KTH Innovation Pre-Incubator Program

Join the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program! KTH Innovation is looking for 15 new startup project to spend a year developing their ideas. You get 24/7 office space in KTH Innovation’s new house on campus, weekly workshops to develop your startup project and yourself as an entrepreneur, and a place in a supportive community. Apply by February 12th on kth.se/en/innovation/forinkubator/kth-innovations-forinkubatorprogram-1.414438.

Applications for Project Pride 2020 Group Executíf are now open!

Project Pride was started last year, and it was one hell of a party, so this year we're making it even better! But to make that happen, we'll need an amazing manegement team. That's why applications for Project Pride 2020 Group Executíf are now open!

Deadline for applying is the 31/1.

The decade's first D-directorate meeting

On January the 23rd a D-directorate meeting will be held in room E32 at 17:30.

At the D-directorate meeting, the board will, among other things, decide to close META on the 4:th of Feburary due to media technology's industry day.

All chapter members are welcome!


The summons can be found here

The agenda can be found here

New date for Extra Chapter Meeting

New date for Extra Chapter Meeting is set to January 28th in L1 instead of January 23rd. In case the meeting gets postponed, the meeting will be held on January 30th in L1 at 17:30.

The Summons can be found here

Ansök till SNNC 2020

SNNC 2019 is over, and now, the Students’ Nobel NightCap moves on to the next student union at the next school: THS at KTH.

The Students' Nobel NightCap is the after-party to the Nobel Banquet, and we lead ~1800 guests through a night of spectacular artists and performers, amazing food and dancing, organized by over 300 students.

SNNC 2020 is now looking for a committee to join this great journey towards creating the greatest after-party the world has ever seen.

The following positions are open:

  • Corporate Relations
  • Food & Beverage
  • Guest & Safety
  • Logistics & Operations
  • Human Resources
  • IT & Communications
  • Construction, Décor, Sound & Light
  • Entertainment & Costumes

More information regarding the different openings and how to apply can be read at THS website at https://ths.kth.se/SNNC. The dead-line is at 23:59 on the 25:th of January.

During Wednesday the 22:nd of January from 12:00-14:00 Axel will be standing in Nymble during Kårens Dag (Union-day) and talking about the Students’ Nobel NightCap. He’ll also be standing in Tidningsrummet in Nymble between 10:00-15:00 on Thursday the 23:rd of January from 10:00-15:00 talking NightCap.

Welcome to the Students’ Nobel NightCap! And warm greetings from the General of SNNC 2020, Axel Andersson, let’s create the next NightCap together.

Elections at the chapter-meeting

The nomination period has begun. Nominate at val.datasektionen.se

Extra chapter meeting

On January 28rd a chapter meeting will be held in L1 at 17:30.

In case the meeting gets postponed, the meeting will be held on January 30:th in L1 at 17:30.

On the chapter meeting we will, among other things, discuss postponed errands from the Mulled Wine chapter meeting. The meeting will also have an election for several officer posts.

All chapter members are welcome!


The Summons can be found here

The agenda can be found here

The management audit report can be found here

Students for study about future jobs

There is a study for engineering students. There will be a 1,5 hour long focus group with a reward of 500 SEK. You can sign up using the linked form.


In accordance with our statutes §4.4 Brådskande ärenden and §4.8 D-rektiv I hereby issue a D-rektiv.

There is no acctual meaning to experience interesting things like challenges if you can not experience them together. It's so much more enjoyable to be together!

Thank you to everybody that has been part of the chapter during 2019! A special thank you to al the wonderful functioneers who have developed and worked for the Computer Science Chapter during 2019, it has been so much fun to work with you. I also wish continued good luck for the coming year, you all will do a fantastic job!

I wish you all a happy new year!

I'll see you in VIC — Ävelin Pantigoso Velasquez, Chairperson of the board 2019

Poll regarding chapter mapping for CTMAT

Hi chapter! Here is a poll regarding the chapter mapping for KTH's new degree programme in engineering mathematics.

KF has passed and the poll is therefore closed.



Now on Monday it is time for the dJulkalendern and we want you to join us.

For those of you who don't know, the dJulkalendern is an advent calendar for computer science students, where each window is a CTF challenge. Every weekday in December at 12.15 until Christmas there will be a new challange and the goal is to solve it as quickly as possible.

What you are competing for is the title "Best at DATA" and also a mysterious prize.

Collaboration is allowed so grab a friend!

The first challange is released on Monday so be sure to be ready! https://djul.datasektionen.se/

Good luck! 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆

dJulkalendern opens up for guest submissions

dJulkalendern, the yearly advent-CTF of Datasektionen, is inviting anyone to write a guest window (guest challenge) and still be alowed to compete. The window shall be made according to instructions and emailed to [email protected]. The dJul-team will then look at all submissions and decide which will be included in the contest. The better your submission, the higher the chance of us including it, and you will still be able to solve it for cheap points! We will however not inform you whether your window was included or not, and we reserve the right to modify it as we see fit. The guest authors will be credited after each window is solved, and at the end of the contest.

Election documents

The election documents for the mulled wine chapter meeting are now published. Please note that these can come to be edited further later.

