Datasladden is the club which ensures that the chapter cars Cerise and Lusen stay on the road. The club is lead by Mulle/Mullerina Schmeck who is responsible for both the club and the cars.

The chapter car

The chapter car, or Cerise as it is known, is a Nissan NV300 which has been wrapped in the chapter's colours. It was bought in the spring of 2022 in Värmland and has served the chapter well since then. The previous Cerise broke down during the autumn of 2021 and was sold to a new owner.

The chapters electric car

The chapter has an electric car, called Lusen. Lusen is an electric Citroën. It was bought in the spring of 2024 in Stockholm and has served the chapter well since then.

What we do

Datasladden keeps track of the cars and the log book. The main duty is to keep the cars clean and in a good working order. If something were to happen, Datasladden will get it repaired and solved. There are a lot of other functionaries and clubs that use the cars so it is important for the cars to be serviceable.

Using the car

To use one of the cars you have to both contact Mulle/Mullerina Schmeck to receive instructions and book the car in the booking system at Important information about each car and how they are used is available in the respective Swedish car guide. Car guide for Cerise. Car guide for Lusen. After each journey you have to fill in the log book. Drive safe!