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Evening with BlackRock Engineering

KTH students, welcome to an evening with BlackRock Engineering!

Join BlackRock Engineering for an exclusive event at our Stockholm office on the 3rd of November to learn more about what it truly means to work at BlackRock.

Date & Time: 3rd November 18:00-21:00 Location: BlackRock Stockholm office Register here: https://blackrock.tal.net/vx/lang-en-GB/mobile-0/brand-3/candidate/so/pm/1/pl/2/opp/1942-KTH-BlackRock-Engineering/en-GB

Start-up meeting

The election committee got stuff to do so we should have a meeting.

"Gofika" is promised!


We are now done with recruiting new members. Come meet them this wednesday.

No food will be served.

Beer & cider from 20:- Booze from 35:- Non-alcoholic from 10:-

Music production day with DEMON in META!

DEMON are going to hang out in META and produce A LOT of music at Saturday the 5th of November, it's starts at 10:00. See you there! :)

QN plays: Tournament in Super Smash!

Tuesday, 11th october in META! Be there or be []

Launch meeting for the Equality Committee

JN (the Equality Committee) is launching! Come to the meeting if you have anything equalish to bring up, or if you want good coffee (no actual coffee supplied)!

What are the plans of JN? We'll decide during the meeting! Maybe for example:

  • Coffee? (Yes!)
  • Work for anonymous examinations?
  • Movie night with Qulturnämnden?
  • Arrange workshops?
  • Bigger equality events?

We don't know yet, so come influence us!

What does the Equality Committee do? It says on the home page (only in Swedish, though): http://datasektionen.se/namnder/jamlikhetsnamnden

Do you want to be the first to hear of our events in the future? Like us on Facebook!

Case Solving with Palantir Technolgies

The world is breaking. Come fix it! Palantir Technologies invites students to an case solving event in E31, October 13th 17:30. Snacks and swag will be provided. Due to limited space available, doors will close after the first 50 people enter the room.

Sports activity with Computer Science

On Saturday we have a booked time in Frescatihallen between 14-15. Follow this link to vote in the poll what we should do! https://www.facebook.com/groups/datafotboll/?fref=ts

Tag Monkeys sketching evening 38 - Sewing edition

Isn't it time to sew on some patches on your overall? Don't know how to do it? Fear not, because our cool Prylis Lisa Lund will show you how it's done! So bring your overall, the patches you wanna sew on, thread and needle and the rest will work itself out.

For those who'd rather come and draw, there will be some material available as well, and as usual there will be fika :)

3 invites computer science students to their office

3 invites computer science students to their office in Stockholm. There will be lightning talks, short presentations about on current topics as well as Open space/Workshop.

Send a notification to anna.marklund@tre.se. Include the reason why you would like to attend.

Lunch Seminar with EF

Welcome to a lunch seminar with Education First. Lunch will be served.

Space is limited. Secure your place by signing up.

Time: 11 Oktober, 12:00 - 13:00 Place: E3

Sign up here: https://www.facebook.com/events/106131769849913/

CSC talk - The Glory of the Human Voice

The next CSC talk is held Friday 7/10. It will be about the human voice, from Professor Sten Ternström and PhD student Andreas Selamtzis.

Volleyball at Saturday

On saturday the 1:st of October we play volleyball between 14 .00 and 15.00. We play at Frescatihallen in hall E. We gather, devide us into teams and then play match!

Summons to the DM-before-Budget-Chapter-Meeting

The 5th of October a d-Directorate Meeting will be held in 1537 at 17:30. Read the summons here


It's time for Prylis to sell stuff! We'll sell stuff in META on Monday the 3rd of October, from 12 to 13!

Stop by and buy some patches before Sjöslaget (or just because, you know, patches are fun), inkluding the Sjöslaget patch! We also sell spegater* just in case you need another one for the D-Day-Sittning!

* the little balls that go on the cap KTH students wear on special occasions

DESC gamenight #2 - CS:GO

On Friday (30/9) DESC is having a game night. The game night is not bound by location, instead we'll meet up at DESC's Discord channel. The game we are going to play is Counter Strike Global Offensive . We will meet up in the channel at 18:18 to create teams and play some matches against eachother.

Last day to apply to DKM -pub

DKM is back in town, and hosting a new pub every Wednesday from now until the end of time. It’s also the last day to apply for DKM! dkm.io/ansok

Food: 30 kr Beer & cider from 20 kr Cocktails & shots from 35 kr Non-alcoholic from 10 kr

The bar opens at 17:17!

Budget Chapter Meeting

The Budget Chapter Meeting will be held in B3 the 17th of October at 17:30 (in case it gets postponed it will be held the 20th at 17:30 in B3). Final day to send a motion is the 3rd of October. Read the summons here


September 28 there will be a board meeting (DM) in 1537 at 18:00. Read the summons here


The time has come for the most spectacular sittning of the year, the official D-Dagensittningen! Get the opportunity to party away in fancy clothes while networking with representatives from a whole bunch of potential employers. The sittning will take place on the 6th of October right after D-Dagen. Before the sittning you will get to mingle in the Pub in Nymble and afterwards there will of course be an afterparty in Nymble.

Signup: https://goo.gl/forms/KP9YcOtgKfOCBgyJ2

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1073548992759127/

Price: 70/90 kr no alcohol/alcohol

Dress code: Informal Business

Tag Monkeys sketching evening 36 - Back to school edition


What? Come here, draw what you feel like, enjoy some fika and/or just take a break from studying!

Where? Meeting room 1537, go to the 5th floor in the E-building and someone will probably meet you there at the start. If no one's there, contact me (Willy Liu) by calling or texting me at 073-405 8888 and I'll let you in (the door is locked after 17.00).

When? Tuesday the 6th of september 17.17 is when the event starts, but feel free to show up at anytime, until the event ends at 21.00

Hello friends! School has started once again, and that means that Tag Monkeys will start as well!

We're gonna do a simple start where both older and newer students are welcome to come here, draw and/or fika. No previous knowledge required, and we're bringing all the required material (paper, pencils..), so just grab your friends and show up! :)

Those who show up will also have the opportunity to affect what kind of themes Tag Monkeys will have in the future (water colors, digital art, fusible beads and so on)!

Summons to Summer-DM

June 16th we will have a Summer-DM in 1537, 18:00. Welcome! Summons.

TM: Teckningskväll 35 - Terminens sista

It's time for TM's last event for the term. There will be a theme free event, so everyone is free to do what they want! We will also celebrate our new DAD!

There will be lots of fika!

Facebook event


Val-SM occurs in L1, with second option