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Kvällsevent med Polisens IT
Piffa upp gamla trasiga kläder- Groda och Tag Monkeys
Extra-SM #1 (Sommar-VM)

Spice up boring tattered clothes! - Groda and Tag Monkeys

**Do you have boring or torn clothes? **How lucky that Projekt Groda in collaboration with Tag Monkeys will have its first-ever event, where you can spice up clothes with color and make your own punk badges to sew on!

What kind of event is it? 👕🎨🪡 Don't throw away clothes just because they're boring or torn, come and give them new life instead! Projekt Frog together with Tag Monkeys will have a cozy event where you can bring old or torn clothes to spruce them up! There will be the opportunity to paint and sew clothes 🪡 🎨 but also make your own punk badges to put on. And yes, of course there will be "fika"🍪🍩

But what is Project Frog? 🐸 In swedish it's called "Project Groda". It is a recently started sustainability initiative that aims to make the section greener. Our primary task is to review the section from a climate perspective, but we also want to make it easy for the section and for all of you to think more green.

**And what are Tag Monkeys? **🐒 Tag Monkeys is the Computer Section's craft committee that organizes fun craft events for everyone to attend. Sometimes they also hang out in META on Tuesdays together with QN.

What do you need to bring with you? Old, boring or torn clothes that you want fixed. And yourself of course

We are very much looking forward to seeing you there! 💚 Date: April 29, **Time: **18.00, Location: Meta

🎬 Movie Night during QN

This Tuesday (23/Apr) during QN the International Committee will be hosting an incredible movie night 🎥 starting at 17:30 in our beautiful Chapter Hall META!

There will be free snacks 🍪🍿 for everyone and plenty of fun — get ready for watching the amazing drama/thriller Hunger (2023) 👩‍🍳, which will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time and give your week the intensity it deserves! ⚡ You really don't want to miss this, so come join us and bring your friends too 🤝

Regular QN board games 🎲 will also be taking place simultaneously, so you should come in any case.

See you in META this Tuesday at 17:30! 🕔😎

Saturday Sports: Indiansmyg

Hello Chapter!

Every Saturday from 2 pm to 3 pm we have booked KTH Hallen for the rest of the semester. The idea is that we do some activity/sport for an hour. Everyone is welcome! The primary goal is having fun, not to play super competitively.

This week (Saturday 20th) we will play indiansmyg 🤾‍♂️🤾‍♀️ for 1 hour. The more the merrier so bring your friends too! 🎉👫

I will try to vary the sports in the following weeks. And please come with suggestions for what we can do!!!

All events are published in our sports group on Facebook.

Hope to see you there! 😊👋

Evening event with Polisens IT

Welcome to an evening event together with Police IT.

Get a unique insight into our business and hear some of our colleagues talk about how we work with AI, the technology in the police car and pentest. We also want to mingle with you and offer pizza.

When? Monday, April 29 at 16:45 Where? Police House Kungsholmen (Polhemsgatan 30)

Register here: http://nlg.bz/polisen

NOTE: Bring a valid ID document and note that the police station is a protected area.

More information: Approximately 1,300 civilian employees currently work at Police IT. Much of the work is done in close cooperation with the police officers. With us, you get a good insight into the police's activities and help make a difference for the whole of society. IT is crucial for the police to be able to do their job, and the authority is investing heavily in strengthening police IT with new specialist skills and the latest technology.

Whether you are a student, a recent graduate or at the beginning of your career, there are many opportunities to explore at Police IT. For example, you can do your thesis with us or join our popular trainee program that we run in collaboration with the Swedish Security Service. Get to know us better at https://polisen.se/IT

Sign up for our evening event on April 29 and we will tell you more. We look forward to meeting you!

Val-SM 2024 (Whale chapter meeting)

On Tuesday the 21th of May, the Val-SM will be held at 17:30 in D1 at Campus Valhallavägen.

The reserve time are Wednesday the 22nd of May.

The deadline for submitting motions is the 7th of May.

At the Chapter meeting, we will deal with the annual report and financial statements for 2023, the issue of discharge from liability for the D-directorate in 2023, motions and propositions.

The summon, agenda, and protocols can be found here

Rehearsal with Scala (the CS chapters choir!)

Did you miss our launch event last Thursday? Don't worry! We will continue to rehearse every Thursday for the rest of the term! 🎉🥳

We are located in V01 (not V1!!) at 18-20 on Thursdays. Everyone is warmly welcome! ❤️

On Thursday, we will work a little more with voices, and learn the nice version of Punchen kommer! 🥂 If you want to be one of those smug bastards who start singing voices at a gasque, this is the rehearsal for you! 😍

See you there! 🐩 ❤️


At 12:15, 2024-04-22 A PEP-DM will be held in Mötesrummet, META. At the DM, the board will, among other things, discuss the renaming of a projekt leader and the updating of PMs.

The summons can be found here

GUDAR first meeting

Hi @ChapterInfo!

Have you ever wondered what stupid things they were up to at the chapter 20 years ago? Or have you always wondered why Konglig Datasektionen is Konglig and not Kunglig? Then maybe you'd be interested in GUDAR (Gamla Uvar på Datasektionen med Anrika Redogörelser). It is the new committee for the Chapter's ancient history!

This Wednesday (17/4) 17.30 we have our first official meeting in E34! So if you have any historical mission you are eager to work with or if you're just interested then join us! The meeting will take somewhere around an hour so that we'll be able to make it for the ticket release for METAspexet 2024. Hope to see you there!

/Chapter Historian

AW with Mpya Digital

Welcome to an AW with Mpya Digital! 🥳

Mpya Digital invites Computer Science and Media Technology students from KTH and LiU for and AW at their office in Stockholm on May 16! 🤠

There are only a limited number of spots available, so make sure you're ready on April 16 at 16:00 when the sign up is made avaliable through the facebook event!

Bouldering & Climbing with Elektro/MedTek

Next Friday, 19/April, the International Committee 🌍 will be joining forces with the Electrical Engineering ⚡ and the Medical Technology 🩻 Chapters to bring you an awesome Bouldering & Climbing event, starting from 13h.

This is a unique opportunity to meet new friends from other Chapters 🤝 and have a fun afternoon 💃 regardless of your experience level 👶🧓.

Learn more and sign up here: https://dsekt.se/bce

See you there! ️️😎

Blodomloppet 11th of June

To attend, you must register at https://dsekt.se/blodomloppet

Fast Greetings Chapter!

The Chapter will again attend Blodomloppet this year, and the registration opens now.

Here’s a quickfire round of questions that might arise:

When is Blodomloppet? 11th of June

**What is Blodomloppet? **It is a Running Race located on Södra Djurgården that attracts many people.

There will be three classes available for signup:

  1. Running 10 km (starts at 17.30)
  2. Running 5 km (starts at 18.10)
  3. Walking 5 km (starts at 18.30)

More info at https://blodomloppet.se/vara-lopp/stockholm/.

**How much does it cost? **100 SEK or 60 SEK if you are a registered blood donor. The Chapter will pay a majority (240 SEK) of the registration fee.

**Why should I care? ** Movement is fun and healthy, independent of your reason for signing up. Whether it is attendance, beating your personal best or to compete against your best friends, Blodomloppet is a splendid opportunity.

When can I register? From now until the 19th of May

How do I register? Fill in this form, all further instructions are available there. https://dsekt.se/blodomloppet

Any Questions? Send Niklas or David a message in the META-Slack or send an email to [email protected]

What are you waiting for? The finish line is surely waiting for you!

Fast and light greetings; David Puustinen, the fastest person from the chapter’s Blodomloppet teams last year. Niklas Vatn, faster than David in every other race than Blodomloppet last year.

Programming evenings with the Information Organ

Hello D Chapter!

(Almost) every thursday from 17, The Information Organ (IOR) holds programming evenings open to the whole chapter. Tomorrow, thursday the 11:th of april, its time and we will be in E34!

What do you do on a programming evening? you might wonder. We implement new features and fix bugs in the chapters many web services and sometimes even create new ones!

That sounds really hard, I don't really know anything you might be thinking. Regardless of your skill level we can find something for you to do! Just come and we'll find something fun for you!

Throughout all of P4 until the exam period we will be in E34 except for week 16 (18 april) when we'll be in V21 and week 19 (9 may) when we'll be in V12.

Just drop in whenever if you're curious!

Fika is of course promised! If you haven't participated before, you're welcome to write to me on Discord or email ([email protected]) if you plan to come so we know how much to buy!

Saturday Sports: Badminton

Hello hello!

Every Saturday from 2 pm to 3 pm we have booked KTH Hallen for the rest of the semester. This week (Saturday 13th) we will play badminton. I will bring 8 rackets that you can borrow but we'll rent more if we don't have enough. We have four courts and we play for 2 hours.

I will try to vary the sports in the following weeks. And please come with suggestions for what we can do!!!

Everyone is welcome! The primary goal is having fun, not to play super competitively.

All events are published in our sports group on Facebook.

Hope to see you there 🙂

Lunch lecture with SAS

NLG invites you to a lunchtime lecture with SAS. As usual, there will be food and speeches from exciting guests! 💚🌯

Where? V1 When? 16/4 12:15

Read more about SAS below. ✈️

SAS is undergoing an extensive digital transformation as part of our overall SAS Forward program, delivering major improvement in customers’ experiences and driving financial benefits. This isn’t just an investment in Digital & IT, but a full business transformation to capitalize on the benefits such as new ways of working, competency shift and change of processes. We’ll discuss what the digital transformation journey looks like at SAS, how all of our IT resources can contribute to meaningful change within the organization and how we want to put competencies to use in the future.

Company Event with SEB

Join us for an inspirational event at SEB! Meet Sakura Orihara, Patrik Rundström, and Oskar Berggren, as they share their insights and experiences in the tech and finance industry. Discover the exciting world of mobile app development with Sakura, deep dive into the world of data science with Patrik and explore the journey of software development at SEB with Oskar. He will also share his experience from the tech program, which is how he kickstarted his career at SEB. After their presentations, you will also get the opportunity to network and mingle with us from SEB.

Food will be served!

Where? SEB's office (Stjärntorget 4, Solna) When? April 18, 17:15

Don't miss out – sing up now!

(NOTE all participants must bring a valid ID)


Saturday Sports: Dodgeball

Hello Chapter!

Every Saturday from 2 pm to 3 pm we have booked KTH Hallen for the rest of the semester. The idea is that we do some activity/sport for an hour. Everyone is welcome! The primary goal is having fun, not to play super competitively.

This week (Saturday 6th) we will play dodgeball 🤾‍♂️🤾‍♀️ for 1 hour. The more the merrier so bring your friends too! 🎉👫

I will try to vary the sports in the following weeks. And please come with suggestions for what we can do!!!

All events are published in our sports group on Facebook.

Hope to see you there! 😊👋

🇩🇪🍻 German Gasque 🍻🇩🇪

Everybody knows the Germans make awesome beer. 🍺 But did you know Germans also have great gasques? 🤔

Yes, you heard right, we are hosting our very own German Gasque here at KTH! 🥳

Some of the unique features of this gasque include: 👀

  • 3-course meal of authentic German food 🥨
  • 2 different kinds of German beer (cider available too, as well as alcohol-free alternatives) 🍻
  • Both 0.5L (replaces the regular “punsch”)
  • Includes one Weißbier (German wheat beer), with a tutorial on how to pour it properly 🎬😌
  • Includes one Helles (similar to Lager)
  • Unique Kneipe (German gasque-like events) culture dating back to the 1700s!
  • Including German and Latin songs 🎶 (some of which are the origins to Swedish student songs 🤯)
  • Toastmasters are a bit… different… (and with swords?? ⚔️🤨)
  • German games and activities 🏆
  • And much more! 😯


  • ❓ wHaT? - German Gasque 🇩🇪🍻
  • 📍 wHeRE? - META 🏠
  • 🗓️ whEn? - 12th of May, 18:00 🕕 ️️️️- 🤵 dReSs cODe? - Overall/B-frack, and/or something German 😎
  • 💰 pRicE? - 120/160kr (Alcohol free/Alcohol) 💸
  • 🤑 tiCkEtS? - Tessera 🎟️
  • 😑 wHy? - Read above 🙄⬆️ (🇩🇪🍻🥨🎬🎶🕺💃⚔️🏆😯😎)

Cross-Country LAN (CCLAN)

Rise up gamers, it’s time to gather for a grand LAN. Not only in the chapter, not only on KTH, THIS IS NATIONAL!

During the weekend with start Friday 19th April 18:00, and ending the night towards Sunday, multiple chapters from many university campuses across Sweden will arrange LAN’s at the same time with game tournaments and events between each campus. Participants in this huge event includes: Chalmers, LTH, UMU and LTU with their campuses in Luleå, Kiruna, Piteå and Skellefteå. KTH’s participation to CCLAN will take place in META, arranged by DESC here in the CS chapter.

Bring your computers and play games through the night, game on the Nintendo Switch, experience VR on the Meta Quest 2 and play board games! Participate in tournaments for Counter Strike, Smash, Minecraft & League of Legends or play whatever you want with others at the LAN.

