Programming practice with IOR

Hello! On Thursday (20/1), IOR will host a small programming contest/practice session. We have selected a few problems from kattis that could be solved with the techniques you have learned in DD1338.

The contest starts at 18:30 and ends at 20:00. You are welcome to join our zoom room if you want to know more about the contest or IOR. After the contest, we will have a brief presentation of the solutions to the problems for the interested.

Extra Chapter Meeting

Hello Chapter Members! On January 27th a chapter meeting will be heldremotely at 17:30. In case the meeting gets postponed,the meeting will be held remotely on February 2nd at 17:30.

During the chapter meeting motions regarding the purchase of a new car and the subsidy of dÅre, and a proposition regarding antigen tests will be dealt with. The second reading of the motion regardingurn-elections at Extra-SM will also take place. During the chapter meeting by-elections for Vice Treasurer, Secretary, Election Official and International Student Coordinator will be held.

The summons can be found here.

The agenda can be found here.

All chapter members arewelcome!

Songbook Gasque

Welcome to the one and only gasque by Prylmångleriet.

The gasque will be in META, 29/1 18:30. The main highlight during the gasque will be the Song writing competition during the gasque where you can write your own song or rewrite your favourite song's lyrics! Send these songs to [email protected] to participate.

You can also write during the gasque and perform your songs!

Bring your ovve and your old songbooks and let us sing together!

Last board game night of the year!

Standard board game tuesday! Come and play some games and have some fika!

Where? META

When? 17.17


On December 16th a DM will be held in Sektionsrummet in Nymble at 17:30.

All chapter members are welcome!

METAcraft grand opening


In two days, the Minecraft server of Konglig Datasektionen and Sektionen för Medieteknik will have its launch. On Friday 10th of December 19.00 the server will go live with a big creeper style BANG!

Wanna join the server? Join the whitelist here:

You can also join our home, the Qulturnämnden Discordserver:

See you on Friday!

New year skiftes

The D-directorate and D-fest proudly present ... New year skiftes!

Skiftes is a gasque and takes place at the end of each semester and is the event where newly elected d-officials can meet old d-officials and have fun together.

The theme is pirates of the bahamas.

Skiftes is for d-officials, but all chapter members are welcome.

INFORMATION Date: December 17th at 7pm. Dress code: ovve / b-frack. Pirate attire is also nice. Ticket release: December 8 at 18:30. The prices for tickets will be 80kr for without alcohol and 120kr for with alcohol There will be around 60 seats at the gasque

The link to the tickets will be published on the event's facebookpage

Board games with QN?

Standard board game tuesday! Come and play some games and have some fika! Where? META When? 17.17

Christmas themed art with Tag Monkeys!

Tag Monkeys is back! Yay!! Even better, there's an event this tuesday where we are going to make art to decorate META and make it beautiful in time for Christmas. Be there!

After party!

Hello chapter! Tonight after the sittning we will open the doors for the entire chapter, not just women and non binarys. Hope to see you there at the after party!

Lunch lecture with Depict

Welcome to an exiting lunch lecture with Depict! 🤩

If you are intrested in machine learning, e-commerce or startups in general, this will surely be intresting! The lecture will be held in L1 on the 6th of December and food and drinks will be provided 😋. You will need to sign up for a spot - first come, first served. Sign up here::

Time to get to know your candidates!

On Monday 29/11, please come and ask the candidates any questions you might have!

The event will take place on campusand in L1 .

KF-Fika before KF-02

Hello chapter! This tuesday the KF representatives for the CS chapter will host a KF-"Fika" where we will discuss the summons for the KF-Meeting the same evening.

You can find the actions at this link(In Swedish because of THS's official language is Swedish)

The fika will be hosted in the Mötesrum in meta between 12:15 and 13.

Are you interested in what's happening in the KF, do you just want to see the faces of the representatives or do you just want to say hello? Then just attend the upcoming fika this tuesday.

