Tag Monkeys

Tag Monkeys

Tag Monkeys is an open club dedicated to creating opportunities for people to be creative.


Events are held throughout the year, often at the same time as QNs events in META Tuesdays after 17. Events from the past include painting, perler beading, making Christmas decorations, photography walks, working with clay and pumpkin carving. The club is managed by Data's Art Director (DAD). If you have ideas for events, give them a poke! Information about up coming events can be found on the chapters website, META-tv or at Tag Monkeys Discord.

Join Tag Monkeys

Do you want to help TM make our chapter colourful? Join the Tag Monkeys Discord. Do you just want to hang out and be creative on events? No membership is needed, come join us whenever!

Tag Monkeys also has...

Slack: The slack channel #tagmonkeys in META-slacken Facebook: Tag Monkeys' Facebook page These are not used very often though...