Open rehearsal with Scala!

Are you curious about singing in a choir? 🎶 Or have you been singing since you were five and want to find somewhere to do that in the chapter? Your wait is finally over! 🎉

On 11 April at 6pm, Scala will have an open rehearsal where all chapter members can come and sing!

Scala is the CS chapter's very own choir, and we sing together at the level you are every Thursday! We usually rehearse a few songs each semester, and those who want to (a subset) also sometimes have performances.

The idea is that it is an opportunity to relax and think about something other than your studies for a while. No experience is required! You don't need to know your part, you don't need to be able to read music, you just need to have the will to sing together. ❤️

What will happen is first a warm-up, where we do some easy singing exercises, and then we divide into our parts to practice a song. If you don't know which part you are, you'll come with me and we'll find out. Then when we have rehearsed for a while, we gather again and sing the song together. If we have time, we take another song.

Then we will continue to rehearse every Thursday in roughly the same way. But please come on the 11th if you are new to get as good an introduction as possible.

The room we have this year is V01 (not V1, it's two different rooms!).

Hope to see you there! Toodles 🐩

tl:dr: Come and sing the 11th of april at 6pm in V01! Come on, it'll be fun!🥳🦜