To book META

To book META please use the booking system at If you have any questions, please contact the chapter-house bosses by email, The email goes to both the representative from the Computer Science and Media chapter (but CS will most likely reply to you). You need to be a member of the chapter in order to book META. If you want to know all the rules, please ask in your email.

In the booking page you can choose to book META (the entire chapter hall) or the meeting room. When booking META, please specify whether or not you are going to serve alcohol (not necessary if you only book the meeting room).

In this year's cohabitation agreement it is stated (note that the text is translated):

More than three (3) repeated bookings for a time in the week may not occur, this to avoid overbooking of the meeting room. Exceptions apply to chapter boards, which may have a recurrent time of the week. Exceptions may also be granted by the local managers or issued in conjunction with booking META

This is interpreted as that you may not book a fourth time before the first three bookings are used. Note that this only applies to bookings at the same time (for example, Wednesday 10-12).

Computer science has a car!

To book the car, visit