Election documents

The election documents for the upcoming election are now published and can be found here.

Audit for the 2019 fiscal year

The Auditors for 2019 have finished the audit for that fiscal year, and it is hereby provided to be used for evaluating the actions of the Board during 2019. It is unfortunately only available in Swedish... :(

Application for D-Dagenstaff have oppen

Wait a second, a digital fair with recruitment? Yes, it is true! Recruitment for D-Dagen 2020 has now opened. Help us organize the first digital D-Dagen ever. During the fair day on November 5, we want your help to organize various events on the KTH campus, staff the D-Dagen lounge and much more. The last day to register your interest is Thursday, October 1, but we encourage you apply today!

The application form can be found at ddagen.se/sok More info about the different positions and the fair can be found in the form.

Last day to apply to NLG

Today is the LAST DAY to apply to Näringslivsgruppen! It's an awesome opportunity to grow both your resume and network of contacts. So what are you waiting for? Apply over at cutt.ly/NLG,

Still can't decide whether NLG is for you? You can always contact us over at our Facebook page. Or better yet, why not just book an interview and have a chat with us? :D :D

Annual report for 2019

It's time to close the year of 2019. Here comes the annual report, annual record and economic report for the year of 2019!

Annual report 2019

Annual record 2019

Economic report 2019

Are you interested in helping KTH to communicate with their students?

KTH are looking for students that are interested in participating in interviews and workshops regarding how they can communicate with their students in a better way. As thanks they will provide each participant with four lunch coupons for use at the campus.

For more information and to apply, see: https://www.kth.se/student/studentliv/hjalp-kth-att-kommunicera-battre-med-studenter-1.1011224

Elections in the Budget chapter meeting

Soon it is time for another chapter meeting! And that also means it is time for elections.

The nominations for the Budget chapter meeting are open. Visit val.datasektionen.se to nominate or run in the election.

Study board first year representatives

The Study board needs representatives for first year students! If you're interested, click the link and apply (in Swedish) or contact me at [email protected]!

New overalls!

The wait is finally over! The new overalls are here! ❤ Everyone who doesn't already have one is welcome to swing by META tomorrow during QNs sewing event (17:00 - ) to try sizes and buy one! After this they will be sold in META during lunch this Friday and every second Friday after that as usual!

The Wednesday pub is cancelled!

The Wednesday pub is cancelled! KTH has decided not to approve any more party registrations, which for us means that we unfortunately can not hold Wednesday pubs or other events in KTH's premises. In the current situation, it is unclear how long it will apply. However, we are waiting for more information about the decision and will update you when we know more! We know it feels like piss and we were so heavenly excite before a comeback !!! However, DKM keeps its hopes up and continues to discuss alternative solutions! Keep an eye on our social media and take care of yourselves ❤

The application for dÅrestaben 2021 is now open!

I've been thinking, and I feel like it would be awesome to have some cool people to help me arrange a trip to Åre (and have a lot of fun together while we're at it!)

Therefore I have now opened the application for dÅrestaben 2021. WOOOOOOO!!!

So what are you waiting for? Apply over at https://forms.gle/7nQW1rdeGeXSYr9b8, and I'll see you for an interview. The last day to apply is 20/9 (next sunday).

Apply to NLG 20/21!

NLG is looking for new members, send in your application on cutt.ly/NLG!

See you at the interview!

THS | form about KTH and Covid-19 during autumn 2020

The student union at KTH (THS) represents all students when KTH makes decisions that affect the students or the education. This has been more important than ever during Covid-19.

We want to know how Covid-19 will impact your studies during the autumn. Your opinion is valuable to THS and KTH.

Feel free to answer any question in Swedish or English, depending on what you are most comfortable with. All answers are of course anonymous.

If you have any questions, e-mail [email protected]

Link to the form: bit.ly/KTH-autumn2020

Apply to DKM!

The application for DKM 20/21 is now open!

Apply at dkm.io/ansok!

Students who can work during the conference NU2020 in October

On 7-9 / 10, the pedagogical conference NU2020 will be arranged (https://nu2020.se/). The conference is arranged by the universities that house Campus Flemingsberg, including KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The conference will be given completely digitally and for that we need a number of students who can work during the conference with general support in Zoom and another tool that we will use, for example around simple things like sound, screen sharing and more. The students who work with support during the conference will be on site at Södertörn högskola in Flemingsberg. If you are interested, you can contact [email protected] for more information. The salary is SEK 125 / hour.

Application for Studs 2021 is now open!

Are you a masters student excited to get to know more students? Do you want to get closer to buissnesses in Stockhom? Do you also want to join an amazing trip in the summer 2021?

The application for Studs 2021 is now open! Apply at studs.se/apply

Application project management group for Stud 21 is now open

Have you started your masters or are doing so this coming semester? Are keen on developing your leadership skills and establish contacts within our industry as well as with other students? If so we think you should apply to Studs 2021!

Read more and apply here: cutt.ly/studs21

/ Axel och Albin

Auditors' management report for Val-SM

The Auditors' management report for Val-SM 2020 is available here (in Swedish).

Summary of the program council and link meetings

This wednesday the 13:th of May, the study board attended the program council for the Computer Science program and link meetings for years 1-3.

During the link meetings, period four's courses were discussed and we conveyed the opinions of the students. The main talking point was the effects of covid-19 on the courses. It was also made clear that several courses require more assistants in order to grade assignments quicker, a situation which EECS will try to improve for future course offerings.

The program council was dominated by information regarding specific prerequisites, which have now been finalized for the autumn. We hope to provide more information regarding this matter shortly. We were also informed that KTH is currently working towards further incorporating equality, diversity, and sustainability into their educational offerings. Finally it was also mentioned that the computer science program is discussing Canvas guidelines.

//Program-responsible student

Election documents (finally)

The election documents for the upcoming election are now published and can be read here.

These documents might be updated with additional information later.

Extended Elections

Since some posts still lack candidates a new nomination-period has opened for those posts.

Nominations for Head of Communications, Board member of Educational Issues, Head of Business Relations, Project Leader for METAspexet, Qulturattaché, and Öfvermatrona are open until 12/5. Nominations can be accepted until 18/5.


It's time for another election. Nominate someone or announce your candidacy at val.datasektionen.se.

Information meeting with the project leaders for METAspexet

Have you thought about becoming the next project leader (direqteur) for METAspexet? Do you want to know more about what the work entails?

The current project leaders for METAspexet 2020, Anton and Felix, invite you to an information meeting where we will talk about what one does as a project leader for a spex and where you can ask us questions. It’s also a good opportunity to see who else is interested and maybe find someone to candidate together with.

The meeting will be held on tuesday 7th of April at 17:30 on Zoom: https://kth-se.zoom.us/j/172325236

Student union council election open for voting

Once a year the members of THS elect their representatives in the Student Union Council, the highest governing body of THS. Now it’s time again! Contribute to a democratic Student Union, vote before 12th of April 23:59 at: ths.kth.se/vote

Link to the Audit Chapter Meeting

The link is: https://kth-se.zoom.us/j/319121315

Best wishes, the D-directorate