Bake birthday cake with Baking Comittee

Hi chapter! ❤️✨🎂🍰

You probably haven't missed the upcoming birthday. Our dear chapter is turning 40 in a few weeks! But what is a birthday without cake? Don't worry - the sweetest comittee of the chapter's got you! But to make really much and really delicious cake we need your help!

On the **4th and the 5th of October **we'll be in the Nymble kitchen and bake - come help create the most tasty most cerise cake KTH has ever seen!

We'll bake, fika and have a nice cozy two evenings. The first day we'll make the "components", the second day it's decoration time✨ No sign up required, but marking interested in the form is appreciated. Are you curious about the baking comittee? This is a perfect time to come see us!

WHAT? - Cake baking WHERE? - the kitchen in Nymble WHEN? - 4/10 and 5/10, at 16.30-20.00 - drop-in! WHO? - You! HOW? - With party vibes WHY? - Because it's fun! 😁

You're very welcome, come on it'll be fun ❤️ Se you there?


Hackerkväll with the Information Organ

Another Thursday, another hackerkväll!

"What is a 'hackerkväll'?", you might ask. In that case you can find more information on the event from last week, here:

This week we will (probably) be in a computer hall in the Q house, rather than the E house as usual. ~~Exact location will be posted later.~~ More exactly, we are in XQ25

Hiking and overnight stay in Roslagsleden

Welcome to an exciting hiking event along Etapp 1 of Roslagsleden!🌲🥾 This fantastic 15 km long trail will take you on a scenic journey through the beautiful landscapes of Roslagen, where you can experience Swedish nature in a more adventurous way. No previous hiking experience is required to participate, but you should be in good shape and able to carry your own sleeping bag 💪🏞️.

We will meet outside META on Friday, September 22nd at 5:30 PM, and from there, we will head to Roslagsleden, where we will hike, cook on camp stoves, and sleep in tents under the stars ✨🏕️. We will return home on Saturday, September 23rd, around 5:00 PM. The sports committee is paying for the food 🍲.

OBS You don't have to stay overnight; it's perfectly fine to only participate in the hike and then go home later at night. We will stop at Rösjö camping, where you can take bus 607 to Danderyd Hospital, and from Danderyd Hospital, you can take the subway home.

(If you're going to stay overnight) Please bring your own sleeping bag and a positive attitude, and let's together create an unforgettable experience in nature! 🌿🌟 IMPORTANT You must bring your own sleeping bag, hiking backpack and water bottles! It might be possible to borrow if you don't have one, but we cannot guarantee anything 🎒💧.

If you're not going to sleep in a tent, we recommend bringing some form of tool or means of keeping the mosquitoes away when you go to sleep. Mosquito nets usually work well 🦟.

Date: 22/9 - 23/9 Meeting point: META Destination: Etapp 1 Distance: 15 km 🗓️🏞️🥾

How to Sweden - Gasque

Hello CS and media chapter!

Summer is drawing to a close and with it so are the wonderful receptions here at KTH. This doesn’t mean that the festivities are over, however. We in the international committee are happy to announce our first gasque this semester! The How-To-Sweden gasque has cherry picked the finest of Swedish foods, traditions and customs to explore. We will offer you plenty of singing, a “lagom” amount of table slamming, a bit of mischief from our hosts and an absolutely wonderful evening! Whether you’re a gasque veteran or a complete novice, we welcome you to META the 22nd of September!

**The gasque will be hosted in English, though we warmly welcome both Swedish and international participants. Payment at the door. **

More info can be found in the sign-up form below.

TL;DR How-To-Sweden gasque Price? Around 100 SEK without alcohol, 140 SEK with alcohol Where? META When? 22/9 18.00 Dress code? Traditional clothing, ovve/frack or whatever you have lying around and don’t mind sullying

Other questions? Contact [email protected]

Sign up via the form:

Signup to the D-Dagen Banquette

Hi everyone!

Today is exactly one month until D-Dagen, which as you may know ends with an epic banquette and afterparty🥳🍷. This year's banquette will be the largest in D-Dagen's history, with around 400 company representatives and students🍾🍽️ as well as an artist performance at the afterparty🎤.

