Candidate Questioning

Hey there Chapter!

On monday next week the urn elections for Chapter Chairman, Vice Chairman and Kassör open, but who are these people, really? You can find out this... tuesday (sorry).

Tuesday 22/11 next week 17:15 in B23 the Nominating Committee is hosting the Candidate Questioning, where you can come and ask questions to get to know the candidates, and get an idea of how they want to develop the chapter.

The belugas send their regards, the Nominating Committee

Food on the Mulled Wine Chapter Meeting

Hello Chapter! It is now possible to register for getting food on the Mulled Wine Chapter meeting on the following link

Note that it is possible to register for food for both days of the meeting on the lin


The the tickets for dÅre are finally dropping this Wednesday at 20:00!

To celebrate this we will hosting an EPIC after-ski themed pub!

Information from dÅre: Come along to Åre after the next exam period! During the pub at 20.00, 120 tickets for the computer chapters annual Ski Trip 14/1-19/1 will be released Tickets usually sell out after some minute so be ready! More info and link to the registration will be released in dÅre event here:

See ya at the PUB!!

Cloak Monday!

Do you suffer from a debilitating lack of cloaks in your life? Do you like sewing with your friends? do you think Mondays are severely underutilized? Fear not my friend because Cloak Monday might be the event that you need. Cloak Monday is an event held for students of the Data Chapter and The Chapter for Media Technology where you sew your very own cape or cloak.

A short lecture will also be held in sewing and cloakmaking basics!

General info: Where? Somewhere on KTH Campus When? Monday of popular vote! Will it cost money? Sadly yes How much? 150 crowns minimum

Join us and make the cloak of your dreams!

dÅre 2023

Soon it will finally be time for dÅre 2023, that is, the Data chapter’s annual trip to (you guessed it) Åre! We will gather 120 excited students and spend 5 truly maxed out days together. The bus up leaves late in the evening Saturday 14/1, and we will be home again Thursday 19/1. You really don’t want to miss this!!!! ❄️ This year we will have two different types of tickets - ticket with bus journey (3675 SEK) and ticket with private journey (2875 SEK). When registred, you will be able to indicate which of these you prefer. Both tickets include accommodation, lift pass, badge and dÅre merch! ❄️ Depending on how active you are in Åre, we will subsidize the trip with up to 800 SEK. More information about this will come later. ❄️ The tickets will be released on Wednesday 16/11 at 20.00 with link in the facebook event, during a traditional dÅrepub! If you are excited for Åre, it is highly recommended to come and hang out for good vibes, then you also get a reminder before the ticket release. ❄️ We will primarily prioritize members of Konglig Datasektionen (The Computer Science Chapter). Subject to space, tickets can go to other friends/relatives. ❄️ See you (preferably on the slopes)!!

A Cultural-historical D-Directorate Meeting before the Mulled Wine Chapter Meeting

On November the 16th a DM will be held in E34 at 17:30, in preparation for the Mulled Wine Chapter Meeting. At the DM the board will respond to all the motions submitted for the Chapter Meeting and decide which propositions to submit. Furthermore, decisions will be made regarding economical accesses and rigths of signatures, as well as whether to close some projects.

All chapter members are welcome!

Summons can be found here.

The agenda can ba found here.

The complementary agenda can be found here.

The decision protocol can be found here.

Student evening at Valtech


NLG invites you to a student evening at Valtech! 🤩

The evening will offer mingling with Valtechare and other students from Uppsala and KTH, pizza from Fat Franks, snacks and of course, drinks in the form of beer, wine & soft drinks! 🍻🍕

We begin the evening by telling you briefly about Valtech and our popular Talent Program, which is aimed at those of you who are at the end of your education. After that, Clarissa Hedenqvist (KTH alumna) and Sandra Åkerman (Uppsala alumna) will talk about their journey from school bench to full-fledged Valtech consultant. We end the lecture by finding out who are the real quiz masters - KTH or Uppsala? Up to the proof! 😎

Register here: Time: 18.45-22.00 Location: Valtech. Hantverkargatan 5 (Kungliga Myntet) Stockholm

If you already know that Valtech's talent program is the obvious choice for you, don't hesitate - send in your application immediately, we have a limited number of places and conduct interviews on an ongoing basis. You can read more and submit your application here:

Swedish Traditions Gasque

Dear Meta,

Now it's time for Gasque! On the 18th of November, the international committee will hold Swedish Traditions Gasquen. Gasquen is perfect for you who want to meet other Computer science students, Media students or international students.

