apply to dbuggen !!!

Do you want to write an exposé about the chapter's board while sipping on a glass of whiskey an evening at a pub? Why not an alcohol free beer with a revealing scoop about the chapter clubs? Finding the tastiest semlor of Stockholm? Apply to dbuggen to contribute to a hiiigh level of investigative journalism.

Sale of new belts

Hello chapter! Prylmångleriet will start selling the computer science chapter belts on Friday. We've also gotten more sizes of our jerseys. We will be outside Meta from 12:15 to 1:30pm.

Food for Extra-SM

Hello Chapter! It is now possible to register for getting food on the Extra Chapter meeting on the following link

Competition - Ticket to dJubileumsbanquetten

Hello chapter!

dJubileet is hosting a competition where you can win a free ticket to the dJubileumsbanquette. More info in the links below.

Facebook Instagram

First year CS master's student? We want your opinion on the fall courses

Hello Chapter! The Study Board is looking for feedback on the fall courses in the first year of the Computer Science master. We're having a meeting with the leadership of the program soon, and would love to hear your opinions on the courses so we can improve the courses and the program.

We have created a google form which you can find here.

Recruitment for Project Pride!

Hello Computer Science students! Do YOU want to partake in arranging pride events and a float for Stockholm Pride? 🌈In that case, recruitment is now open for Project Pride ✨🌱

The application form will close on the 8:th of February and interviews will be carried out continously!

Survey regarding the EECS Educational Office's availability and information

Hi Chapter!

The Educational Office at the EECS school has tasked the Chapter Board to find out how the chapter feels about their availability and the flow of information before the next meeting.

It contains questions regarding appointment booking versus drop-in, whether you want digital alternatives to physical meetings and whether the programme web works well.

It would be appreciated if you could take a minute to answer this survey:

D-directorate via, Abhinav Sasikumar Board Member for Educational Issues

Apply to become master/international student representative at the Study Board!

Hello chapter!❤️

The studies have begun for period 3 and we now need master representatives as well as international student representatives who are dedicated to evaluating and improving the computer science program. Being a master/international student representative means that you represent your master/international student group, both at the Study Board's meetings (a half-hour lunch meeting every two weeks) and when we go to link meetings.

"What is a link meeting?", you are probably wondering. Link meetings are meetings that take place once per term, where the year representatives meet those responsible for the courses and the computer program as a whole. Where we have a huge chance to influence and improve our program!

Another important task for the representatives is to complain about courses, consume our fika budget and go to our Teambuildings!🤩

So, fill out the form and APPLY!

Lunch lecture with Etimo

Welcome to a lunch lecture with the consulting company Etimo! Come and listen as Philip and Björn from Etimo talk more about the topic "What does it mean to be a consultant". 🤩🤩🤩

Etimo also offers lunch! 🥳 There is a limited number of places and first come, first served. sign up here:

When: 31th january 12.15 Where: V1

More about the lecture: "What does it mean to be a consultant" Etimo is a family consulting company with a strong focus on employees, knowledge and work for a better world. On January 31st, Philip Forsberg and Björn Wahlberg from Etimo will visit to talk about what it means to be a consultant. They will outline what types of assignments there are, what is expected of a consultant, what support you get from your colleagues and how the consultant role differs from employment at a product company. Etimo works to develop customized digital web and cloud solutions for its customers, which are everything from large companies to start-ups. Etimo is passionate about technology, customer value and societal benefit, 10% of Etimo's time always goes to skills development. Two days every other month, Etimo has internal code days where they code open source together and socialize with colleagues, every Friday they meet in the office to exchange experiences and learn from each other. You are warmly welcome to listen in and meet Etimo!

Important message to the Chapter

Hello everyone!

Here’s some important information from the board.


The board is currently understaffed and it will be difficult for us to keep up with all the work. Please be well in advance with items you need help with.

The extra chapter meeting is on the 9th of February and a number of important items will be dealt with, including a major budget revision.

The chapter would like to have “frackband”. Send your suggestions to [email protected].

Few people on the board

The first thing is that at the time of writing we have four vacancies on the Board (Secretary, Vice treasurer, Board member for student social affairs and Board member forsStudent environment and equality).

This means that the board may have longer response times than usual and that we will not be able to focus on the issues normally dealt with by the vacant posts. Another consequence is that less will be done on other fronts as the rest of the board needs to take up the slack. So please be out in good time if you have matters that need to be dealt with.


We will have an extra chapter meeting on the 9th of February where important motions and a major budget revision will be dealt with.

The motions that will be dealt with are

  • Motion to review the acoustics of META
  • Motion regarding CPR training for elected officials and chapter members
  • Motion regarding the election process for members of the Union Council
  • Motion regarding budget for Blums

Elections for many important positions will be held at the Extra-SM. In addition to the Board vacancies, elections will be held for several important positions,

  • Programme responsible student
  • Auditor
  • Student Safety Officer
  • Speaker.

As this is an extra chapter meeting, no other motions will be considered. Notice will be sent separately.


During the Glögg-SM, “frackband” for the Section came up as another issue. There were various options presented during the Glögg-SM but none of the proposals were preferred by the CM.

“Frackband” are mainly used when representing the chapter in external contexts. Therefore, the design should be in accordance with our graphic profile.

Please send your suggestions to [email protected].

Become a substitute at Studs!

Hello Chapter!

Are you interested in attending exciting business events, finding summer jobs or a place to write your master’s thesis, or generally curious about work life? Then we strongly recommend registering as a substitute for Studs 2023! There are usually a few members of Studs who are unable to attend an event, which can provide you the opportunity of going in their stead! In addition to getting to know the company and their offices, each event offers fun activities, tasty food and refreshing beverages! You can also upload your CV so that the companies whose events you attend more easily can contact you regarding summer jobs, master’s thesis opportunities, employment etc!

The registration is not binding and is open throughout the spring term, so what are you waiting for? Register now at ! (But the later you register the more events you risk missing ;) )

First prylis-sale of the year

Hi everyone! Prylmångleriet will hold its first sale of the year this Friday. We will be outside META during lunch.

D-22: The D-22 (class enrolling in 2022) patch will be sold.

METAspexet: New patches and stickers will be sold. Overalls: Message me if you want to reserve overalls.


Email: [email protected]

FIlling elections Extra-SM

Good continuation, chapter!

After a spectacular amount of acceptances last SM we still have a few vacant posts. Since Extra-SM is on the horizon the Election Committee found it appropriate to open nominations for the following posts:

  • Board member for study environment and equal treatment (d-SOL)
  • Programme responsible student (PAS)
  • Statutory auditor
  • Speaker
  • Quapellmaster (project leader for the preservation of Metaspexets music)
  • Vice Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Student Ombudsman (SSO)

Nominate someone you know, someone you're sitting next to, or maybe in front of on now!!!

Have a whaley pleasant day, Chair of the Election Committee

Complaint Lodge with the Study Board and Equality Committee

Hi chapter ❤️!

The exam period is upon us and that means that we soon have link meetings with SVL and program responsible faculty.

We in the Study board🦉and Equality Committe 🏳️‍🌈 are therefore inviting you to a Complaint Lodge to gather opinions!

Come and complain about courses, talk about the study environment or discuss equality!

There will of course be Fika!

When? Thursday (12/1) during lunch (12-13)

Where? In META

Is there fika? Of course there is!

Discord event:


In accordance with our statutes §4.4 Brådskande ärenden and §4.8 D-rektiv I hereby issue a D-rektiv.

The D-rective reads as follows:

Life can feel monotonous sometimes, dare to try new things. Worst case scenario is that you're more satisfied with your previous existance.

It has been a great year with many advancements, we've had a year without restrictions, the spring ball finally got arranged after being cancelled two years in a row, we've had the biggest D-Dagen ever, an epic reception, fantastic educational monitoring and good progress on external relations. There's a lot more, the Chapter is evolving rapidly.

