Recruitment to Project Rewind will close soon

Hello Chapter!!

Do not miss that the recruitment for Project Rewind closes now on Monday 21/6. If you have any questions about Rewind or life in general, please contact us and we will be happy to answer.

Deadline for registering reciepts in cashflow

Hello chapter! There will be a deadline for registering spring expenses in cashflow. The deadline will be the 1:st of July. Before this day, the expense needs to be registered in cashflow. By "spring", we refer to all expenses that occured before the 1:st of June. However, you don't have to hand in physical reciepts before this deadline, this can be done during the autuum.

META will be closed for the summer. Therefore, the reciept folder will reside with the Vice tresurer. If you want to hand in your reciept during the summer, you can contact the Vice tresurer on [email protected] and book a time to hand it in. Some have previously experienced that you recieve an error when sending mails to this email. This is something we have been trying to solve. However, for the time being, this is nothing to worry about, since all emails are recieved anyway!

Recruiting for the GEEK project group!

Goood morning chapter!

I am now looking for people interested in joining the project group for GEEK. This would include some event planning and organisation, as well as possibly representing GEEK on the chapter fair or other events of that type.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

  • Amanda Hallstedt, Öfvermatrona

Apply to the project group for METAspexet 2022!

Hi chapter!

We are looking for people to create an amazing spex together with us for METAspexet 2022! Do you want to join? Apply in the form below (swedish)!

Spexiga hälsningar, Anja & Christian Direqteurer för METAspexet 2022

Hello exam stress!

EDITED: Manage to write the times in the wrong order, but now they're correct!

On Friday the Study board will have a meeting with the Computer Science responsibles for year 1-3 and we need your opinions! This week we're having some lunch (ish) meetings where you can join a zoom call and talk to your class representatives, or even discuss courses with your classmates. Times and zoom-links are:

Year 1, Thurs June 3 at 12.15-1.00 PM

Year 2, Tues June 1 (tomorrow) at 3.15-4.00 PM

Year 3, Tues June 1 (tomorrow) at 12.15-1.00 PM

If you can't join the scheduled time for your year but want to talk to us anyway, you can do so via questionnaires that have been sent out in various social media, or e-mail us directly either at ake-[year] or at [email protected]

Hope to see you there!

Login System Maintenance

The system behind is being upgraded by IOR in order to provide continued compatibility with the KTH-login system. The service may become unreachable while the upgrade is carried out. Maintenance should be finished by Tuesday at the latest.

Rectruiting for Project Rewind

Hello Chapter!

All that we have been waiting for is taking place this Fall.

Sometime after the reception, this will happen and then we need your help to make sure that it is as maxed out as possible. Right now we are looking for 5 brave fighters who are willing to show what Data can do. What we need is Finance, Events, Graphics, Social Media and Spons, but if you have something else to offer, we are open to it. More information about what the roles mean can be found in the form. Do not hesitate to contact us with the slightest question.

If you as a committee chairman or other cool person feel that you want to be involved in arranging an event, you are very welcome to contact us.

Do you feel that you want to be involved in making Rewind? Slide in the form below and apply!

Take care of you and see you in the Fall! ❤️ // Douglas & Lisa

Reminder about Extra-SM

Soon Extra-SM will begin, the start time is 14:00 and we are aiming to start as soon as possible. The agenda is very short and apart from the usual formalities there is only one motion regarding budget and operational plan for Project Pride 2021 to process.

The Zoom link can be found here

The meeting agenda can be found here

Study board meeting

Hello everybody! Today is the last lunch meeting of the year for the Study board, everyone is welcome to join. You can find us on Zoom at 12.15:

Tips for a lunch lecture from Jämlikhetsnämnden

Participate in an educational lecture on racism in the workplace and how to act when it does happen. The lecture will be held in English. Fanna Ndow Norrby is known from one of Sweden's biggest podcasts Raseriet, where she along with Amie Bramme Sey discuss topics around popular culture, relationships and racism. You don't want to miss this. There is a limited number of places at the lecture! Confirmation that you've got a place will arrive via email at latest the day before. Where: On zoom When: 20 May at 12:10-13:00 How: Sign up through the link below and we'll send a confirmation via email. Sign-up:

Study board meeting

Today at lunch (12:15) the Study board is meeting, welcome!