The ticket release will be on Friday the 11th of November 12:00 in this form:

Where? Meta When? 18.30 on the 18th of November Why? Because it's fun!

Facebook event:

Join the Magenta-task force!

Magenta has a strong staff force, but there is some possibility that we might need some extra workers during parts of the night, or the whole day if one of the current workers gets sick. Therefore, we need your help!

Please fill out the form if you feel that you can be available to come and work on short notice on the evening of the 26 November. Your gender identity is irrelevant, so please fill it out if you are willing to help!

Chapter Fair 2022

🐋 Hello chapter! 🐋

On the 17th of November it is time for our annual Chapter fair!

The fair will be held at KTH Entré and will be open between 12 and 15, immediately followed by board games and Magic: The Gathering with QN. There will also be fika and lunch sandwiches by Baknämnden!

During the fair, you will be able to join different committees and clubs of the Data Chapter, as well as learn what the different volunteers do within the chapter.

We will also hold a scavenger hunt where you can compete by gathering points in order to earn the legendary Chapter fair patch✨

Schedule of the day: 12:00 ⠀ Fair opening: explore our Committee booths. 15:00 ⠀ Closing of fair booths. 15:10 ⠀ The fair will be open for more activities, board games and Magic: The Gathering. 20:00 ⠀ Event closes.

Have a good time and see you at the fair!

To participate in the hunt for the Chapter Fair patch during the fair, click here:

Facebook event:


Registration here:

QN and DESC invites you to the SICKEST Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament since spring 2022!!!

Everyone from the CS and Media chapters are welcome and every chapter member can also bring one additional external participant (+1)!

The tournament will be a double-elimination, which means if you lose two games you are out of the tournament (i.e. don't lose to win!).

The matches will be singles (1v1)!

The ruleset for the matches themselves are the standard tournament ruleset:

No DLC characters will be allowed!

Movie Night

Are you ready for another special event from the international group of META?

We present: The Square, a Swedish production shot in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Berlin that almost won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2018!

Without spoiling anything about the plot, we can tell you that the film is a satirical comedy about art, power, and the Stockholm Art museum.

The movie is a Swedish original, however we will watch the English version with English subtitles, so that everyone can enjoy it, no matter if you know Swedish.

We will also have some Popcorn and snacks to share.

Hope to see you on Monday!

🎬Movie: The Square, 2017, 2:30h, english with english subtitles 🍿Snacks: There will be popcorn and snacks for free! 🗓️Date: Monday, 7th of November ⏰Time: 17:00, movie starts at 17:30!

The event is open to everyone that studies computer science or media. However we have limited seats (50), so sign up here to reserve a spot (you can also come without signing up, but we can't guarantee a seat)

Sign up here:

Facebook event:

Motion writing workshop

Christmas is slowly approaching, and that means that it is soon time for the next Chapter Meeting. And what else is there to do to prepare for a Chapter Meeting other than writing a motion or two! To help people with that endeavor, the D-rektorate is arranging a Motion writing workshop on the 10th of November. There you can get help both with discussing ideas and formulating the details of a motion.

A template for motion can be found on our system A guide for writing motions can be found at (sadly only in Swedish).

Gasque for women and nonbinary people!!

It is finally time for the first gasque for women and nonbinary people of this year!

The party will be held in META friday the 11th at 7pm! It will be a night to remember <33

For mor info check out th FB event and sign up here:

See you there!

By-election at Glögg-SM

A vacancy has appeared, and we in the Nominating Committee have opened by-election for Datas Art Director. The term continues until the 30th of June. Nominate yourself or other chapter members at

Don't forget to nominate eachother in the regular elections. The last day to nominate someone is Monday next week!

Come to Glögg-SM, it will be fun!

Whaley greetings, The Nominating Committee

Extra recruitment for METAspexet’s band

Are you interested in playing music? Did you miss the chance to apply for the spex this year?

METAspexet 2023 is opening up for extra recruitment for the band! We are looking for all instruments except keys/piano, and we are extra interested in drums.

Does this sound fun? Apply at!

The application closes on Sunday, November 13th at 23:59

Apply to SpexM pub!

Do you want to go to a pub and apply to the METAspexet's party group? 💃 Look no further, go to the Wednesday next week and apply! 😍 The link for applications is here!

