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Feedback for dJubileet

Hello chapter! It's been almost a year since dJubileet took over our lives, and that means you only remember the absolute best and worst from the dJubilee weeks. We in the project group now want to hear all these memories and therefore ask you to fill out our feedback form, which you can find at dsekt.se/djub-feedback

Join us at Project Prides float! 🌈✨

Of course, 🫵 YOU 🫵 should join the most fun event of the year – Stockholm Pride! 😻 Is there anything that could make it even better?? YES!!! 🤯 THE CS CHAPTERS'S OWN CONTRIBUTION TO THE PARADE!!! 🕺🪩

Saturday the 3rd of August the Stockhom Pride Parade will take place🎉 and YOU have the opportunity to participate in the festivities🍾🕺 and also to represent the chapter in an event that usually attracts around 500,000 spectators! Join us to PARTY and DANCE and to have an AMAZING TIME TOGETHER!!!🕺🚛❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Join us for the CS Chapter's most slay event of the year!!! Register at https://dsekt.se/pride 😽

tldr; 🏳️‍🌈 WHEN?? August 3rd (exact time will be announced later 👀) 🏳️‍🌈 WHERE?? Norr Mälarstrand! ☀️ 🏳️‍🌈 COST?? COMPLETELY FREE!!! 🤑💸 🏳️‍🌈 HOW?? COME AS YOU ARE! EVERYONE IS WELCOME!! (even +1s) 🏳️‍🌈 WHY?! otherwise you'll make us sad 😞

❗️Register at https://dsekt.se/pride Note that registration is non-binding! More information will come out soon ☀️

Apply for the Script Group!

The application for the Script Group in METAspexet 2025 has opened and will already begin its work this summer! Fill in this form if you want to contribute to this years script. The groups first activity is planned to take place the 19-21th of Juli, so if you plan to apply please try to make room at that time. Answers to common questions can be found in our FAQ. (Swedish)


As usual, every autumn there is Sjöslaget. I arrange a signup for computer scientists.


Last registration date 25/8

Sjöslaget is a fun boat trip, you can have a lot of fun, including singing 'åka åka båt', exchanging patches with other students and giving away alien-Albin

It will cost about SEK 1200. A dinner buffet is included in the price. Contact me if you have questions, jonathanblomlof@gmail.com.

See you on the sea! Don't forget your passport...

Summer closing of META

On June 17th, 2024 (2024-06-17), META closes for the summer until July 4th, 2023 (2024-08-04).

During the actual closure, only 5 people in the section will have access to META, so if you NEED to enter, please contact sommaraccess@datasektionen.se. You can enter during the reception weeks, but please refrain from doing so if you haven't contacted storasyskon@datasektionen.se in advance.


Hello chapter!


Are you a current or future Master's student looking for a fun and slightly different course? Maybe you also want to work on your leadership skills and have a little more responsibility? Then the management group for STUDS 2025 is something for you!

But, for those of you who missed it, what is STUDS? Studs is a project, and a course of 15 credits, where around 30 master's students get the chance to visit interesting companies in the IT industry during the course of the year. The project then ends with a study trip! Where the study trip goes depends on how many events we have during the year and what the group thinks!

In the management group, you get to take responsibility for your own group, develop your leadership skills, and make more contacts in both the business world and with other students. Anyone studying a master's degree and a program linked to the EECS school are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Read more and APPLY in the form: https://dsekt.se/b419 The deadline for applications is Sunday 23 June 2024

Does being in charge sound scary? Nothing to worry about! We are all new to the project so we will learn together!

If you want to see what they did in previous years, you can check out the following:




If you have any questions, just email me at pl25@studs.se!

Apply, it will be fun!

Best regards,

Alice Norrthon

Project manager STUDS 2025


Hacker day with IOR

Hello all code monkeys! Now that summer time has come and all school work is out of the way you can take the opportunity to develop the chapter's systems a bit!

This Wednesday (12 june) the Information Organ will hold a hacker day in META from 13:00 until the brain segfaults (into the evening).

On a hacker day you fix bugs and implement new features on the CS chapter's systems, and also develop some new ones! Regardless of competence or prior knowledge about the systems there's always something for you to help with, so just show up!

Right now there's been a lot of talk on improving https://datasektionen.se/ so come by if you have the spark to something with the website or just have suggestions.

Fika and dinner will be offered!

New place for A Now there will be a new bank-DM

Due to us not being able to access Nymble, the A Now there will be a new bank-DM today will held in META. All chapter members are welcome!

Day order for A Now there will be a new bank-DM

Here is the day order for A Now there will be a new bank-DM 2024-06-08 11:00 in Sammanträdesrummet, Nymble.

You can find it, together with the summons and protocol, here.

With kind regards, dRektoratet

No exam-lodge tomorrow!

Since too few have signed up for the exam room tomorrow (Monday), the Study Board will not actively hold an exam room, however, room E52 is still booked and we have exams for Numme, Dtek, and Envarre left, for those who still want to study. Swing by META and find me (Bälter) to get a paper copy, otherwise the exams (questions + answers) are available at dsekt.se/ [course name]-facit

Summons to A Now there will be a new bank-DM

At 11:00, 2024-06-08 A Now there will be a new bank-DM will be held in Sammanträdesrummet, Nymble. At the DM, the board will discuss, among other things, the signing of a contract with SEB.

You can find summons in PDF-form and more info here.

With kind regards :) dRektoratet

Kafferep Picnic 🍰🇸🇪

Do you like fika? 🍪 How does a whole fika-themed afternoon sound? ☀️

This Thursday (6th June) is Sweden's National Day 🇸🇪, which means the Baking Committee 🧁 and the International Committee 🌍 will be hosting a special Kafferep Picnic during the afternoon that you simply cannot miss: there will be loads of fun, a ton of free pastries, and even a tinge of Swedish culture! We'll be holding it outside, in Ugglevikskällan (a park near KTH), so it'll double as a pleasant picnic. 🧺

A kafferep is a kind of social gathering 👥 traditional in Sweden 🇸🇪 since the 1700s, involving cakes 🍰, etiquette 🤝, and a lot of fun 👽 — and, of course, our wonderful toastmasters will make this sittning-like picnic even more entertaining.

Read more about the concept and sign up (for free! 🤑) here: https://dsekt.se/kafferep

Baking seven types of cookies

Are you in the mood to bake a truly traditional Swedish fika? 🍰 Then you're in luck. On the national day, the baking committee together with IN is organizing a kafferep and for that the classic seven kinds of cookies are needed.

So come and bake (and taste😋) some cookies with the baking committee to chill out after all the exams.

We'll ,meet in the kitchen in Nymble 13-17 on Tuesday, June 4th.

See you there!

Open meeting with clothes swapping!

Good morning! This Monday, Projekt Groda is holding its second section open meeting! Stop by to grab some buns and express your opinions and ideas, ask your questions, or just sit and eat fika!🍪

On request, we will also have a changing table! Do you want to renew your wardrobe? Do you have clothes you want to get rid of? Come and change! 💚💚

When: This Monday 3/6 Time: 12-14 Where: Outside of Meta

Apply for the chief group 2025

After the weekends performances it's now time to kick start next years spex. The application for METAspexet 2025s chief group is now open! All chapter members have the opportunity to apply. Would you like to lead production in one of our biggest projects? Do not hesitate! Visit dsekt.se/chef.

The application will remain open until the 13th of june.

(Note to all my dear international students reading this: Because the spex is a theater production in Swedish the chief group is expected to be able to communicate in Swedish. If you cannot speak Swedish but still want to participate in the spex I highly suggest applying for a group at the beginning of next semester.)

If you have any questions please contact me at framslov@datsektionen.se.

Unrealistically kind regards, Filip Ramslöv, Direqteur 2025

Last Sewing circle

Sup!! School will soon be coming to an end and summer break is in sight! It also sadly means that there won't be any Tuesday sewing as usual. So, tomorrow is the last Tuesday sewing circle for the school year, so come and bring everything you want to sew!

