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Kvällsevent med Polisens IT
Piffa upp gamla trasiga kläder- Groda och Tag Monkeys
Extra-SM #1 (Sommar-VM)

The Totalitarian dbuggen is now available for sale

The Totalitarian dbuggen, the chapter's magazine dbuggen for Period 3, is now available for sale at Prylmångeleriet starting today. It will be published online at dbu.gg in a few days, but if you want to read it now, you can buy it in physical form.

Brand new exclusive patch!!

Two weeks ago we started selling the new Cerise Starships label (Designer: Nathalie Johanna Antoinette van de Werken), and there are a couple of them left. Today we start selling another brand new, exclusive patch! Come to the sale in/by META during lunch to see it...

Sewing Circle!

Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means it is the weekly sewing circle! There will also be new super pretty swing kits to buy during the evening! So pack your Overall, frack or whatever, your sew-ster will be in in Meta from 18.00

Tickets to METAspexet out!

Hello there, chapter!

Last wednesday the spex released tickets for this year's show Gangstrigaste Gangstern, eller Mord, Rätt och Dårar performing May 24-26th. This year's show will provide an awesome experience filled with action, drama and intrigue. It will of course also be funny.

More information and tickets at biljetter.metaspexet.se

Open Groda-meeting today 15-17!

Hello! Remember the open meeting with Projekt Groda today? Come and have some fika and talk sustainability and climate wit us! You'll have the chance to hear what we've been up to and bring all your own ideas, complaints and thoughts. Come it'll be fun!

The location is D33 and time is 15(.15)-17 There will be fika!

The PPP-patches have arrived!

Hello [EVERYBODY WHO ATTENDED PPP]! The patches for the sitting arrived late, which no one informed about - BUT a patch was included with the sitting ticket (yippie), and they have finally arrived!

We (Lovisa and maybe more DKM-are) will sit in META between 12.00-13.00 on Tuesday 23/4for those who want to come get their patch!

NOTE: Only those who attended/paid their PPP-ticket will get a patch!

Thanks <3

VPR-event and tickets!

Hiiii! The ticket release for VPR will be outside of META during lunch Thursday (18/4)! Don't miss it!

This year MKM is in charge of the pub so for practical questions please refer to them!❤


Now that a person / a thing / a phenomenon / something else that you think is a good example of qulture of 2023 has been chosen, the patches will start selling tomorrow (Wednesday) during lunch!!! (in META, as usual)

The Qulturmärkning closes tonight!

This is your last reminder to vote in the Qulturmärkningen of 2023 before it closes at 17:59. Link is here: https://dsekt.se/-hxp. A list of all chapter members who did not vote will be put up in META. The sale tonight has unfortunately been canceled because our supplier says they can't produce and deliver the patches in one minute. We have told them that they will deliver the patches before tomorrows sale :) So come to META tomorrow to buy ~~Jens Falk~~ the winning patch!

Ticket release for AW with MPYA

Today, at 16:00, in the Facebook event http://nlg.bz/MPYA, we release the tickets to the School's Out for Summer AW, exclusively for Computer Science and Media Technology students from KTH and LiU! 🌴☀️

Sit tight at your computers - the tickets will go fast!

Computer transportation for CCLAN!

CCLAN is now on friday! But does hope seem bleak being able to bring your entire gaming setup? Fear not, we have now been able to arrange transportation of your computers to the LAN! If that sounds interesting you can just email [email protected] with the address you want the PC picked up on.

There are still spots left so if you haven't already, get your ticket at: https://cclan.se/


Do you want to have cool merch? Click here: https://dsekt.se/merch Do you not want cool merch? Click here: https://dsekt.se/merch

Open meeting with Groda!

Hey there chapter! It's time for Projekt Groda(our chapter's new sustainability projekt)'s first open meeting! This is your chance to discuss questions about environmental sustainability, at the Computer Science chapter, workshop ideas and more. Complaints regarding the chapter? Issues/questions you want us to look into? curious about our work? Tips to share? Come!

What: Open discussion/workshop/fika meeting with Projekt Groda! ***When: *** Monday 22/4, kl. 15.15-17 ***Where: *** Campus, exact location coming later

Sign up for food for the Summer-VM Chapter meeting!

