Programming evenings with the Information Organ

Hello D Chapter!

(Almost) every thursday from 17, The Information Organ (IOR) holds programming evenings open to the whole chapter. Tomorrow, thursday the 11:th of april, its time and we will be in E34!

What do you do on a programming evening? you might wonder. We implement new features and fix bugs in the chapters many web services and sometimes even create new ones!

That sounds really hard, I don't really know anything you might be thinking. Regardless of your skill level we can find something for you to do! Just come and we'll find something fun for you!

Throughout all of P4 until the exam period we will be in E34 except for week 16 (18 april) when we'll be in V21 and week 19 (9 may) when we'll be in V12.

Just drop in whenever if you're curious!

Fika is of course promised! If you haven't participated before, you're welcome to write to me on Discord or email ( if you plan to come so we know how much to buy!