Vote in the elections

The elections for chapter president, chapter vice president, and treasurer are now open. Vote at durn.datasektionen.se

Sign-up for candidate questioning

The 21/11 at 17.30 the election committee will be organizing an event where you will be able to pose your questions to our potential future ordförande, vice ordförande, and kassör. If you want food, please sign up before sunday, the 17/11.

Apply for Titel 20!

You can now apply for Titel 20, the head group of the reception of new computer science students 2020 🙌🏻Do it in the attached form ✍️

Leeds International Summer School (LISS)

Dear student,

What are you doing next summer? Take a look at the Leeds International Summer School (LISS) video.

Applications for next summer are now open: www.leeds.ac.uk/summer. Make summer 2020 count!

Study at the University of Leeds, a world top 100 university, and immerse yourself in British culture. Join the two or four-week LISS programme. Earn credit and choose courses from a wide range of subject areas. Courses are offered in Arts and Humanities, Business, Engineering and Science, Political and Social Sciences.

LISS is an all-inclusive programme. The fee includes tuition, accommodation, breakfast and lunch (weekdays) and premium gym membership. Academic field trips, cultural excursions and a social programme are also included. Scholarships are available: www.leeds.ac.uk/summerfees.

Apply for LISS 2020 online and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates.

Best wishes

The LISS Team

Project Hello World needs help!

Hello! Project Hello World here again!

(First a quick reminder that you can still sign up for the projects first expedition! See my previous post below!)

In order to make this project a success I’d like to ask you the members for help. When we arrange a reception for our friends from Finland and other places it be appreciated if we can help out with some accomodation. Myself I only have single couch unfortunately, hence I will need your help! If you might be interested in helping the project to host these kinds of events, please fill out the form below! The form is non-commital and is only used to show that you might be interested to help out. I will primarily ask those who filled it out for help.


Dinner party in Helsinki

Hello everyone!

First, thank you for bestowing upon me the trust to lead the project Hello World on Budget-SM! 😊

We have already received an invitation to Tietokilta’s party Välimuistinnollaus (lit. cache reset) the 7th of december! Tietokilta is the guild for computer science students at Aalto university. Välimuistinnollaus is a fine dinner party with a more relaxed twist that celebrates the 33½th birthday of the Tietokilta. The evening will include a cocktail party, dinner, and an afterparty. Next morning one can attend sillis (kinda recovery party) if one would like! The dress code for the evening is black tie. Sillis is more appropriate to attend in overalls.

The plan for the expedition is to travel there and back by ferry. Our friends in Tietokilta has kindly preliminary offered to accomodate us during our visit. The expedition plans to depart on the afternoon of the friday the 6th and return monday morning the 9th. Except the dinner and sillis will no meals be included. Travelers are also expected to arrange their own transport in Helsinki. It would cost approximately 900:- to join the expedition, or 800:- if you do not want to go to sillis. (The price may fluctuate a bit due to the price for the ferry. The stated price is however the best estimate we can give today.)

If you are interested in going with us, sign up in the form below no later than next wednesday (the 6th of november)! There is unfortunately a limited number of tickets available, so sign up immediately to ensure you get one! I can from experience promise that a party at Tietokilta is an event worth remembering! 💃



WHAT? Party at Tietokilta (We but Finns)

WHERE? Helsinki

WHEN? 6th dec - 8th dec

DRESSCODE? Black tie (+ ovve for sillis)

PRICE? Ferry ~400:- + party 35€ (+ sillis 8€) ≈ 900:- (800:-)

(The price may fluctuate due the price for the ferry fluctuating.)

Nomination to equality- and diversity prize

Every year KTH awards a prize for a student who in the last year has made a difference in gender equality and/or diversity work at KTH. The work must have been made in relation to work environment, education and/or research at KTH. The prize is handed out at the Diploma Ceremony in December. The deadline for submission of nominations is the 13th of November.

Apply for the Baking Committee!


Do you like sweets? Do you like hanging out with nice people?

Then you should apply to Baknämnden! You attend the events that you want to attend and it doesn't need to take up much time. You apply using this form.

Interviews about ADC for KTH's quality evaluation

UKÄ will visit KTH on the 25th of November and wants to interview students who have taken the course Algorithms, Datastructures and Complexity (DD2350). They specifically want to talk to students who took the course in 2018.

The interviews will be held on the 25th of November at 14:45-15:30. If you are interested please send an email to: [email protected]

Emptying the Lost & Found bins

With another exam period and exam pub gone the Lost & Found bins are filled to the brim. Therefore we will empty them! 🔥

If you have forgotten something in META that you don't want to lose, you will have until Friday to retrieve your items from the Lost & Found bins.

P.S. Lost & Found is two bins located under or next to the stairs up to the catwalk in META.

Elections at the chapter-meeting

At the chapter-meeting the 28th of November a number of elections will be held. Nominate at val.datasektionen.se. Nominations are open until the 7th of November.

META closed during the day on the 14th of October

META will be closed for a couple of hours today as there is builders working on the roof inside of META, therefor META will be closed during the day but should open again in the after noon.