The Business Relations Group

Do you want to come in contact with computer science students? The Computer Science Chapter's Business Relations Group actively works for an increased cooperation beetween computer science students and the industry. We will help you arrange events in order for students to come in contact with your company and to give them a glimpse of their future working life.

We offer many ways for you to contact students: lunch lectures, advertisment, using the Computer Science Chapter's job board, etc. We will also gladly discuss any new ideas with you. Looking for a more traditional approach? Take a look at our traditional events, listed below.

Please feel free to contact us within the Business Relations Group by mail or phone for more information.

Mail [email protected]


Take the chance to present your company at one of our popular Wednesday pubs, where many computer science students stay to eat and drink after their lectures. It is be a good opportunity to mingle with students in a more relaxed enviroment as well as to present your company. A lecture can be held beforehand as well, if desired. We stand for staff and will help you with advertisement.

Lunch lecture

Lunch lectures are often very appreciated by students. You will hold a presentation during lunch (12:15-13:00) in front of around 100 students. Students will receive a simple lunch before the presentation, sponsored by you. The contents of the lecture is completely up to you and, if desired, the food too. You can, for instance, present your company, projects or trainee programmes.

A very good way to reach many computer science students is to advertise on our social media. Do you want to advertise on the Business Relations Group's Facebook page with over 1000 followers? Make an inquiry here! We also offer an advertising package including a facebook ad, an instagram post, an instagram story and a post in the computer science chapter’s jobs channel. If you want the advertising package, contact us here [email protected].

Looking to make computer science students happier while advertising your company at the same time? Sponsor the chapter with fun, usable or completely new stuff to make their day. The only limit is your imagination.