Auditors' report for Mulled Wine-CM

The auditors have produced a report for Mulled Wine-CM, which is available to read using the link below.

THS: Prolonged corona restrictions

The following message is from the THS President.

Hi everyone! In response to the prolonged local restrictions in the Stockholm area, we will prolong THS restrictions accordingly. All of the following applies until December 13th. After that, we will reevaluate and send an update. Events:

  • We will continue having no events in Nymble or Osqvik until at least December 13th. Nymble:

  • Nymble, the Bookstore, THS Café and the Restaurant will still be open, but with new updated safety information posted around the building, and possibly even further restrictions than the past three weeks in the number of seats and tables in their respective areas. This because we still want to provide, for the students who really need it, a space to study.

  • Administrators for crucial democratic meetings, may still make use of premises in Nymble, but only the administrators. The meeting itself will still be needed to be completely on Zoom. You must contact [email protected] and ask permission if you wish to do this.

  • KårX will continue to be physically open Monday-Wednesday, but will still be reachable by phone: 08–790 98 51 and by mail: [email protected] during their regular office hours. What will KTH do? The library will keep on being open just as it has been the last couple of weeks, but we don’t have any more information to give you right now on the subject. A formal decision will be made during next week, and we will keep you posted about that as soon as we receive more information.

Elections Documents - Mulled Wine Chapter Meeting

The election documents for the Mulled Wine Chapter Meeting are now available, they can be found here:

ballot-box election has opened

The ballot-box elections for for the posts of Chapter President, Chapter Vice-President and Cashier are now open.

You can vote here:

Google Q&A with Malvina

Malvina, along with Google, are organizing a Q&A on the 2nd of December. The Q&A will consist of a female software engineer talking about her experiences at Google. At the end, there will be time for questions.

Where? Digitally

When? 2nd of December 17:30

How? To participate, you have to sign up. The sign up link is in the facebook event.

Do you want to help KTH to get better at communicating with you as a student?


Do you seek to share your tips and ideas on how KTH can improve communication with you as a student and get a chance to test new proposals for KTH: s website?

We are now looking for students at KTH that want to be a part of a student group aimed at making KTH: s communication with students more comprehensible. We, the organisers of the group, work in communication, education and usability at KTH.

You will meet with us and other participants both digitally via Zoom and on campus, where we will provide “fika”. Do you want to help influence how students can receive better communication?

Submit your application and we will get back to you shortly.


For everyone uninitiated, EasyTappen is an event where brave METAdors gather to fix / pimp META the best they can.

Everyone using META have the opportunity to participate and decide. We have thus created a form in which you can express your opinions.

Almost no idea is too bad, so enter your opinions. If you want to be involved and fix / pimp, just sign up.

Have a good time and stay safe!

TL;DR: Fill in this form if you want to change/improve anything in META:

Extended Elections

Since some posts do not have as many candidates as our regulatory documents prescribes, an extended election period has been opened for these posts.

The posts in question are: International Student Coordinator, Light and sound responsible, Secretary, Auditor as well as Election Committee Member.

The nomination for these posts closes on the 19th of november, and nominations can be accepted until the 25th of november.

Note that due to a technical error in the election system, it was not possible to open an extended election period for Election Committee Member. Instead, the role has been added under the rubric "Fyllnadval" (by-election) since this gives it the same dates as it would have had otherwise. Take note that this means that Election Committee Member is open as a normal election, even though the section it is open under would indicate otherwise.

Mentorship in mathematics

Do you want to develop yourself, sharpen your CV and make a difference? Become a mentor in mathematics!

The mentorship for particularly gifted children is aimed at primary school students who do not feel challenged by the existing maths teaching. This can often lead to mathematics not being perceived as rewarding, and can cause dissatisfaction or mental problems for the children. As a mentor, you meet a group of 2-4 elementary school students, one hour a week via Zoom. Time and content for the meetings are decided by you and the children together. Here you can see a short film where former mentors and trainees tell about their experience. It is not a requirement that you as a mentor yourself are particularly talented, the most important thing is that you have a strong commitment and interest in mathematics.