Tomorrow at 17.17 we will have our own recruitment pub. At 19.30 the artist will be revealed, followed by the release of our banquette tickets at 20.00. All the day staff have a guaranteed spot at the banquette✅so make sure to sign up if you haven't already to secure your ticket! A link the the pub event, as well as to the banquette sign-up form can be found below⬇️. Come to our pub tomorrow at 17.17 and see what amazing artist will perform this year, try our new exclusive D-Dagen cocktails, and sign up for the banquette at 20.00. You do not want to miss this!!!!

Note. Signing up to the banquette is binding. If you sign up you are expected to be able to participate.

Board game night feat. Tag Monkeys

Welcome to the second board game night of the semester this tuesday the 12:th in Meta at 17:17! We promise the same cozy atmosphere as always! Come play board games, nintendo switch and/or VR-headset! For a limited time only*: come to board game night and also get to do arts and crafts with Tag Monkeys! Also did I tell you about the fika? Fika.

*Offer valid only on 2023-09-12. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

2 weeks left until dJubileet

Oh, how quickly time flies. Now there are only 2 weeks left until dJubileet kicks off!

Speaking of time, we will once again answer the traditional question, "Was it better in the past?" with a Lunch Lecture: Was it better in the past? and a Section History Lecture.

At the Lunch Lecture: Was it better in the past?, we will invite two of our honorary members, namely the former program manager Stefan Arnborg and the former head of the education office Inger Larsson, to tell both funny and disturbing stories from the long history of the Computer Science program.

The Lunch Lecture: Was it better in the past? will take place on September 26th at 12:00, and (of course) lunch will be provided! Anyone who wishes to attend will need to fill out the form that can be found in our Facebook event, the form opens at 13:37 on September 13th.

In the Section History Lecture, our dear Section Historian Isak Lefévre will talk about all the events in the Section's history that are more amusing than the ones he doesn't talk about.

The Section History Lecture will take place on September 29th at 17:00 in connection with our singing evening. Food will be provided here as well! If you want food (and a prioritized spot), please fill out the form that can be found in our Facebook event, the form opens at 13:37 on September 13th.

Hope to see you there!

Reclaim second chansen

Did you miss the chance to get a ticket to this year's most fun event (RECLAIM)? Well, you're in luck today! We will be raffling off a number of tickets to the event, which you have the opportunity to win!

Go ahead and sign up here:

Welcome (back) to META!

Hello dear Computer Science and Media! First and foremost, a warm welcome to all new students! We hope you're enjoying your time here so far, and a hearty welcome back to the rest of you! Computer Science and Media are fortunate enough to have a chapter hall in their possession called META. META is our beautiful space that always takes care of us, soo... it means we must show some love in return! META hasn't always been left in an okay condition over the past week. If you happen to be the last one in META and decide to leave, you MUST ensure that ALL windows (please check the meeting room windows too) and doors are closed! Furthermore, the lights should be turned off, as the META ghosts prefer dark mode. 😎

Tl;dr: When you leave META, make sure doors and windows are closed and the lights are off!

In addition to these more serious matters above, here's some good-to-know information:

  • Your parents won't come to META to do the dishes, so make sure you handwash everything you use.

  • The door to META is a bit heavy, and the handle is easily damaged, so it's always best to use the automatic door opener; it saves the METAdors a lot of work!

  • META sometimes (quite often) has poor air quality, which improves if you force the ventilation. This is done through a timer button located to the left of the cabinets in the kitchenette (in the corner farthest into the kitchenette).

// Lokalchef, who really doesn't want to lose his home!

Election and filling election on Budget-SM

We will kick-off this year by arranging a little election for a very important official, namely D-Dagenansvarig! Nominate all your friends and enemies if you see them fit for being D-Dagenansvarig.

Furthermore, one official is currently vacant namely d-Fest if you know someone who you see fit for d-Fest feel free to nominate them!

View the elections here:

Motion-writing workshop before Budget-SM

Hello everyone! If you want to brainstorm motion ideas for Budget-SM, you are welcome to join our motion-writing workshop!