Hello chapter! It is now possible to sign up for getting food at the Summer-VM on Thursday May 2nd. You'll find the form on this url: https://dsekt.se/smmat

Last day to sign up is Thursday April 24th 23:59.

Patch sale with a brand new patch!!!

"A new patch? Which one?" Come to the sale tomorrow lunch outside META and see for yourself! There's only 100 copies...

sewing circle!! |

Why having amazing patches if they are hidden away in a drawer at home? Come and sew them on your ovverall instead!

Your Sew-ster (sewing circle responsible) will be in Meta from 18.00 today, come and join her :3


Hello chapter!! ✨

Do YOU want to join in organizing super fun pride events and putting together a float for Stockholm Pride? 🌈 Well, you're in luck because Project Pride is NOW looking for people to join the project team!!! 🤩

https://dsekt.se/pride24 https://dsekt.se/pride24 https://dsekt.se/pride24 https://dsekt.se/pride24 https://dsekt.se/pride24

Application closes on 19/4 and interviews are ongoing!! See you there!!! 😎😜😻🫡🥳

Qulturmärkningen 2023

Omg, the time is now! Go and vote on the most qultural event of the year 2023! VOTE NOW!!!

https://dsekt.se/-hxp https://dsekt.se/-hxp https://dsekt.se/-hxp https://dsekt.se/-hxp

btw congratulations to Jens Falk, it's his birthday today!

Archery with the Sports Club - Registration

Greetings, Brave Archers! 🏹✨

Prepare to embark on an exhilarating archery adventure! Save the date for Sunday, April 21st, starting at 11:30 AM until 2 PM 😊

Join us for an exciting morning of archery action. Whether you're a seasoned archer or simply curious to try your hand at this ancient sport - this event promises an unforgettable experience!

Before you take aim, kindly register using the form below (please note that there are only 20 spots available). It's quick, effortless, and absolutely free, so why not seize the chance to immerse yourself in the world of archery?

See you on the range! 🎯🏹🌟

Link to form: https://dsekt.se/-x_5

New starttime for dJubileets afterparty

Hello everybody!

If you missed it, dJubileet will be hosting an afterparty this Friday where EVERYONE in the section is welcome. This will take place on the 5th of April, so it's a perfect opportunity to celebrate that the re-examination period is finally over!

Important information for everyone attending is that the start time for the afterparty has been moved to 20:30. This means you have an extra hour to gather all the prestigious patches of dJubileet.

Get ready for the afterparty!

No Wednesday pub~

There will not be a wednesday pub today, there will however be a sitting this weekend with CLW and with post-sitting-pub (what's it called ???) where computer science and media tech students are welcome!

Survey: Climate anxiety or climate hope?

Hej chapter, how are you?

Projekt Groda wants to help and inspire you to a more sustainable life, but also give some hope when the climate news look dark. But first we need help! How much do you feel like you know? What do you think about these questions? How is you climate anxiety?

**We made a simple survey,** (currently only available in swedish :( ) to check in on how chapter members feel, and would be veeerry thankful for answers! 🙏🙏🙏

Thank you in advance! 🐸💚 **Answer me**

sewing circle!!

Take a break from the studies or relax after a re-exam! Come to META later today, our sewing circle responsible will be there from 18 o clock :3

Ticket release date for the EECS-gasque

As you hopefully know, our wonderful chapter belongs to the almost equally wonder School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)! Long ago, the four chapters belonging to EECS coordinated gasques in harmoni and blablabla... you know where I'm going with this: there will be an EECS-gasque!!! 🥳 🥳

The ticket release will be on Thursdag, the 11th of April at 19:00. in META (and Tolvan... and Kistan for that matter...) you can find the tickets on Tessera. The gasque itself will start 18:00 in Nya matsalen in Nymble on Tuesday the 7th of May.

Elections at Summer-SM (Extra-SM #1)

Dea chapter! It is time for Sommar-VM, one of two major annual elections, where we will vote on who gets what responisibility next year. There are plenty of seats that need to be filled so please run for a post or nominate a friend to something!

Visit val.datasektionen.se and engage in the democratic process!

Final nominations are at 2024-04-11 23:59, and final acceptance of for candidates are at 2024-04-18 23:59.

See you there // Valberedningen