Practical info Food and drinks (alcohol free) will be sold. Alcohol and drunkenness in META will not be allowed. As usual no nuts either, to respect those with nut allergies.

Bring and outlet extension cord and ethernet cable (3+m recommended). You’re not allowed to sleep in META but during the night between Friday and Saturday there will be places to sleep in Annexet in Nymble, so bring a sleeping bag too if you’ll be sleeping there.

To book a PC spot, register on https://cclan.se/account/login with your @kth.se address and then log in with your username (WITHOUT “@kth.se”). Finish the account at https://cclan.se/account/create and lastly click “buy ticket”. A spot at the LAN only costs 25 kr. With and account you can also create a team to join the tournaments: https://cclan.se/esports

+1 policy, so feel free to invite another KTH student!

Join the Discord server for CCLAN to keep yourself updated!: https://discord.gg/fjx9NNpuHU

For those with a FEST qualification, we are right now seeking a few people to watch over the LAN. Contact [email protected] if you’re interested.

Saturday Sports: Ball games

Hello hello!

Every Saturday from 2 pm to 3 pm we have booked KTH Hallen for the rest of the semester. The idea is that we do some activity/sport for an hour. Everyone is welcome! The primary goal is having fun, not to play super competitively.

This week (Saturday 30th) we will play ball games for 1 hour.

I will try to vary the sports in the following weeks. And please come with suggestions for what we can do!!!

All events are published in our sports group on Facebook.

Hope to see you there 🙂

Open rehearsal with Scala!

Are you curious about singing in a choir? 🎶 Or have you been singing since you were five and want to find somewhere to do that in the chapter? Your wait is finally over! 🎉

On 11 April at 6pm, Scala will have an open rehearsal where all chapter members can come and sing!

Scala is the CS chapter's very own choir, and we sing together at the level you are every Thursday! We usually rehearse a few songs each semester, and those who want to (a subset) also sometimes have performances.

The idea is that it is an opportunity to relax and think about something other than your studies for a while. No experience is required! You don't need to know your part, you don't need to be able to read music, you just need to have the will to sing together. ❤️

What will happen is first a warm-up, where we do some easy singing exercises, and then we divide into our parts to practice a song. If you don't know which part you are, you'll come with me and we'll find out. Then when we have rehearsed for a while, we gather again and sing the song together. If we have time, we take another song.

Then we will continue to rehearse every Thursday in roughly the same way. But please come on the 11th if you are new to get as good an introduction as possible.

The room we have this year is V01 (not V1, it's two different rooms!).

Hope to see you there! Toodles 🐩

tl:dr: Come and sing the 11th of april at 6pm in V01! Come on, it'll be fun!🥳🦜

Extra-SM #1 (Summer-VM)

At 17:30, 2024-05-02 Extra-SM #1 (Summer-VM) will be held in D1.

At the SM, we will process the chapters elections for P4 and eventual by-elections. We will not be processing motions or propositions at this meeting.

All chapter members are welcome!

The summons can be found here

dJubileet thank-you party - afterparty

The epic conclusion of dJubileet 2023 is here! Don't forget to mark Friday, April 5th on your calendar for a sensational party experience you won't soon forget.

Following the dJubileet thank-you dinner, there will be an open (and totally maxxxed) after-party where we open META to all members.

All dJubileet patches will be available, including the most exclusive of them all, Shiny Dratini.

Where?: META When?: Friday, April 5th at 9:30 PM Who?: Members of the Royal Computer Section and the Media Technology Section and +1s.

Drink Menu: Available at the bar Beer/Cider List: Available at the bar 𝗣𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗲𝘀 Beer/Cider: 18 kr+ Drinks/Shots: 35 kr+ Non-alcoholic: 10 kr+ Billys: 20 kr

Reminder: Super Smash Bros. Tournament Today

The Super Smash Bros tournament is today! Sign up is in Meta between 17:30 and 18:00! Show off your skills, or just play for the fun of it no matter how experienced you are! More info in our previous announcement: https://datasektionen.se/en/news/11333. Good luck!

Beer pong pub

Isn't it time to decide the most amazing beer pong player of all time? 🗿 We att DKM believe so and therefore, we will have a beer pong tournament that you guys are welcome to! 🎀🎀 The tournament will start at 18:00 and will be played in teams of two! Let'a goooo, this a pub tou don't want to miss.


Welcome to DKM's last and most crazy deluxe party for this school year together with CLW the 6th of April. The tickets will be released at thursday, the 21st of March, which is tomorrow. More info is in the facebook event.