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Lördagssport: Harry Potter (variant på spökboll)

Application to the Reception is now open!


IT'S TIME AGAIN to start applying for cuddly daddor, lightning-fast doqumenterist, tight ekonomerister, culinary quisiner, and brave drifverare for the Reception 2024.

GO AND APPLY: dsekt.se/janifattar

The reception is among the most fun things at our fine section! You get to know people from all corners of the section, and you create memories and friends for life.

The application is open for two weeks and closes on February 21 in connection with the Reception's pusharpub when Title will take over behind the bar and invite you to party and celebrate.

Now is also an excellent time to follow us on Instagram, as you will be able to ask us questions and see a very nice recruitment video!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/janifattar/

More information about the reception can also be found at https://datasektionen.se/namnder/mottagningen

If you have questions or are hesitant about applying, you can either contact Title 24 via email at [email protected] or just apply and then ask as many questions as you want at the interview!

Hugs, Title 24♥️

Saturday Sports: Badminton

Hello hello!

Every Saturday from 2 pm to 3 pm we have booked KTH Hallen for the rest of the semester. This week (Saturday 10th) we will play badminton. I will bring 8 rackets that you can borrow but we'll rent more if we don't have enough. We have four courts and we play for 1 hours.

I will try to vary the sports in the following weeks. And please come with suggestions for what we can do!!!

Everyone is welcome! The primary goal is having fun, not to play super competitively.

All events are published in our sports group on Facebook.

Hope to see you there 🙂

Refill the METAspex

Hello there chapter!

METAspexet is looking for more people to fill out the ranks. Head in to haj.metaspexet.se/sok to apply for Büild, Costume, and PhotoFilm. The applications close 19/2.

The Direqtion

Chapter sauna

On Wednesday, it's time for the first sauna of the year! 🔥 We start at 6 pm and leave whenever we feel like it. Snacks and light beer will be available, but other than that, it's BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer/Soda).

But now you might be thinking: "but I'm busy on Wednesday," no problem. I haven't experienced a chapter sauna that ended before midnight, so feel free to come after!

Where: The sauna in Nymble: https://dsekt.se/bastu

Hope to see you there! 🔥

Edit: if you want to come in: call +46733746620 or +46730063441 and we'll open the door!

Information regarding A Random.nextString()-DM

At 17:15, 2024-02-12, a DM will be held in Sammanträdesrummet.

All info (proper summons, agenda, etc.) can be found in the button below.

With kind regards :) The D-directorate


Hello to the chapter!

At 17:30, 2024-03-05 Revision-SM will be held in D1. At SM, motions, propositions, and elections will be discussed.

Summons can be found here. The reserve time will be 2024-03-07 17:30

We want to receive motions by February 20 at the latest

Since previous news has been removed from the system and an summons has been sent out in time, we still run on the same date.

All chapter members are welcome! See you there!

Sincerely, the D-directorate

Apply for Projekt Groda 2024!

Hi all!

How is the Computer science chapter doing when it comes to environmental sustainability? And how can we do better? These are the questions Projekt Groda 2024 aim to answer this year!

Do you want to be a part of making the section more sustainable? Apply for the projekt group!


Curious? Got any questions? Find me in Meta at the chapter fair 6/2 or during lunch following tuesday 8/2.

Application closes 18/2 and interviews end 23/2.

See you around!

Froggy regards, Kristin

The Spring Ball 2024

The snow is melting, the trees are beginning to show their beautiful buds, and the rose finch is returning from its sun vacation in South Asia. In short, spring is finally here!

Konglig Datasektionen will celebrate this once again with the most beautiful, finest, most delightful, and enchanting event we have to offer. The Spring Ball.

Rumors have it that Spring Ball tickets tend to sell out fairly quickly, so make sure to be on your toes! Tickets will be released at 8:00 PM on Wednesday, February 7th (!!!) during DKM and the Spring Ball Wednesday pub.

The Spring Ball is the Data Section's finest traditional event and something you really don't want to miss! So dust off your dress and polish your shoes for an unforgettable evening with your partner/friends and the entire fantastic data section!

Where and when? The Spring Ball will take place on March 23rd at Lavalhallen in Nacka. The event starts with mingling and a welcome drink at 5:00 PM, and the seating begins at 6:00 PM.