The motion-writing workshop will take place on the 21st of September at 17:15 in E34. (Fika will be provided)

A Pre-Party DM Before Budget-SM

On Wednesday, the 27th of September, a Pre-Party DM before Budget-SM will be held in the Meeting Room in Nymble at 10:00. During the DM, the board will, among other things, address all motions for the upcoming SM, discuss wether we should ratify PC-decisions, discuss financial access for MONEY, and engage in discussions on several propositions.

All chapter members are welcome!

The summons can be found here


On Monday, the 9th of October, Budget-SM (Budget General Meeting) will be held in D1 at 17:30. The reserve date is Tuesday, the 10th of October. The deadline for submitting motions is the 25th of September. At the General Meeting, we will address the following agenda items: the postponed matter of the activity report and financial statement for 2022, the issue of discharging the D-directorate for 2022, elections for several important positions, the budget for 2024, as well as motions and propositions.

In addition to this, the second reading will also be held for the amendments to the statutes regarding the return of the PM and the proposition concerning the dismissal of dFunkt.

All chapter member are welcome!

The summons can be found here

The first sale of the year

Hello chapter. The merch committee has its first sale of the school year this Friday. Freshly cooked spegats are now back in stock. As usual, we'll be outside META during lunch. NOTE this is not na ovve sale, the overalls will be sold later.

Hackerkväll with the Information Organ

Hello Chapter! On Thursday, Informationsorganet (IOR) holds the second hackerkväll of the semester and you are most welcome!

What do you do on a 'hackerkväll'? IT-systems, e.g. fixing bugs in Cashflow, coding the new membership system, or literally whatever.

Don't be afraid! There is basically always something to do, regardless of skill level. Just come and we'll find something fun for you! Just drop in whenever, if you're curious!

Time: At 17:00, Thursday the 7th of September (also known as today!) Location: In one of the "color computer rooms" in E (Grey, Magenta etc, exact room will be posted closer to the event).

Coffee is promised, as always! But if you haven't participated before, please write to me on Discord, email or slack if you plan to come so we know how much to buy!

METAspexet looking for script (writers)

Greetings, chapter fellows!

To get a little head start on the script work before the rest of the spex is recruited, we are now looking for champions who can carry the heavy torch of writing spex scripts. You can apply now at

With deja vu, The Direqtion '24

Data's Dance Evening CANCELLED

Unfortunately, Joakim is still sick so we won't be able to have the dance evening today. Sorry for the short notice :(

Applications to D-Dagens day staff are open

It's almost time for D-Dagen 2023!

We need a TRUCKLOAD of staff to make the exhibit as succesful as it can be, so come work with us :D

The application form has more info and can be found here

Application for Studs 2024 is now open!

Hello chapter!

It is with great pleasure to announce that the application for Studs 2024 is now open!

But what is Studs, you may be wondering. Studs is a project where 30 master students get the chance to visit interesting companies in the IT industry. It will give you the opportunity to connect with companies you are really interested in and give you insight into what working life actually looks like. And at the end of the project, we all go on a study trip together, to a destination chosen by the whole group.

Does this sound interesting? Then you can read more and apply for the project at The last day to apply is September 24.

Everyone who studies a master and a program under the EECS school is welcome to apply!

If you have any questions about it all, they can be emailed to [email protected].

Studsa lagom until then, the 2024 Management Group

Data's Dance Evening CANCELLED

Welcome to Datas Danskväll (DDK)! On Mondag we'll have our very first dance evening of the semester. At DDK on September 4th, we will focus on ballroom dancing (Waltz/Viennese Waltz/Bugg). The goal is for us data scientists to gracefully glide across the dance floor at balls.

On future occasions, we will also have the opportunity to learn salsa, chacha, rumba, foxtrot, jive, lindy hop, tango, slow foxtrot, and quickstep.

Join us on Monday with or without a partner!

Hope to see you then.

/Trang and Joakim

Few spots left to the Kayaking event

Hello Chapter! Sports committe here

At the time of writing, we only have 5 kayak spots left for the Kayak Event this Saturday the 9th! Register here

If the kayak spots have run out, it is still possible to participate if you register on the reserve form below:

If you sign up in the reserve form, you can join us on land and partake of the food. In addition, If enough regular registrants don't show up, you get a chance to paddle.