Read more and register your interest:

Information meeting (Facebook event) Welcome to a meeting where we tell you more about what it means to be a mentor.

Tuesday 17 Nov at 17:30 Friday 20 Nov at 12:00 Wednesday 25 Nov at 17:30

dÅre 2021 is cancelled

Hello everyone. After a lot of planning and reconsideration, dÅrestaben has unfortunately come to the conclusion that we can not arrange dÅre with a clean conscience, since we feel we can not guarantee a safe event for everyone involved.

There are no other big events that the chapter is arranging right now, and that is for a good reason. It simply doesn't feel right to travel with 96 students up to Åre, where we travel and live together, while FHM is recommending us to not meet anyone outside our home.

We hope that you can understanding where we are coming from, while at the same time we recongnize that this is a dissapointment for many. We apologize to those who had cleared their scheduly for January. If you have any questions whatsoever about our decision, don't hesitate to contact dÅrestaben!

Take care, and stay tuned for dÅre 2022. ❤️

Student Union Council Extra Election

Hello fellow students!

A bit of a last-minute announcement regarding an extra election to the Student Union Council of THS. We currently have 2 substitute member positions that are up for election! The deadline to apply is 23:59 tomorrow, November 11th.

The Student Union Council is the elected body that governs the policies and strategic objectives of THS, so members have a considerable amount of influence over how the whole of THS works. The decisions we make are usually about, but not limited to; the THS budget; how our restaurants and cafés work; how the international receptions is organized; who serves as the President of THS etc.

If you are interested in taking part, you can hand in you application on your personal profile page at There is an application form below you personal and membership details.

Feel free to send us an email at [email protected], in case you have any questions!


D-directorate meeting before Mulled Wine - Chapter Meeting

On November 17th a DM will take place remotely at 17:30, in preparation for the Mulled Wine - Chapter Meeting.

At the DM, the board will, among other things, respond to all the motions submitted for the Chapter Meeting.

All chapter members are welcome!

The Zoom link to the meeting can be found here


The summons can be found here

The agenda can be found here

The complementary agenda can be found here

Candidate questioning - Mulled Wine Chapter-Meeting

It is time to elect a new Chapter President, Chapter Vice-President and Cashier, which will be done before the Mulled Wine Chapter-Meeting. This event is to give the candidates a chance to present themself and for chapter members to ask them questions.

The event will be held online on the 18/11 at 17:30, so be on the lookout for the link!

The elections itself will open on the 18th of november, after this event.

Zoom-link for the event:

The application to Titel 2021 is open for responses!

The application to the group leader positions and consequently the team of group leaders (called "Titel") of the 2021 reception is now open! You'll find the application form here.

** The application will close on the 18th of November.** Direct any questions regarding the application process to me and Lisa at [email protected] and [email protected]!

Mulled Wine - Chapter Meeting

On November 26 the Mulled Wine - Chapter Meeting will be held remotely at 17:30. The reserve date is December 1 at 17:30, which will also take place remotely. The deadline for submitting motions is on November 12 at 23:59. At the chapter meeting, among other things, the election results for urnval will be presented, elections for multiple roles will be held and propositions and motions will be discussed.

It is planned that the elections will take place during the reserve date, and that motions and propositions will be discussed during the ordinary date. All chapter members are welcome!

To be clear: The plan is that motions and propositions will be discussed on the ordinary date, and the elections are planned to take place during the reserve date.

The Zoom link to the meeting can be found here


The summons can be found here

the agenda can be found here

D-Dagen competitions

Below is some information about competitions related to D-Dagen.

Win a contact call with Ericsson! 10 participants will win a contact call and a goodie bag from D-Dagens main sponsor Ericsson. To participate, you must:

  • Complete your profile to at least 95% on (number of % completed can be found on the left of your profile)
  • Answer the question: "Where in Stockholm does Ericsson have its headquarters?"
  • Send a screenshot of the % completed in your profile along with and answers to the question in a DM to us on Facebook (@kongligddagen) or Instagram (@ddagenkth). You can participate in the competition until the fair closes on November 5th 16:00.