How? Formal attire - evening gown, tuxedo, or equivalent. What does this party cost? Students Non-alcoholic - 370 SEK Students Alcoholic - 450 SEK External/Alumni Non-alcoholic - 720 SEK External/Alumni Alcoholic - 800 SEK Who? Members of the Royal Data Section and alumni with a +1.

+1s who are not section members are considered external and pay full price. In that case, select one student ticket and one external ticket.

Ticket release? Time: 8:00 PM on February 7th Link: https://dsekt.se/varbalsbiljetter

Questions? Contact the Spring Ball Army on any social media platform or email us at [email protected].

Election and filling-election open for Revisions-SM (Chapter meeting)

Here comes more Election Committee news!

As it happens, Revisions-SM is right around the corner where a few people will be elected.

  • 6 Student union assembly delegates
  • Mr./Mrs. Santa Claus

We also have a few positions that are vacant against our best wishes. They will also have people elected for them.

  • Project leader for Project Pride
  • Choirmaster

Head on over and nominate yourself or others at the election website val.datasektionen.se!

Chapter Fair

Have you been curious about getting to know the chapter officials? Perhaps learn what they do and what their posts entice? In that case you're deeply welcome to the Chapter Fair!

On tuesday next week (6/2) the year's Chapter Fair will be in META during the afternoon. You can swing by 14:00-17:00 and talk with people elected in the chapter while you eat delicous fika. There will also be a score hunt you can participate in to get yourself an exclusive patch!

Ideationevening with KTH Innovation!

Join us for an ideation evening where we use generative AI tools to come up with new ideas.

On 15 February, KTH Innovation and Datasektionen welcome you to an ideation evening. Team up with others to come up with new solutions and use generative AI tools like ChatGPT to shape your ideas.

Doors open at 17.00. We start by serving a light dinner and mingle before we start the event at 17.30.

📍 Where? KTH Innovation, Teknikringen 1 🕑When? 15 february 17:00 🌭Food? Of course!

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/FbhoK1sqq3yFA6U49

META closes for the Chapter Fair

Attention, all Chapter members!

META will close the 6th of February between 13:00 and 17:00 to make room for the Chapter fair which is organised by the Election Committee. This doesn't mean that it won't be possible to visit the hall, only that it won't be considered a study environment while it's closed. In other words, it will still be possible to heat food and fullfill errands in the afternoon. All members are highly encouraged to visit the fair as it's both exciting and informative. More information about the event will be posted soon in relevant channels.

Saturday Sports: Volleyball

Hello hello!

Every Saturday from 2 pm to 3 pm we have booked KTH Hallen for the rest of the semester. The idea is that we do some activity/sport for an hour. Everyone is welcome! The primary goal is having fun, not to play super competitively.

This week (Saturday 3rd) we will play volleyball for 1 hour.

I will try to vary the sports in the following weeks. And please come with suggestions for what we can do!!!

All events are published in our sports group on Facebook.

Hope to see you there 🙂

Patch-sale today!

Happy Ovve-Wednesday (tragically not an alliteration in English)! Today's patch sale will be hosted in the hall / mudroom of META. <3

Paint on cups with Tag Monkeys!

Do you have a boring cup that you would love to decorate? Maybe you think that META's cups are long overdue som colour? Or maybe you just want to paint on som cups? Lucky you! This Tuesday Hangout 30/1 (with QN) Tag Monkeys will pull out any material you may need to paint cups starting at 17.17 in META! You don't need any experience and may just show up at any time! Come and eat our fika, play games and paint cups! (There will still be board games and melty beads) OBS, the cups that are offered by Tag Monkeys are META's, and so you cannot take them home with you so if you want to take something home bring your own cup.

Blums 2024

It's time for this year's big volleyball tournament, and this post is actually for the event itself (not the pub). More information and ticket links will be released in this event via blums.dkm.io which, at the time of writing, is not updated yet but will be by Wednesday.

Ticket release is at 8:00 PM on January 31st at the above link. The event will be held at Stockholm Beach Club in Häggvik.

There are 2 different types of entrance tickets, one for the tournament and one for general admission. These are priced around 200-250 SEK. If you want to participate in the tournament, you should buy a tournament ticket (which are limited!). More information will be available on blums.dkm.io and in the event!

Blums Release PARTY!!!

Tagg BLUMS!!! Now it's time for the world's best beach volleyball tournament 🏐and for that we need to host an adequate party to celebrate such a ticket release. You are welcome now on Wednesday (31/1) when we open META:s doors for the first time (for DKM) this year for a Wednesday pub!🥳

Special "På Spåret" Trivia Competition

Next Tuesday (30/Jan) during QN the International Committee will be hosting a special international-themed trivia competition inspired by the classic Swedish TV game show På Spåret! 🚂

There will be free fika 🍪 and pizza for sale 🍕, plus whoever is participating in the competition will get delicious toast 🍞 for free - and the winners will also receive a prize 🏅, of course. Regular QN board games 🎲 will also be taking place simultaneously, so you should come even if you're not sure if you want to participate in the comptition.

See you in META next Tuesday at 17:17!

Application to tech-i-taka closing soon

Application for Tech-i-taka (the computer science football team) closes next Friday at 23:59 (February 2), don't forget to apply now!!!

Vote on the D23 year patch!!!

VOTE VOTE VOTE https://forms.gle/vvtwiYtNvfx29Wjf7 (only D23:s are allowed to vote)

Saturday Sports: Capture the Flag

Good afternoon Chapter!

Every Saturday from 2 pm to 3 pm we have booked KTH Hallen for the rest of the semester. The idea is that we do some activity/sport for an hour. Everyone is welcome! The primary goal is having fun, not to play super competitively.

This week (Saturday 27th) we will play Capture the Flag 🚩🤾‍♂️🤾‍♀️ for 1 hour. The more the merrier so bring all your friends!

I will try to vary the sports in the following weeks. And please come with suggestions for what we can do!!!

All events are published in our sports group on Facebook.

Hope to see you there! 😊👋

Information about chapter mapping

Dear chapter members, here is a message from the KF-representatives.

KTH has decided to shut down Campus Södertälje and Campus Kista, and to introduce a new program, TINTE.

This means that THS will need to change how programs are mapped to chapters. The consequences for us at the Datasektionen are not yet certain but will likely be decided at the next Student Union Council.

More information regarding concrete proposals can be found here Note that the documents is only available in swedish

The proposals most relevant to us are:

  • Proposal 4. Move Cybersecurity from D to IN
  • Proposal 6. Reorganize D, Me, and IN into two chapters
  • Proposal 7. Welcome IN's original programs into the EECS chapters

If you have any thoughts, opinions, or questions; contact us, the KF representatives, at [email protected].

Our current stance is to maintain our current structure as it is.

No Wednesday pub this week!

Hello all dear! We're not arranging a pub this week - but don't fret - it'll be a maxxed out BLUMS-DROP-PARTY-PUB next Wednesday! Ticketes to the event will be released for DKM's yearly event for a maxxed out party at Häggvik's Beach Club!!

Don't miss it! More information about the event will be released this week in a separate post, so no stress!

Hope to see you next week instead!

Paradise Motel-gasque

Are you freezing? Tired of the winter? Are you longing for a tropical paradise? Join SpexM at Paradise Motel! A gasque for you who wants to play the game, be entertained by the drama or just enjoy the sea breeze from a sun bed. Both computer science- and media students are welcome! The gasque will be held in Swedish. Tickets will be released in this event on Friday the 2nd of February at 19.00 🌴 Where? META 🌴 Beach? YEEEEEAH 🌴 When? Saturday 17th of February at 18.00 🌴 Dresscode? Ovve/frack or your nicest hawaii shirt 🌴 Price? Non-alcohol 90kr, Half-alcohol 120kr, Full-alcohol 140 kr (Preliminary)

Board Game Night With the International Reception

As usually Tuesday nights from 17:17 in META are board game nights! This Tuesday we are collaborating with the international committee to welcome all the new international students who are weary from their arduous journey here from far away lands. Come show them what we're made of and absolutely demolish them in Dominion, or maybe play a nice relaxing game of Wingspan, or any of QN:s other board games! Tag Monkeys will also be there with the classic melty beads! And of course there will be fika!

See you! /Qulturnämnden