographs will be taken during this event, contact us on facebook if you dont want to be photographed or if you want us to delete a photo!

This pub is open for members of the Computer Science and Media chapters at KTH as well as their +1. Don't forget your ID and THS ID.

DESC plays Offworld Trading Company!

Yo! Next weekend/week, the game Offworld Trading Company will be free to get on the Epic Games Store! That means anyone can get it and keep it for free, so let's play it together! Come hang out on Discord, play some games, and try out Offworld Trading Company!

Where? On Discord, Gamers 😎 When? 14:30, Saturday, March 7th

(If you can't reach the facebook-event you have to join the facebook-group https://www.facebook.com/groups/447431545372957/)

Student Union Council Application

Until the 16th of March you can sign up candidate as delegate of the Student Union Council. What you do is basically decide what THS is going to do, who is elected to positions there, etc, as a representative of the computer science chapter.

If you are interested the link is sadly in Swedish only, but you can mail the person responsible for the elections to learn more about how to apply.

[email protected]

Audit Chapter Meeting

On the 26:th of march the Audit Chapter meeting will take place in L1 at 17:30. The last day for submitting motions is the 12:th of march at 23:59.

During the Meeting, we will be reviewing last year’s reports and summaries, as well as discussing the discharge of the D-directorate of 2019 and their duties. We will also discuss motions and propositions.

All chapter members are welcome!


The summons can be found here

The agenda can be found here

The official reports can be found here

Food signup form

Study Board in search of Master students

Are you currently taking a Masters in Computer Science? Are you tired of Peer Reviewing everything? Do you like fika?

The Study Board is looking for Master students to join us since our old representatives are currently abroad. Participate in making courses better, instructions clearer and lectures more understandable.

Interested? Email [email protected]

CANCELLED: Konglig Datasektionens Spring Ball

This event is cancelled due to the covid-19 epidemic.

Spring Greetings Royal Data Section! "Winter" is beginning to end, white whips are pushing out of the ground, the Thunder Devil is out of his idea, Douglas has taken on another responsibility and soon the gulls have laid eggs outside Meta. But the biggest spring sign of all is, of course, that it's time for the Royal Data Section's spring ball!

This year's spring ball will take place on April 25. The ticket release will take place on March 11 at 7pm. Hope you are as tagged as us! More information coming soon. Follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram.

So make sure to dust off the checkers, polish the fine shoes, chop up your closest friend / partner and prepare for a wonderfully enjoyable evening!

Where? The Göran Terrace

When? April 25 Mingle from 5 pm Seating is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m.

How? Festive costume - coat, long dress or equivalent.

Why? It will be wonderful! Someone might get a medal or two ...

Who? Datalogues + 1 and alumni + 1

When will tickets be released? March 11 at 1 p.m. 19:00

How much do the tickets cost? Student alcohol, SEK 349, non-alcoholic SEK 299 Aluminum alcohol SEK 649, non-alcoholic SEK 599

Want to report fun? Email [email protected]

See you on the Göran Terrace!

The Spring Ball Army 2020 consists of Douglas Fischer - Spring Ball General Axel Elmarsson - Public Relations Manager Adam Sjöberg - Finance Manager William Agnér - Mixed Juice Michael Morales Sundstedt - Ravens responsible Delta-Johnny - Brickmaster Google - Translate


Hello all girls and non-binary!

The workshop today gave me a bunch of thoughts and ideas that I would like to execute at CS Chapter. Mostly I learned that us girls* generally are bad at self promotion. This means that we are bad at telling other people about things we have accomplished or are proud of. Men* are generally better at this. Being good at self promotion helps you advance your career which means that women* advance their careers more slowly than men*. Therefore, this is something that needs practice.

To help with this I created the channel #remarkable_wednesday in the META-slack. All girls and non-binary are welcome to that channel. In it, we will every week write something that we have accomplished during that week, something that makes us remarkable or something that we are proud of. it's supposed to be a place where we celebrate each other for our accomplishments and somewhere where we can practice those self promotion skills!

* In the text I refer to girls/women and guys/men. The studies that we looked at didn't mention anything about non-binaries and I didn't want to write anything that might be incorrect, which is why I didn't want to include any information regarding non-binaries. Of course, you are welcome into the slack channel as a non-binary person!

TLDR; For all girls and non-binary there is now a channel in the META-slack ( #remarkable_wednesday ) where every Wednesday we write something that we are proud of or have accomplished during that week. We celebrate each other's achievements and get to practice our self promotion skills!

Bowling 1 with Stack Overbowl

Come play bowling for free with the computer chapters own Bowling club!!

Meet new people and show your skills in bowling!

We have a slack that you can join for more information (just pm me or fill in the form below)

To attend the event you have to be a member of the Computer Science chapter and just fill in the form below (its in swedish but pretty simple to understand, sorry for the inconvenience :( )

Fill l the form before sunday the 8th of march!!


It is finally time for the annual OLDIESpub, DKM proudly presents the ancestors of the computer Science Chapter. Swing by and say hi to the veterans of our chapter. They will tell you stories from their time and we will show them how we do things nowadays!

Food ››››››››››››››››› 30kr Beer & cider ››››››› 15 kr+ Drinks & shots ››››› 35 kr+ Non-alcoholic ›››››› 10 kr+

Photographs will be taken during this event, contact us on facebook if you don't want to be photographed or if you want us to delete a photo!

This pub is open for members of the Computer Science and Media chapters at KTH as well as their +1. Don't forget your ID and THS ID.

Idrott med idrottsnämnden

New week new possibilities:)

Last Sunday we played football, fun to see so many of you there! ⚽️

This Sunday we do something else.

Vote in the event, please come up with your own suggestions, and we will select a winner the night before Saturday!

See you on Sunday!

PS: If you can not see the facebook-event. Feel free to join the Computer Science Sports Committee facebook-group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/datafotboll/

Nominate and apply for the THS Election Committee

The application period for the the Election Committee (VB) is open! Make sure to nominate people or apply yourselves. The application contains a CV and a personal letter, which is sent to [email protected]. The application period closes March 20th.

The Student Union Council will elect the Election Committee in the next KF meeting.