Our applications close NEXT WEEK on the pub during the 9th of November, so make sure to apply before then or during the pub! 😱

If you want to see what it means to be a part of SpexM, you do not want to miss this pub! You'll be able to enjoy yummy food and drinks as well as some lit music!

Check the Facebook event for more info! ❤️

First sale for the semester


Are you hyped for more patches and pimping your ovve? Or do you really want a Computer Science chapter sticker to show how awesome the chapter is?

P-E-R-F-E-C-T. Prylmångleriet is having a sale 12.15-13.00 outside of META once again on Friday. There will be patches, stickers, spegatter and of course overaller available for those that didn't buy them last sale.

Unfortunately, S and L sized overaller are scarce. Contact Prylis on Facebook or by mail so we can check that your size is in stock if you know you have this size.

Karaoke night


I sure hope you are! It will be a night with karaoke and hopefully a LOT of singing. So warm up your vocal cords, bring your best pal and come on over to META for a fun evening.

I have also heard rumors of a quiz with a special prize 👀

You better come and check it out

The bar will also be open during the whole night serving drinks and food

Hope to see you there!

Where? META When? 17.17 on the 4th on November

The pub is open for members of the Computer Science and Media chapter at KTH, +1 applies. Don't forget your ID and THS ID.

Here is the facebook event:



The new members of 𝗗𝗞𝗠 are finally here! 🤩🤩 To celebrate they will be hosting a really 𝙢𝙖𝙭𝙭𝙚𝙙 out pub!! 🥳

See ya at the 𝗣𝗨𝗕!

Welcome to KF!

On Thursday 3rd November it is time for the second meeting of the Student Union Council, also known as KF. KF is the highest decision-making body of THS and can be compared to an EU for the chapters. All THS members have the right to attend but only elected members have the right to speak. So you are all welcome to come and watch if you are interested. It will take place in Nya Matsalen in Nymble from 6pm until late.

At the meeting we will be doing such fun things as

  • decide if the board gets discharge
  • review the THS budget
  • argue about the minutes

We KF members are supposed to represent the chapter, so if you have any opinions on the documents, feel free to talk to us. Elected members for the Data chapter are Jakob Carlsson, Pontus Söderlund, Noah Hopkins, and David Puustinen; and deputies Douglas Fischer and Fabian Andréasson.

The notice can be found here

Agenda (in Swedish) available here

and the annexes (in Swedish) can be found here

A Batasco DM

On the 1st of November a DM will be held in Sektionsrummet in Nymble at 17:30. At the DM, the board will, among other things, decide on ratifying a Per Capsulam decision, closing and opening up some projects, whether to sign a contract, as well as about a few guest memberships.

All Chapter Members are Welcome!

The full summons can be found here.

The agenda can be found here.

Decision protocol can be found here.

Mulled Wine Chapter Meeting

On the 28th of November the Mulled Wine Chapter Meeting will be held in D1 at 17:30. The reserve date is the 5th of December in D1. The second reserve date is the 6th of december at 17:30.

The last day for submitting motions is on the 14th of November.

At the chapter meeting all submitted motions and propositions will be discussed and elections will be held for around half of the positions in the chapter.

The second reading for a few changes in the statues will also be held. The first of those is regarding removing the board position Vice Treasurer. The second is regarding adding the board position D-SOL. The third is regarding changing the deadline for summons to a chapter meeting to 35 days before the meeting. The fourth one is regarding allowing changing the location of chapter meetings after the summons is out.

All chapter members are welcome!

The complete summons can be found here

The summons can be found here



𝙩𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙖𝙋 is finally over!! 🥳🤩 This means it's time for another exciting 𝗧𝗘𝗡𝗧𝗔𝗣𝗨𝗕!

The new members of 𝗗𝗞𝗠 will be revealed! And you don't want to miss it!!

Shrek will maybe be there!

‼️ OBS ‼️ We will not be serving dinner, because it's a 𝗧𝗘𝗡𝗧𝗔𝗣𝗨𝗕 and opens at 19!

See ya at the 𝗣𝗨𝗕!

Elections at Glögg-SM

Hey there, Chapter!

The preliminary date for Glögg-SM is set for November 28th, and to not break statutes we're opening elections for it now. There are many fun posts you or a friend can take, so go onto the election page now and nominate yourself or others!

Whaley Greetings, Valberedningen

Election page: