Data Et Medias OrquesterNämnd (CS and Media's orchestra club). Lead by ÄrkeDEMON (Arch-DEMON). This is the club for everyone in the CS chapter or Me chapter who are interested in music in any way.


The chapter owns a few MIDI-synths, a digital drum set, an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, and a digital piano. Everything is free to borrow, so don't hesitate to try new stuff! Send an e-mail to if you want to borrow something.

Rehearsal space

We don't have a permanent rehearsal space, but we tend to jam every now and then in a space by Hötorget. It's very sporadic, as often as the ÄrkeDEMON (or anybody else for that matter) feels like organising it.

More info

Keep an eye on this website for news about when we jam or do other fun stuff. We also have a Slack. Ask the ÄrkeDEMON or somebody else who you think might be in it if you want to get an invite.