Board games!!!

Standard board game tuesday! Come and play some games and have some fika!

Where? META When? 17.17 23/11


Well hello there! 🧡 It's time for D-21 to create their very own year-badge. During the pub, students from D-21 will be able to vote for their favourite badge! More info can be found here.

VårBalken 2021

Hello chapter!

The autumn has been incredibly intense for many and I think we have deserved some relaxation.

On Saturday the 27th of November, we will once again arrange VårBalken, but this time with a total focus on chill. If you feel tagged on grilling, sauna and swimming (type ice weak) then just sign up.

DKM Presents: dJulmiddagen 2021

Ho ho ho! DKM presents dJulmiddagen 2021, a dinner to die for with the most amazing Christmas foods!

Tickets will be released on at 19 PM on the 24th of November.

· Where? >>> META!

· When? >>> 10e December 19:00

· Afterparty? >>> Of course! (open)

· Ticket price? >>> 170 :- with alcohol and 140:- for alcohol-free.

· Dresscode? Business casual (no ovve!)


On November 25th a DM will be held in Sektionsrummet at 17:30, in preparation for the Mulled Wine - Chapter Meeting. At the DM, the board will, among other things, respond to all the motions submitted for the Chapter Meeting, and review already made per capsulam-decisions.

The summons can be found here .

The agenda can be found here.

Complementary agenda can be found here.

All chapter members are welcome!

Mulled wine-CM

If you want food at the chapter meeting, register in this form

On December 7th a chapter meeting will be held in L1 at 17:30 with reserve date December 14th at 17:30 in L1. During the meeting we will elect officials for the coming year and handle motions. The meeting will also handle one change of the statutes.

The summons can be found here.

The agenda can be found here.

All chapter members are welcome!

Jam session with DEMON!

It's happening! This friday (19/11) we'll have a jam session at a place by Hötorget. We've got a slot between 7-9 pm, so come and play! Bring your instrument if you can carry it, there will be drums and keys already there (if more people want the same instrument you'll have to fight each other).

Please join our Slack if you plan to come, there will be more info there:

I'm thinking that while we're there we might also start trying to organise some future events. Checking who might be interested in something like that (but as usual you don't need to come on friday to be able to join stuff in the future, don't worry).

Motion writing session

On thursday november 18th the D-direcorate will host a motion writing session.

What is a motion writing session?

It is a an opportunity for you who want to write a motion for the upcoming mulled wine chapter meeting to talk through your ideas with the board.

Should I write a motion?

Thats a very good question! If you have an idea about something you think would make the chapter better then a motion might just be the tool you are looking for. So come on by and we can talk about it!

The motion writing session will take place in the chapter room in Nymble.

dJulkalendern 2021

Ho ho ho chapter members!

It is yet again time for Konglig Datasektionen's annual puzzle hunt/CTF competition to kick off! Do you have too much time to study? Exams to procrastinate for? Partial exams to ignore? Excellent! Come and compete for the title: "Best at Data!"!

The competition is held, as usual, at our webpage: To participate, you'll use your public GitHub-account to log in to the page. There, you'll find our FAQ, the rules of the competition, contact information for the dJul-team, as well as the competition itself!

Here is also a link to our discord channel, where you can ask the dJul-team questions regarding dJulkalendern!


Its time for dÅre-pub. At 8 PM on wednesday tickets will be dropped for dÅre on

The tickets typically get sold quicker than you can say "afterski"

Lunch lecture with Basalt

Welcome to a lunch lecture with Basalt about how to make an organisation secure from inner and outer threats. 🤩 Food and drinks will be provided! 😋 The lunch lecture will be held in L1 at 12.15 the 19th of November. Limited seats, sign up now at

Lunch lecture with EA

Time for lunch lecture with EA! 🕹🥳 If you are intrested in the gaming industry and want a free lunch while you're at it, you should come! Limited seats, sign up at