Blodomloppet 11th of June

To attend, you must register at

Fast Greetings Chapter!

The Chapter will again attend Blodomloppet this year, and the registration opens now.

Here’s a quickfire round of questions that might arise:

When is Blodomloppet? 11th of June

**What is Blodomloppet? **It is a Running Race located on Södra Djurgården that attracts many people.

There will be three classes available for signup:

  1. Running 10 km (starts at 17.30)
  2. Running 5 km (starts at 18.10)
  3. Walking 5 km (starts at 18.30)

More info at

**How much does it cost? **100 SEK or 60 SEK if you are a registered blood donor. The Chapter will pay a majority (240 SEK) of the registration fee.

**Why should I care? ** Movement is fun and healthy, independent of your reason for signing up. Whether it is attendance, beating your personal best or to compete against your best friends, Blodomloppet is a splendid opportunity.

When can I register? From now until the 19th of May

How do I register? Fill in this form, all further instructions are available there.

Any Questions? Send Niklas or David a message in the META-Slack or send an email to

What are you waiting for? The finish line is surely waiting for you!

Fast and light greetings; David Puustinen, the fastest person from the chapter’s Blodomloppet teams last year. Niklas Vatn, faster than David in every other race than Blodomloppet last year.