Reminder to fill in interestform for dOsq participation

Hi again the best chapter !! Do not forget that registration of interest for dOsq's participation during the Reception 2021 is open! 🎉🙌 Deadline to fill it in is on 27/5

All computer scientists who are not part of the reception staff, but who are more than happy to help with the reception in any way, are warmly welcome to sign up in the form below! We need extras, exam guards, tagged partyers, pre-party fixers and more! It's so much fun, fill it in 😍

If you have any questions, just write to George Bassilious or Melvin Lundqvist

Click on the form now , more info is there! / Titel21❤️

THS Well-Being survey

Today most of you received an e-mail from THS about students well-being. I post it here in hopes that more will see it.

Election Documents - Election Chapter Meeting 2021

The election documents for the Election Chapter Meeting are now available, they can be found here:

Extended election period for some elections

The election period has been extended for the following elections, since there were no candidates:

  • Datas art Director
  • Leader of the Sport Club

The new deadlines for nominating and accepting are: the 10th of may and the 17th of may.

Nominate at now!

Voting in the Student Union Council (Kårfullmäktige) election has begun

Voting in the Student Union Council election has begun! It's time to choose who will be speaking for you in THS:s legislative assembly during the 2021/2022 session.

You can vote by logging into your THS account at and navigating to the "Surveys" tab. Remeber that you noly have one vote, so choose wisely!

Voting ends on May 10th.

Study board meeting

Today's lunch meeting is on this link: Welcome!

Free talks with a psychologist through Mindler

THS offer to all students at KTH to use Mindler to get upp to 5 talks with a psychologist. You are not requiered to be a member of THS to use the offer. You just need to be a student at KTH.

Mindler is offered as an alternative that all students can use to get support. You can book a time within 24h.

For instructions and more information about how you as a student use the service go to this link: Worth noting is that you need a code to get the talk for free, this will be sent to all students today(29 of april) through KTHs news letter that is sent to all students. If you do not find the email you can contact Ävelin at [email protected] to get the code.

Application to Student Union Council extended deadline

Hello chapter! I just want to announce that the deadline for running for the Union Council has been extended to April 27th. So if you forgot to apply before, this is the perfect opportunity to do it!

Login service disruption has been resolved

All systems should be operational again.

If you happen to run into one that is not, please contact IOR via email ([email protected]) or through Slack (

Login service disruption

IOR is investigating a disruption in our integration with KTH:s login service on several of our webapps.

The affected systems redirect to a KTH error page upon attempted login. We have a fairly good idea what the underlying cause is, and are working on a fix.

Additional election for project leaders - Election Chapter Meeting

Some reoccuring projects within the chapther has now been opened, meaning that some additional elections has been opened for the project leaders for the following projects:

  • METAspexet
  • dÅre
  • Studs
  • Vårbalen
  • dJulkalendern

Go to and nominate now!

Apply for Project Group for Project Pride!🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

Hi everyone!

My name is Grace and I'm Project Leader for Project Pride.

Project Pride is the Computer Science chapters presence at the Pride festival, where we arrange a truck for the parade, DJ, beverages, and more! It's a far out party where we from the chapter can celebrate Pride and have a really good time together. 🎉😍

In order for us to do put together the most maxed out event possible we need a group of excited computer science students that wants to join the project group.

Areas of responsibility can include getting props for the truck, contact outside parties (DJ, other chapters, etc), and more! 🤯🤩

If this is something that sounds interesting to you you can apply to the project group by filling this out:

This is going to be so much fun so APPLY! ❤️

Application to Union Council

The election to the THS union council has opened! This means that you can now run for a member and deputy for the Computer Science chapter. Last year, CS had 3 member positions and 3 deputy positions, we will probably get around the same amount of seats in KF this year.

As a KF member, you represent the chapter at these KF meetings. As a deputy, you attend KF meetings if any regular member can not participate then.

The union council is in summary like the a Chapter metting but at THS level. The union council is THS highest decision-making body, and therefore decides on matters concerning both THS and the chapter's operations. The positions of members and deputies are therefore important positions of responsibility to fill, we want to be able to have a voice in decisions that may affect us as a chapter.

You can apply by going to and then clicking on "my page". There is a box there called "candidacy". Alternatively, you can click here.

The application deadline is on April 25:th at 23:59. Go on and apply!

Extra help for the reception

Hello Everybody! Registration of interest for members' participation during the Reception 2021 is now open! 🎉🙌 All computer scientists who are not part of the reception staff, but who are more than happy to help with the reception in any way, are warmly welcome to register in the form below! We need extras, exam guards, tagged dancers, pre-party fixers and more! If you have any questions, just write to [email protected]

Click on the form, more info is there!

/ Title21❤️