Pearler beads with Tag Monkeys!

Come and make some art with pearler beads with Tag Monkeys! Fun :))

Study board meeting 25/1

The Study Board is holding its first meeting for the semester!

When: Tuesday, January 25th, at 12:15 pm Where: The meeting room in META

Do you have any opinions, thoughts and/or feelings regarding your current studies? The meeting is open for all chapter members! Come tell us what you think!

Hope to see you there!

The Spring Ball

The Spring Ball 2022 will take place on the 9th April. More information will come at a later date.

The Spring Ball Army

Extra-SM's Election nominations are open!

Nominate yourself or your friends for any of the exciting positions available at the Chapter's election website.

The following positions are open for nominations:

  • Secretary
  • International Student Coordinator
  • Member of the Nomination Comittee (Calendar year)
  • Vice Treasurer

Recruiting for the D-Dagen project group

Hey there, chapter!

Now that yuletide is over the work on the next D-Dagen starts, but what is D-Dagen without an amazing team to set it all up?

Applications close January 31st, so...


Bachelor thesis viewing

Hi there Chapter!

The Study Board would like to invite those of you who are to start working on your Bachelor thesis, or just have an interest in general, to a Bachelor thesis viewing.

During this event, you will get to meet older CS-chapter members and see what you can do during the thesis work, get some tips and recieve answers to your questions regarding the Bachelor Thesis.

When? 12/1 kl 12:15 Where? Zoom:

Check out the facebook event for more information!

If you are an older student who would like to do a short presentation of your work, send us an email at [email protected]


In accordance with our statutes §4.4 Brådskande ärenden and §4.8 D-rektiv I hereby issue a D-rektiv.

It’s about drive, it’s about power, we stay hungry, we devour

Put in the work, put in the hours, and take what’s ours

I wish to thank everyone who has been a part of our chapter during 2021, both our electees and project leaders who have done an amazing job, and all our members who have participated in the activities that the chapter has held during the year. Despite the current situation in society, you have shown an amazing drive to create the best community for all of us to enjoy together. I’m looking forward to seeing what those who are staying on or just starting their elected period will achieve, and I 100% fully trust that it will be great!

With those words I whish you all a happy new year!

See you in the ring – Johan Hamredahl, President 2021

DKM x Musikhjälpen

Hey hey!

According to tradition, DKM has a collection together with musikhjälpen every year. This year we will, however, not have a musikhjälpen-pub as we usually arrange. Instead, everyone who donates will be allowed to queue a song during the first pub of next year, the THEMEPUB on the 26/1. In order to donate, click here ♥️ This year, musikhjälpen aims to create a better would, without child labour.

Thank you!

Complaint meeting with SN and JN

Hiya Chapter members!

Have you had any problems with your studies in the last year? Do you long for some fika? Has Santa not brought the presents yet?

Come to L21 during lunch on Wednesday in that case! SN and JN hold a complaint cottage (i.e open meeting) there and in addition to the opportunity to complain about ** everything**, there is also fika and a gift for the first 30 who come.

Check out the FB event for more info!


As the semester comes to an end, so does the chapter events... but not before Skiftes!! Skiftes is an awsome party where all computer science students are welcome. We celebrate old and new "funktionärer", plz help me translate :)

Check the FB event for more info and sign up using the google form

dJulmiddagen info & FFA

Ho ho ho 🎅!

For people who have not payed their tickets, pay them or let us know that you will not be attending or pay in the door via eg. mail. At 19:30 we will release FFA tickets if their are seats that have not yet been taken. So keep an eye on the facebook for info!

Last sale of the yeah

A long year is coming to an end, but not before the last Friday sale. Don't miss this chance to buy some patches to procrastinate instead of studying for the upcoming exams. During lunch as always, see you there <3

Review of the financial year 2020

This material is unfortunately only available in Swedish.

Vaccination certificates at the mulled wine chapter meeting

Hi again.

At the Mulled wine chapter meeting tomorrow we will have to validate vaccination certificates for all attendees, in accordance with the new guidelines from THS.

You can get your vaccine certificate at

If you are not vaccinated or you recieved your vaccine outside of the EU and therefore cannot get a vaccination certificate you will only be able to attend the chapter meeting if less than 100 people attend.

If you for medical reasons cannot get vaccinated you need to provide a medical certificate instead.

New guidelines from THS regarding COVID-19

Hi everyone!

THS has recently released new guidelines for COVID-19 based on the new restrictions from the Public Health Agency of Sweden. THS has concluded that all events within THS (including chapter activities) fall under general gatherings and we therefore need to follow these restriktions.

