"The task of METAdorerna is to be responsible for the operation of the META chapter hall, Osquars backe 21"

We in METAdorerna work to ensure that chapter members have a pleasant place to go to for study and fellowship. We coordinate cleaning, new construction and maintenance.

META is also a party venue, so in cooperation with our barteams we make sure the beer coolers and the bass amp are working. It is also possible for chapter committees to book META for parties/activities.

Error reporting and improvement proposals

Do you have any comments about the premises, anything that could be improved or should be handled differently? For bug reports and improvements to META, please use the link in the sidebar.

Join METAdorerna

Would you like to participate yourself? Don't hesitate to email us!

Städskrii - Monday cleaning

We are the ones who hold the Monday cleanings in Meta during the year. We invite newcomers to help clean up and learn where everything is in the chapter hall and how the garbage disposal works. Everyone who helps clean 2 times gets to attend a lavish party at the end of the year. Cleaning takes place on Mondays starting at 5:17pm in the first-year-student groups and takes about an hour after school. If it is not convenient to clean at the allotted time, you can come by on another Monday or at one of the designated extra sessions towards the end of the term.

Internal Positions


Ultimately responsible for the premises and also chairman of METAdorerna.


Responsible for the cleaning-mondays and the thank-you party for those who have cleaned.

Flippermicke (Flipper-mike)

Responsible for taking care of and upgrading the Fliper and Arcade machines in META.


”Master At Expressing Stuff To Recievers Online”

Responsible for the spread of information regarding META / The METAdors online. Responsible for the facebook page of META, The METAdors etc.


”Master At Reparing Inventory Objects”

Responsible for repairing broken items and making sure things aren’t broken. This includes the microwave ovens.


”Master In Sweet Stuff”

Responsible for the soda refridgerator in META if such a machine should be there.


”Master of Inventory, Screws, Tools, Equipment & Resources”

Responsible for purchasing things for the chapter-house.


”Master In Supplying Tea and Yava”

Responsible for coffee and tea in META.


“Master of Board Admin”

Responsible for the notice-board in META. Keeps it tidy, clean and enforces the rules concerning posting notes on the board. Is also responsible for other informative notes about the chapter-house. This could be notes concerning META being closed on certain days or instructions for how different machines in META should be used.


”Master of Mötesrummets Stuff”

Responsible for "mötesrummet" i META.


Financially responsible for METAdorerna.


”Master of Parties & Punsch”

Responsible for The METAdors’ teambuilding events (both small and big) which take place about once a month.


”Master of Vegetation in Establishment”

Responsible for the plants in META.


”Master of Internal Storage TM”

Is responsible for the storage rooms in META.


”Master of Utilization, Catwalk & Krap Annihilation”

Responsible for keeping the catwalk clean. Also responsible for lost and found.


”Master of Magnifika Sötsaker”

Responsible for buying "fika" to METAdorerna.