Competitions are very fun and we have a lot of exhibiting companies that organize competitions! Just visit and check company stands that are open. The companies that currently have competitions where you can win great prizes are Bontouch where you can win a Google Home mini! Schibsted with Airpods! Through Visma it is possible to win a FITBIT! Through Decerno an exclusive laptop bag from Sandqvist and from Deloitte a gift card at foodora! But these are not the only companies. Also check out If Skadeförsäkring, Scania Group and SVT for even more competitions. A hot tip is to look at the companies' stands if a competition or maybe a job opportunity arises!

D-Dagen can not get enough of competitions, so therefore we by ourselves also organize two fantastic competitions!

True or False: Our mascot DeeDee has looked at the companies and created a true or false competition that you can find [here] (

Speed dating: We also have a competition where you will talk to several different companies during the fair itself. You can find the rules [here] (

More information about the competitions can be found under each link. Good luck!

Motion writing session

On monday the 9:th of november the D-directorate will arrange a motion writing session.

What is a motion writing session?

It is a opportunity for you that want to write motions for Glögg-SM to discuss motion ideas with the board. The session can also be used to get feedback for a motion that you have written.

Should i write a motion?

Good question! If you have an idea of a change that you think will make the chapter that little bit nicer, then it could be that it is a motion that you want to write. Attend the motion writing session so we can discuss it!

The motion writing session will take place digitally via Zoom. A link to the meeting can be found here.

Ior (sysadmins) is recruiting!

Ior, the chapter's systems engineering/admin group is recruiting officers to help administer the myriad of systems that we use every day. If you would be interested in that sort of thing, send me an email at [email protected]!

I realize that those of you who would read this post in English are probably all exchange students, and have not gotten a lot of info as to what Ior actually does. It's a committee/club that is dedicated to bulding, maintaining and migrating systems that the chapter relies on for various purposes, such as user login, bookkeeping, publishing news, holding elections etc. almost every day. This, like everything else in the chapter, is done pro bono, and the main goal is to have fun and learn together, because KTH does not really teach us much about how to actually build, deploy and maintain live systems.

The chapter "compensates" members by providing access to systems that cost money otherwise, such as an enterprise Github organization as well as a fully paid for AWS account that we can utilize and play around with.

The Google Form that is attached to this post is in Swedish, so I don't know how well that would work for you, so ignore that and just contact me directly in case you are interested in knowing more or taking part! My email is once again [email protected]

Update about D-Dagen 2020

Due to the new recommendations from FHM, D-Dagen has decided to not host the indoor lounges in Gröten and META. Instead we are going to focus on handing out goodiebags outdoors, outside KTH Entré and META. This way we can avoid gathering students, and students can easily keep a large distance from each other when they collect their goodiebag.

D-Dagen hans out coffee, drinks and flyers

Tomorrow D-Dagen will stand outside of KTH Entré at 07.00-10.30 and hand out coffee and non-alcoholic mimosas. Come and have a chat with us, this is a perfect opportunity to ask us any questions you might have about the digital fair that take place next week on November 5. See you there!



On Thursday November 5th META will be closed as it will be used by D-Dagen. If you want to heat food there are microwaves in other buildings such as Nymble, V or U

Smash Bros Tournament!

CANCELLED!! Due to new recommendations by FHM this event will no longer be taking place.

Dear Data and Media, it is finally here, the time has come for QN to invite everyone to a smashbros tournament! On november 3, the doors to META open up for the competition of the year begins. Bring a friend or play by yourself. There will be fika!

Spooky Boardgame Night

This Tuesday QN will be doing a regular boardgame night with halloween-feeling in META, 17.17. Tag monkeys will also be carving pumpkins in META at the same time!

Apply to the Baking Club!


The admission for the Baking Club is open all year round, but I thought I should remind you of that.

We are the sweetest and most chill club of the chapter. If you are a part of the Baking Club there ar eno obligations or responsibilities, you are as big a part as you want to be and come whenever you can and want to.

You also don't need to be a baking expert to join, we'll learn together as we go. Also, anyone who helps out with the baking gets to have a taste when the baked goods are fresh from the oven.