Ofcourse the previous restrictions still apply, which can be read about in detail here.

Besides these we want to emphasise the new requirements for vaccination certificates for attendees of events with more than 100 attendats. This means that for all events and activities hosted by the chapter where the number of attendats exceed 100 all attendants must show a valid vaccination certificate.

If you are vaccinated, and recieved your vaccine within EU, you can acquire your vaccine certificate at If you recieved your vaccine outside of the EU there is no way to currently get a vaccination certificate in Sweden and you can therefore not participate in events with more than 100 attendants. Persons who for medical reasons are unable to get vaccinated must be able to provide a medical certificate instead, as seen here

Election Documents for Glögg-SM

Here are the election documents for the election in the uppcoming Glögg-SM
Don't forget to vote in the Urnval!
Standard Election Documents
Urnval Election Documents

Deadline to submit autumms expenses i cashflow

Hello chapter! The year is the year is almost at an end and this means that a financial statement for the year 2021 must be made within a reasonable time and hopefully not be postponed a lot. In order for a financial statement to be made, all bookkeping must be done, including all the year's expenses in cashflow. The D-directorate has therefore specified some deadlines for when you must register your receipts in cashflow at the latest

Deadlines are as follows: Expenses from November or earlier must be registered in cashflow and reciepts put in the folder no later than January 16:th. Expenses from December must be registered in cashflow and reciepts put in the folder no later than January 31:st

Storträff (grand meeting) today

Hello, today KTH will hold a so-called "Storträff" (grand meeting) between 12:30 and 16:30 on Zoom. This meeting is divided into a number of parallell discussion rooms that deal with a number of topics relating to education and equality.

For the schedule and zoom links, see this link (in Swedish):

Note: I am not sure if there will be discussions in English or not.

Urnval voting

Due to some technical difficulties the Urnval voting will be held fysically.

Every day in META up to the Glögg-SM between 12:00-13:00 there will be an opportunity to place your vote.

To be allowed to vote you need proof that you are a part of the chapter (mecenatkort) and a valid form of ID.

Glögg-SM Candidate presentation

Due to some teknikal difficulties the candidate presentations will be available here instead:
David Puustinen for chapter president
Pontus Söderlund for vice chapter president
Adam Sjöberg for paymaster
Fabian Andréasson for paymaster

Improvments to META

Hello! Next saturday the chapter hall group will have fix-stuff-in-the-chapter-hall-day therefore we are gathering suggestions for META. Do you feel like something is missing in the chapter hall or if something is broken then you can fill out this form and the chapterhall group will look into it.

Ior (sysadmins) is recruiting!

Ior, the chapter's systems engineering/admin group is recruiting officers to help administer the myriad of systems that we use every day. If you would be interested in that sort of thing, send me an email at [email protected]!

I realize that those of you who would read this post in English are probably all exchange students, and have not gotten a lot of info as to what Ior actually does. It's a committee/club that is dedicated to bulding, maintaining and migrating systems that the chapter relies on for various purposes, such as user login, bookkeeping, publishing news, holding elections etc. almost every day. This, like everything else in the chapter, is done pro bono, and the main goal is to have fun and learn together, because KTH does not really teach us much about how to actually build, deploy and maintain live systems.

The chapter "compensates" members by providing access to systems that cost money otherwise, such as an enterprise Github organization as well as a fully paid for AWS account that we can utilize and play around with.

The Google Form that is attached to this post is in Swedish, so I don't know how well that would work for you, so ignore that and just contact me directly in case you are interested in knowing more or taking part! My email is once again [email protected]

Link to application form The form closes 23:59 on December 2.

Register for food at the Mulled wine chapter meeting

Hello everyone!

At the Mulled wine chapter meeting we will be offering food, but to be able to do so we need to now who will attend. So if you wish to recieve food at the chapter meeting, register in the form below, no later than friday december 3rd.

dJulkalendern 2021 starts in one week!

Ho ho ho!

For those of you who check every day (like you should), you may already know that window -1 is open since 12:15 today!

Log in and solve window -1, so that you know how the system works.

Don't forget to read the rules.

Good luck! /Tomtefar

Extra period for nomination Glögg-SM

As the following posts do not have candidates for all open positions a new period for nomination has been opened until wednesday 1/12:

  • Vice accountant
  • Election Commitee Member (Calendar Year) (3)
  • Auditor (2)
  • Mulle/Mullerina Schmeck
  • International Student Coordinator
  • Ljud- och Ljusansvarig
  • Project Leader for D-Dagen

The latest acceptance date for these is monday 6/12.