Thanks to everyone that has made the Chapter to what it is during 2022! I would also like to dedicate a special thanks to all the officials of The Chapter that have evolved and worked for Konglig Datasektionen during 2022, the pleasure of working for and with you has been on my side. Finally i wish all the Officials a good 2023, I know that you're capable of great deeds.

See you on the roads/in the tracks/hills — David Puustinen, Chairperson 2022

Public vote about forum channels and ping-roles

Today, we bring two very important votes related to our official Discord server, Konglig Datasektionen. We would greatly appreciate your voice in the matter.

If you are not already a member on the Discordserver, you can join it through:

🗳️ 1. Course Channels: Forum vs Text

Do you think we should stick with our current course channels or switch back to normal plain text channels?

Vote here:

We will implement the winning solution during the Christmas break.

🗳️ 2. Ping-roles and notifications

Do you feel you get pinged to much on this server? Do you feel adding ping-roles would cripple the chapter's ability to reach its students?

Vote on the issue of implementing ping-roles here:

Educational news 📰

Hi Chapter!

We are now approaching the end of the year and the Study Board would like to inform you about what has been going on and what will happen in the near future.

Below are some of the most important points:

  • From tomorrow (15th December) the schedule will require login to view details
  • Anders Söderholm has been installed as the new President of KTH

Click here to read more.

We in the Study Board wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year! 💙

Location of day 3 of the Mulled Wine Chapter Meeting

Hello chapter!

We've now been given a location for the third day of the chapter meeting. We will be in D1 once again (today, on Tuesday the 6th of December).

Applications open for D-Dagen project team

Applications for D-Dagens project team are open!

D-Dagen 2022 is over and the time for planning D-Dagen 2023 is now, since it will be bigger and more awesome than ever! We need a good team to help us plan and createe D-Dagen. Everyone who fills the form will be called to an interview with us, and we'll hold interviews up until New Year's.

You can find a description of all roles we're searching for on

oxo ❤️ Johan and Axel, (probably) DDA 2023

Extra recruitment for METAspexet 2023

Hello Chapter! Due to late defections we are now opening up for extra recruitment for Dekåren (the scenery and props group) and Kostym (the costume group) in METAspexet 2023. Apply at The last day to apply is 23:59 on Friday next week, December 9th!

Submitted changes for the Mulled Wine Chapter Meeting

Hello chapter!

The has been some changes submitted to some motions and propositions. To give everyone more time to read through them, we will publicize them now.

They cna be found on this link:

The agenda can be found here:

Tomorrow(29/11) is the last day to apply to Titel23

Hellooooo best CS Chapter!!

In case you missed it, I just wanted to say that there is ONE day left to apply for Reception's management group 2023, i.e. 🎉🎉 TITEL 23 🎉🎉!

You can search here: (Application closes on 29/11)

Apply!! TITEL is among the funniest and most educational here on the section! I can say that my 2 years have been very rewarding and worth the work! 🤩 If you are in doubt or wondering about something, just write to me or Luciano Zapata, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have! ❤️❤️

Updated election documents

Updated election documents can now be found here:

Whaley welcome, The Election Committee

Changed location for the Mulled Wine Chapter Meeting

Since a lot of people has registered for paticipating in the Mulled Wine Chapter Meeting, a new location has been booked for the occation.

The fist day of the Mulled Wine Chapter Meeting (28/11) will be held in D1.

More information regarding the chapter meeting can be found at

Urn times

Hey Chapter!

After questions I thought it a good idea to post the availability of the urn in META for the urn election :

  • Thursday 24/11 11-13
  • Friday 25/11 12-13
  • Saturday 26/11 12-13
  • Sunday 27/11 12-13
  • Monday 28/11 12-17

Note that the urn may be available other times in addition to these, but these are guaranteed times you will be able to vote.

The candidate presentations can be found at and the Election Committee's opinions can be found in the election documents here: