First Prylmångleriet sale this term!


Prylmångleriet are returning this friday with a hot sale 12.15-13.00 outside of META. We'll be selling patches, spegat, stickers and sewing kits to start off. You just need to stop by! However, no overalls will be available for sale this week as they haven't arrived in Sweden yet.

If you're interested in hearing more about the club that holds these sales, we're having a meeting on Monday from 17-18.30 which we'll post more about on Facebook so check that out!

Baking event with DIS, the international committee and the baking committee

Hi everyone!

Guess what? I have an event coming up for you!! It will be a baking event 🍪 together with the international committee, the baking committee and the exchange student organization DIS.

If you are interested, just fill out the form! I will send an email to everyone that signed up with information about if you got a spot or not.

For more information, read the top of the form!


*** DO YOU KNOW A LOT OF THINGS?*** You're in luck! The pub this Wednesday is going to be filled to the brim with exiting quizzes about DKM and other cool things! 🤓😎

The quizzes will be complimented by the DKM pub signature of good food, tasty beverages, and good company! So come on by! 🤩

Motion writing workshop

Hello Chapter!

The Budget Chapter Meeting is upcomming, which might mean that some of you want to write some motions. If you want to get some support in this, wether it is for brainstorming idéas, or for formulating formal decicision, the chapter board will hold a small workshop in order to help.

This workshop will be held on the 26th of september from 17:30 to 19:30 in sektionsrummet in Nymble.


Hello Chapter!

On the 27:th of September a DM will be held in Sektionsrummet in Nymble at 17:30, in preparation for the Budget Chapter Meeting. At the DM the board will, among other things, answer all motions and discuss all propositions that has been sent in for the chapter meeting.

The complete summons can be found here.

The agenda can be found here.

The complementary aganda can be found here.

Action minutes can be found here.

Board games + Switch night!!!

17.17 on TUESDAY we'll play board games and Switch and have fika in META! Join us and meet new people and try out new games!!! (Old games also available)

Also join our Discord!

Budget Chapter Meeting

On the 10th of October, the Budget Chapter Meeting will be held at D1 at 17:30. The reserve date is the 11th of October at 17:30 på Campus Valhallavägen. Last date to submit motions is the 26th of September.

At the Chapter Meeting, all submitted motions will be discussed, as well as a few propositions. By-elections for a few posts will also be held.

All chapter members are Welcome!

Registration for food can be done here:

Nominations for elections can be done here

The Summons can be found [here](Kallesen går att hitta här.


𝘽𝘼𝘾𝙆 𝙏𝙊 𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝘿𝙆𝙈 DKM is back! 🚀

Which means it's finally time for the first pub of the semester and you don't want to miss it!! So be there or be square ☐☐☐🤩!

A Heidrundrande D-directorate Meeting

On the 20th of September a DM will be held in Sektionsrummet in Nymble at 17:30. At the DM the board will, among other things, rewiev a per-capsulam decision, a contract, as well as decide regarding some bank accesses.

Complete summons can be found here.

Agenda can be found here.

Complementary agenda can be found here.

Action minutes can be found here.

Discussion minutes can be found here.


Hello everyone!

It's almost time for the first DKM event of the year! Reclaim22 🤯😱💀

It's going to be a maxxed out event that you will seldom forget!

Tickets will drop at during the Cliffpub (7/9) at 20:00, so be ready!

More info can be found in the facebook event!

Q/A: 🔥 When?: 24/9 18:00 🔥 Where?: META 🔥 In what?: A stylish ovve 🔥 Price?: 120 kr for non-alcoholic, 150 kr for a ticket with alcohol 🔥 Why?: Why not?

Konglig Datasektionen at Stockholm Pride Parade

On the 6th of August, the Computer Science Chapter will participate at Stockholm Pride Parade 2022.

It's a great opportunity to dance for love, solidarity and everything that comes with it.

More info about the event and registration link can be found in the Facebook event! Hope to see you there ❤️

Konglig Datasektionen in Stockholm Pride Parade

On the 6th of August, the absolute highlight of the summer occurs - namely the Stockholm Pride Parade 2022! The Royal Data Section will of course participate in the parade with its own maxed out contribution, good drinks and snacks, incredible party atmosphere with thunderous music, and last but not least - A SOAP BUBBLE MACHINE. It is a great opportunity to show commitment and dance for love, community and all that goes with it.

🌈 ABOUT STOCKHOLM PRIDE PARADE The parade starts at 13:00 from City Hall (Stadshuset) and then winds its way through the whole of Stockholm at 4.5 km to Östermalm's IP. Pride Parade in Stockholm is Scandinavia's largest Pride Parade with about 50,000 participants and 500,000 in the audience.

🌈 DRESSCODE Come as you please. Maybe in the most colorful, glittery, summery or stylish outfit you have? If you want to represent the section, it goes super well with ovve.

🌈 COLLECTION PLACE / TIME TBA but somewhere at City Hall approx. 12:30. We will return with more info about the exact location and start number when the event is approaching.

🌈 REGISTRATION LINK The platform has room for about 100 people, but we at Project Pride would like to know approximately how many / who will fill these places. It's okay to bring outsiders. Sign up here:

TL; DR 🌈 WHAT? Pride parade with greasy soap bubble machine 🌈 WHEN? Saturday 6/8, gathering at 12:30 🌈 WHERE? Somewhere at City Hall, more info to come 🌈 HOW? Like yourself ❤ 🌈 REGISTRATION:

The last sale for this term and also the first sale of the brand-new songbooks

Hi guys!

Tomorrow we'll hold the sale for a bit longer and it will be possble to buy the new songbook, our shirt and sewing kits if you feel like you have enough patches in your collection.

If you participated in nOllegasquen for example during Mottagningen 2021 then it will also be possibility to get your patch from us.

Additionally if you pre-ordered the METAcraft-patch from QN then you can buy it from us tomorrow.

I hope to see you tomorrow <3.

International Qultural Movie Night

17.30 in META this Tuesday will be Qulturnämndens last event this spring! We will, together with the international Committees of Media and Comptuer Science, have a movie night!

Please check out this form in order to vote for the movie and let us know that you are coming!

See you there!

Equality Forum

Hello! KTH Equality Office is hosting the next installment of Equality Forum. It will unfortunately only be held in Swedish, so I will add the swedish information below.

Equality Forum 1 juni För första gången har svenska universitet och högskolor genomfört en gemensam och nationell enkät om hur vanligt det är med genusbaserad utsatthet och sexuella trakasserier inom akademin. Totalt har nästan 39 000 anställda, doktorander och studenter svarat. För att fånga genusbaserad utsatthet ur ett situationsbaserat perspektiv under en längre tid har elva frågor ställts som beskriver olika former av icke önskvärda sexuella beteenden. Här uppger totalt 38 procent av de svarande att de upplevt något av dessa beteenden minst en gång under sitt arbets-/studieliv. Med detta mått redovisar gruppen doktorander som är kvinnor högst andel utsatta, 53 procent. Enkäten innehöll, förutom frågor om förekomst av sexuella trakasserier, också frågor om organisatorisk och social arbetsmiljö, hälsa, utsatthet för mobbning, hat och hot. På Equality Forum 1 juni presenterar vicerektor Anna Wahl och lektor Åsa-Karin Engstrand ett utdrag ur KTH:s resultat. Presentationen ges på svenska kl. 10:00 – 11:00 på zoom och fram till 11:30 är zoomchatten öppen för frågor. Anmälan: Länk Den övergripande rapporten finns att läsa här: Länk

Mästarnas Mästarpub

The end of DKMs current mästare is approaching and what is then more fitting than a... MÄSTARNAS MÄSTAR PUB! 😍

Get ready for an eventful pub with lots of hangout and competitions.

Anyone who wants join the competitions can sign up in groups during the pub to compete for who is better than DKM's current mästare and be named Mästarnas Mästare!❤

NOTE! If you want to compete, be on time😎


City walk "Queera Stockholm"

Project Pride and the JN are organizing the city walk "Queera Stockholm" which is held by the Stadsmuseet. 🌈 "Queera Stockholm" is a walk about sexual politics and LGBTQ culture from the 19th century onwards, about how the modern city both made it possible and limited people's sexuality. We examine some of the places in the capital that are loaded with sexual expectations, opportunities and obstacles - from nightclubs, bathhouses and parks to private homes and supervised public toilets. The focus is on the history of LGBTQ people and we tell, among other things, about the fear of "gay leagues," drag queens, liberation demonstrations and the so-called "lesbian tangle" in 1943.

When: Monday 23/5 at 17:30 Where: Around Östermalm How: ABSOLUTELY FREE! The hike is about 1.5 hours and approx. 2 km long. There is a limited number of places! Computer scientists are given priority in the first place, but medians are welcome, if places are still available.

A Markoolio DM

On May 23rd a DM will be held in Radiorummet in Nymble at 17:30. On DM, the board will, among other things, review a PC-decision, as well as take a decision regarding a guest-membership.

All chapter members are welcome!

Summons can be found here.

Agenda can be found here.

Complementary agenda can be found here.

Summer bowling

Hi everyone!

Before summer arrives Kingpin feels its time to teach you all how to los... WIN at bowling. You are all invited to bowl on Tuesday the 24/5. Sign up via the form, and check out the facebook event for morm info :)

See you there!

Extra Chapter Meeting

On May 25th an Extra CM will be held in B3 at 17:30, where motions regarding budgets for dÅre 2023, Studs 2023 and Vårbalen 2023, as well as the postponed motion regarding Studio-Spex will be discussed. A proposition regarding outsourcing of accounting will also be discussed.

By-elections will also be held for the posts: Board member of Student Issues, Board Member of Educational Affairs, Chairsperson of the Education Committee, Tomtemor/-far, Chairperson of the Election Committee, Royal chief of halls, Project manager for Studs, and Song-responsible

Lastly a Second reading will be held for the propositions "The Doomsday of the Läsdag", "Kallelse till Kansliet" and "Framflyttande av kallelsedeadline".

Summons can be found here.

Agenda can be found here.

Action minutes can be found here.

Discussion minutes can be found here.

Discopub | DKM x Project Pride

Welcome to the disco pub with Project Pride and DKM!! 🌈🤩Travel back in time to a 70's disco with disco balls, vinyl records, fun glasses and great disco music.😎Show us your best disco moves on the dance floor! 🕺💃



QN and DESC invites you to the SICKEST Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament since 2018!!!

Tuesday 24 May starting 17:30 in META!

Everyone from the CS and Media chapters are welcome and every chapter member can also bring one additional external participant (+1)!

The tournament will be structured in a group stage followed by an elimination stage.

The ruleset for the matches themselves are the standard tournament ruleset

No DLC characters will be allowed!

Register your participation here

Feel free to come and watch (or play board games) if you don't want to play!

Städfesten 2022

After 2 years of waiting, it's finally time for the städfesten again!

städfesten is a gasque that METAdors usually holds to thank the people who helped keep META clean during the year. If you have cleaned META twice during the year during Monday cleaning or if you are a a part of the pubpersonel, you can go for free! (Except alcohol of course).

You can also come even if you have not cleaned twice but then have to pay full ticket price!

Theme: Pirates vs Ninjas! Date: Friday 27/5 Time: 18.30 Location: META Attire: Ovve or B-frack or both. Thematic attire is encouraged.

Note! If you have only cleaned once (or never), we will have two Mondays (9/5 and 16/5) where you can have the opportunity to clean a second time so that you too can go for free. If you only cleaned once when you fill this in but plan to clean a second time, choose the option that you have cleaned two times.

Sign up for the form below! :) Ticket link:

Event link:

After Ski - Skiftes

Welcome computer scientists to the half-year skiftes!

This gasque takes place at the end of each semester and is the event where new officials can meet old officials and have fun together. The theme is After Ski! The school year is coming to an end, and the board wants to celebrate the skiing season before it is forgotten.

Tickets for METAspexet, out now!!

The tickets for the shows for METAspexet are out now! Take your chance to see what your study mates have created and take part of one of the biggest projects of the chapter. It will be something that you will never forget!

Read more about the shows at the facebook event or get tickets using the link below!