Companypub: Qometpub with Qliro

The new decade can´t begin without a sponsored pub!! This time we will be visited by Qliro, a company that is on a mission to become the champion of digital consumer finance in the Nordics.

We will be visited by 10-15 of their developers who will be here to assist you and answer all your questions.

So come by and say hi to Qliro and hang out with your friends at the pub. It goes without saying that free food will be offered and barbongs!!.

Food ››››››››››››››› FREE (as long as it lasts) Beer & cider ››››››› 15 kr+ Drinks & shots ››››› 35 kr+ Non-alcoholic ›››››› 10 kr+

Photographs will be taken during this event, contact us on facebook if you don't want to be photographed or if you want us to delete a photo!

This pub is open for members of the Computer Science and Media chapters at KTH as well as their +1. Don't forget your ID and THS ID.

Lunch meeting with the Study Board

It's time for the first Study Board meeting of the decade. Today (24/1) in the meeting room in META. Come and discuss the Spring courses and complain about bad exam grading. There will be fika.

Game Night with QN

Ohoy! A bit of a short notice but tomorrow we'll have another boardgame night so come and try something new or play something familiar!

When? 17:17 21:st (tomorrow) Where? META

TENTAclePub with THS International

Need a legendary party to OCTOPI your Saturday night? TENTAcle Pub is BACK!😍🕺🏼💃🏼

The THS International Reception is hosting their amazing TENTAcle Pub, a huge, free KTH party open to everyone. Represent your chapter by wearing your overalls or tailcoats. Don’t have an overall yet? No worries! Come anyways and dance the night away with a sea of overall colors!

We will have two dance floors and a few bars open. Platoon DJs and Osquar Mutter will be there! Don’t forget to get an eight-legged hold on our TENTAcle Pub patch!

If you missed the Tenta Pub in January or if you want to party even more, this is the party for you! We hope to SEA you there!🌊

INFO 🐙 Price: FREE entrance! 🐙 Patches: 20 kr 🐙 Place: Nymble 🐙 Time: 20:00-01:00 🐙 Note: Bring your ID!

Win free coffee for 3 weeks with MPYA!

Next Wednesday the 22nd of January, Mpya Digital will draw 50 winners of a coffee thermos with free coffee at THS café until 14th of February. The Coffee lottery will take place in META at 12:30!


New decade, but DKM is back with the traditional huge old party in an indoor swimming poolhouse, with 3 bars, DJs, 15 bartenders, 2 pools and 1 water slide!!🏊‍♀️🤽‍♂️🐬🏝

If you haven´t partied in a swimming pool, this is a perfect opportunity for you to experience this awesome party! This party is open for everyone that is over 18!!

Entrance will cost 285 kr (including food) and one can buy barbongs which cost 100 kr each (worth 4 beer/ciders, 2 drinks or 8 alcohol free alternatives).

More info and ticket release will be released on 👉 The reserve list will be released 19:00 23/1 at

Musikhjälpen: KlubbiPubbi

This weeks pub is during the Musikhjälpen-week, which is a fundraiser arranged each year. This years theme is "Sex is not a weapon".

Last year our chapter dontated 11250 kr, can we beat that this year? the link to our moneybox will be posted soon and can be accessed from

"Stekar"-shifting gasque in the sun

It's finally time!

It's time for "skiftes"! A gasque that is arranged aound the time where the election are held at the Chapter Meeting. It's a gasque to celebrate the newly elected and those who have worked for the chapter during this school year. The gasque is open for all chapter memebers!

The gasque begins at 19.00 on friday, december the 6th. Come in you nicest ovve or "stekar" outfit.

The gasque is open for all chapter mebers. The alcoholfree-ticket is free and the alcohol-ticket cost 50kr.


Yo Gamers! NyMbLAN is gonna be hella! From friday the 17th to sunday the 19th we're gonna be gaming hard in Nymble! This year, DESC is helping out with the event, and it's gonna be amazing! We're gonna be playing like every game. Just bring your computer and a good mood and we'll have some fun! More info on the way! (Early-Bird ticket sales will begin soon!)

Christmas fika with META International

Come and enjoy some typical Swedish Christmas traditions with us! There will be glögg (wine with spices), pepparkakor (gingerbread cookies) and lussebullar (saffron buns). There will also be many activities such as:

❄️ Decorating gingerbreads ❄️ Christmas crafting ❄️ Swedish Christmas quiz

...and much more!

All data and media students are welcome but of course we are extra happy to see our international students of data and media.

You need to RSVP in the form (where you can also let us know about food preferences etc.).

A wintery welcome from META International

A Reasonable D-directorate Meeting

On December 9 a D-directorate Meeting will be held in E32 at 17:30.

At the DM, the board will, among other things, make a decision about the Cohabitation Agreement.

All chapter members are welcome!


You can find the summons here.

You can find the agenda here.

You can find the complementary agenda here.

Lunch meeting with the Study Board

The Study Board will have it's next meeting tomorrow 27/11 at 12 in the META meeting-room.

Lunch lecture with FOI!

Each present will have their own glass food box! 😍 They are also offering 120 thesis that you do not want to miss!

The Swedish Defence Research Agency, FOI, invites you to a technological journey that extends from the past, present and into the future. You will gain a little insight into the current and future challenges that society faces and how these challenges can be solved with exciting new technology.

DKM presents: dJuldinner

Tis' the season! Get your gifts all wrapped and come on down for a proper Christmas dinner. This year we will also have a patch!

Tickets can be bought this Monday 2/12 at 18:00, after which you'll receive a confirmation email with more info!

Tickets: Alcohol - 170 SEK No alcohol - 140 SEK

Stockholm Chaos & Resilience Engineering Day 2019

We are pleased to invite you to the Stockholm Chaos & Resilience Engineering Day 2019.

If you are interested in chaos engineering, system reliability and DevOps, welcome to join us on Dec 4th, 2019, at room M1, KTH main campus!

Main page:

Participation: Free registration via

Overview of the program:

  • Keynote: Russ Miles, CEO of ChaosIQ,

    From Being Wrong(TM) to A Superpower in One Step

  • Barry O’Reilly, the founder of Black Tulip Technology and creator of Antifragile Systems Design

    Decomposing for Chaos: resilience through flow-based architecture

  • Julien Bisconti, a site reliability engineer

    Chaos Engineering with A Service Mesh

  • Long Zhang, a Ph.D student in computer science at KTH

    Introduction to Royal Chaos

  • Markus Weninger, a teaching and research assistant at the Institute for System Software at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

    Analyzing Memory Errors in Production

  • Paris Carbone, open source committer at the Apache Foundation, senior computer scientist, the leader of the “Continuous Deep Analytics” group at RISE

Reliable Stream Processing at Scale with Apache Flink

Lunch Lecture with Friend Factory

Friend Factory is a Södermalm based startup that are building the world’s first mobile 3D creation platform. With Friend Factorys app FREVER you can make an animated version of yourself, or who you want to be, and start expressing yourself. Create music videos, stories or vlogs. Friend Factory is working with the latest technological tools within AR, Depth Camera, 3D rendering and Machine Learning. More info:

DKM-event: PPP

DKM and CLW is arranging a party called PPP. The dresscode is overall.

Price: 150 SEK with alcohol, 120 SEK without.

The tickets will be released in the linked Facebook event on Monday 18/11 18:00.

TM visits Fotografiska!

We're paying a visit to Fotografiska for all the incredible exhibitions currently on display! Primarily we will be looking at the exhibition "Homage to Humanity" by Jimmy Nelson, but there's probably plenty of other exhibitions on site as well.

Link to the exhibition:

Date: 26/11 Rendezvous: 5:01PM at META where we'll meet and proceed to Fotografiska together! ETA would be ~17:30. Price: 0kr.

You will be getting a confirmation before 24/11 23:59 if you've gotten your hands on a ticket. If you unfortunately didn't get one but still want to attend then you'll have to purchase a ticket privately for 135kr. First come first served!

Hackathon with Metricio

Metricio invites you to a hackathon the 9th of November in Meta!

Food and drinks will be provided.

Register on the linked Google form.

CS to DreamHack!

It's time for DESC to go to Dreamhack Winter 2019 (DHW19)!

This year we haven't received sponsored tickets from DreamHack, but instead we're subsidizing tickets by 50% for a lucky select few! For a chance to win these you need to enter the following form at the very latest during this sunday (2019-11-17):

Dreamhack opens at thursday 28th of November 12:00 and closes sunday 1st of December 20:00.

We will solve transport when we know how many are going.

The pack list includes your chapter overalls (if you have it), your computer and sleeping equipment/change of clothes (sleeping bag + sleeping mat + other good things to bring). The sleeping area is a large hall (think gymnasium) where everyone sleeps on the floor, so pack according to your own needs.

Get hyped!

A Potential D-directorate Meeting-before-Mulled Wine - Chapter Meeting

On November 18 a D-directorate Meeting will be held in E36 at 17:30, in preparation for the Mulled Wine - Chapter Meeting.

At the DM, the board will, among other things, respond to all the motions submitted for the Chapter Meeting as well as review an already made per capsulam-decision regarding presents for dOfficers.

All chapter members are welcome!


You can find the summons here.

You can find the agenda here.

You can find the complementary agenda here.



The signup for the METAdor teambuilding is now open.

LoL-finals viewing party with DESC

Yo, gamers! This sunday the League Of Legends 2019 finals match is between G2 and FunPlus Phoenix, and we're gonna watch it! The match kicks off att approximately 13.00, at which point we'll be in META. We'll make it through the games by consuming chips, soda and popcorn. Before the games start and after the games end, we might play some other games or just chill out. Just coming for the games is completely fine too. See you there!

Mulled Wine - Chapter Meeting

On November 28 the Mulled Wine - Chapter Meeting will be held in B1 at 17:30.

The reserve time is December 2 in B1 at 17:30. The deadline for submitting motions is on November 14 at 23:59.

At the chapter meeting, among other things, the election results for chapter chairperson, vice chapter chairperson, and treasurer will be presented, elections for multiple roles will be held and we will discuss propositions and motions.

All chapter members are welcome!


You can find the summons here.

You can find the agenda here.

META International meets the Study Board

Come and meet the Study Board! Talk about student rights, discuss bad lecturers and eat some nice fika. There will be a kahoot and some nice prizes!

When? November 25th, 17:00. Where? META Who? META International and the Study Board of the CS Chapter. Also you! (we hope)