I will be in the meta from 17.30 and if the weather is nice we can sit out in the sun with sewing fika

Location for Val-SM day 2 (today)

Val-SM went over its alotted time and will thereby be continued today at 17:30

Val-SM day two will be held in Q1

Patch sale!!

Sale tomorrow! New exclusive patch and a new dBuggen with an interview the legendary Pantman!

no Sewing circle today

Due to stressed sew-ster, there will be no official sewinging cirlce today in Meta :(

Election documents for Election Chapter Meeting

Good day, Chapter

The Election Chapter Meeting will be held tomorrow (21 may), and with that people will be elected to 5 different posts through a filling election. This means that the Election Committee has interviewed the candidates and brought forward the election documents with further information about the candidates. You will find the documents using the following link: https://dsekt.se/valhandlingar

See you at the Election Chapter Meeting!

  • Election Committee

Saturday Sports: Badminton

Hello hello!

Every Saturday from 2 pm to 3 pm we have booked KTH Hallen for the rest of the semester. This week (Saturday 25th) we will play badminton. I will bring 8 rackets that you can borrow but we'll rent more if we don't have enough. We have four courts and we play for 1 hours.

OBS: No one has booked the courts after us so we can play for more than 1 hour 🙂

I will try to vary the sports in the following weeks. And please come with suggestions for what we can do!!!

Everyone is welcome! The primary goal is having fun, not to play super competitively.

All events are published in our sports group on Facebook.

Hope to see you there 🙂

Reminder: Exam-lodges!

Remember that the Board of Studies has exam lodges tomorrow (Tuesday) and the day after tomorrow (Wednesday)!!! We are in E52 both days, 13-17 o' clock. Registration (https://dsekt.se/tentastuga) is not mandatory but good for estimating the amount of fika!

Reminder DIMK

Do you wanna pre-game and chill like crazy for the Städfesten tomorrow? Take a couple hotdogs? Compete to be Data’s Kubbmaster?

Then come to DIMK tomorrow between 14-17 in Ugglis. Sign up for hotdogs (and team if you wanna compete) here. We’re gonna have some beer (<2.25%), otherwise it’s BYOB. ([More info] https://discord.com/channels/687747877736546335/1217847553387925595/1234936238314885130 )

See ya!

New dbuggen out on wednesday!

After a long wait, it's finally here! On Wednesday, Mitt på Campus-dbuggen, the most local newspaper on KTH Campus, will come with scoop on everything between Alba Nova and KTH Entré. It is also rumoured to contain an exclusive interview with Pantmannen!

dbuggen will be available at Prylmångleriet outside META on Wednesdays, starting the 22:th of May. It will also be released on https://dbu.gg later.

🏝️ Archipelago Tour 🌴

Attention all international and Swedish students in Computer Science and Media Technology!

On Saturday May 25th, the International Committee 🌍 will be hosting an incredible Archipelago Tour, starting at 9:45 AM. Join us for an unforgettable journey to Vaxholm, a picturesque gem nestled in the Swedish Archipelago! 🏝️

Here's what awaits you:

  • 🚢 Scenic Ferry Ride: marvel at breathtaking views as we cruise to Vaxholm.
  • 🍦 Indulge in Ice Cream: savor delicious treats at the renowned Glass på Hörnet.
  • 🏰 Discover Vaxholm Fortress: step back in time with a visit to this historic landmark.

🤑⚠️ We will pay for ferry tickets (roundtrip) for the first 15 people to sign up that also show up on time at 9:45! Otherwise, expect to pay around 141kr for the ferry trips (or a bit more if you don't have an SL card).

Well, what are you waiting for? Sign up here: https://dsekt.se/archi


  • What? Archipelago tour
  • 📅 Date? Saturday, May 25th
  • 🕘 Time? Departure at 9:45 AM (arrive early!)
  • 📍 Where? Strömkajen
  • 💰 Cost? It depends on how fast you sign up! Read above!

We'll see you there! 😎