DIMK 2024

Look out Chapter‼️

It’s time for our brand new ancient (and honoured) tradition - DIMK (Data’s Internal Mastery in Kubb) 🤯

The event is held in Ugglevikskällan on the ** 18th of May**, from 2pm to 5pm, where all chapter members are welcome. There will be hot dogs 🌭, chips 🥔, soft drinks 🥤 and beer 🍺(<2.25 %) to buy, but otherwise it is BYOB. In addition to chilling out ⛱️, you will be able to compete for Data's most prestigious title - Kubbmaster! 😎 And if the honour isnt't enough, you might get a patch to brag about 😱

If you're keen to come along (either as a spectator/competitor) just take a few clicks through our MegaShort™ form 😌

After the event, you can visit the so-called Städfesten (Cleaning party (it's much more fun than it sounds, trust me))

TL;DR: 🤔What - DIMK (Data’s Internal Mastery in Kubb) 📍Where - Ugglevikskällan 🕑When - 18/4, 14:00-17:00 📋MegaShort™ sign-up - Here 📜Rules - Kubb ❓Questions - festeriet@datasektionen.se 🏠 Hotel - Trivago

See ya at DIMK!!