Both forms will close on the 7:th at midnight!


Welcome to Speed-Friending, for internationals and Swedes!

The “Speed-friending” event is perfect for you if you want to get to know other CS and Media students! How does that work? Both Swedish and international students are invited to the event. We then match people in small groups (4-6 people per group) where you will play some games and get to know each other. You will get to change groups a few times. Of course, we will also have free fika for everyone!

We want this event to be a win-win for both Swedish and international students, so we also want to give the “non-international” students a chance to find out more about studying abroad and about everyones different home countries!☺️

When? September 7th, 17:15

Where? Gasquen in Nymble (note: we have moved the event from Meta)

What? Get to know other computer science & media students + Free Fika! 🍪

Sign up at the google form!

Kayaking with the Sports Club

Hello Chapter! 🍁🚣‍

Sign up at: 📝

A new fall semester is upon us. With it comes autumn and a colder climate. But before it gets too cold, and the water is still somewhat warm, the sports committee will arrange another day of kayak paddling! On the 9th of September, we will once again travel to Velamsund and take the water-bound vessels out for a spin. All members that sign up are welcome.🤽🌊

The plan is to meet up at 9:00 at the bus station at Slussen. From there, we will commute together to Kihls gård, walk the rest of the way, and arrive at the kayaking clubhouse around 10:00.

Depending on how many sign up, we will split up into groups of ~20 people and paddle one group at a time. We will have one morning and one afternoon session. There will be activities on land when the others are out paddling, and if you want to go for a run or hike trails out there, you are welcome to do so! 🏃‍♀️🏞️

For lunch, we will offer hotdogs 🌭 and waffles 🧇. There will also be fika ☕ and fruit 🍓 to eat during the day.

Schedule (might be subjected to change or delays):

  • 9:00 AM - We meet at Slussen to commute to Velamsund.
  • 10:00ish - We arrive at Velamsund. If you need to change, you can do that now. We will serve some bread 🍞, tea 🍵 and coffee ☕ now.
  • 10:30ish - The first group starts kayaking.
  • 10:30-12:30 One group is paddling. The other group will be doing whatever they feel like on land. We will bring frisbees 🥏, spikeball 🏐, brännboll ⚾, etc.
  • 12:30 - Lunch. Hotdogs + potato salad, and waffles are served.
  • 13:30-15:30 - The second group paddles.
  • 15:30-17:30 - Free time. It is possible to paddle more or do other activities on land.
  • 17:30-18:00 - Time to go home. If the weather is nice and people want to stay, we could probably stay longer. 🌅


IMPORTANT! You need to be able to swim to join the paddling. 🏊‍♂️

  • Bring proper clothing 👕
    • Something to paddle in. 🚣‍♀️
    • A jacket to shield you from the cold 🧥
    • Warm gloves when paddling this time of year might be nice 🧤
    • Clothes for being active on land. 👟
    • Change of clothes for after you paddled. 👕
  • Towel, if you fall into the water or want to take a shower. 🛀
  • The Chapter is not paying for the trip to and from the location of paddling. 🚗💰

Enjoy the event and have a great time! 😊🌊🚣‍♂️

Painting Picnick in Maskinparken

Data is welcome to join Tag Monkeys on a picnic where we eat fika and paint with acrylics and watercolors! Date: 4 September Time: 11.00 - 13.00 Place: Maskinparken (the park by the M building) Fika and all materials for painting will be provided, but you should bring lunch if you want to eat actual food. You need no experience, we paint for our hearts contentment, not for a gallery. Just drop in and paint with Tag Monkeys! /DAD

Data's Dance Evening CANCELLED

Welcome to Datas Danskväll (DDK)! On Mondag we'll have our very first dance evening of the semester. At DDK on August 28th, we will focus on ballroom dancing (Waltz/Viennese Waltz/Bugg). The goal is for us data scientists to gracefully glide across the dance floor at balls.

On future occasions, we will also have the opportunity to learn salsa, chacha, rumba, foxtrot, jive, lindy hop, tango, slow foxtrot, and quickstep.

Join us on Monday with or without a partner!

Hope to see you then.

/Trang and Joakim