Exjobb på Ericsson

‘’‘Proposed thesis work:’‘’
Distributed bandwidth measurement system

Several active probing tools for estimating the available bandwidth (or
unused capacity) on a communication network path exist. One of the
tools, BART (Bandwidth Available in Real-Time), is being developed as a
cooperation between Ericsson Research, SICS and Mälardalen University. A
sender sends probe traffic (most often trains of UDP packets sent at
randomized rates) through a network to a receiver. If the probes
introduce congestion in routers along the path packets will get queued
(or discarded) and consequently delayed in transit (or lost). The
receiver looks at the received probe traffic, analyzes the observed
effects of cross traffic on the probes and estimates the available
bandwidth along the path.

‘’‘The project:’‘’
The goal of the project is to design and implement in software a
distributed bandwidth measurement system. The system consists of a
number of dedicated, easily moveable measurement nodes (using BART) and
a central management system. The management system controls the
measurement nodes and collects results. A graphical user interface is
used both for control and presentation of results in real time.

The job can start as soon as possible and is done in cooperation with
another thesis worker at Ericsson in Kista.

‘’‘Preferred skills:’‘’
Good programming skills (mainly C/C++ & Java). Good TCP/IP knowledge and
programming experience. Experience in graphical user interface design
and programming is also good. Knowledge of protocols like SSL is useful
but not required. Operating systems used are FreeBSD, Linux & Windows.

‘’‘Contact information:’‘’
Jan-Erik Mångs, jan-erik.mangs at ericsson.com
Christofer Flinta, christofer.flinta at ericsson.com
Svante Ekelin, svante.ekelin at ericsson.com