Day-Trip: Uppsala

Hey chapter, hey internationals!

The weather is nice, P4 is slowly coming to an end, and it is finally time for a trip for our community! Join us next monday for a day-trip to Uppsala, where we will visit

  • Uppsala Domkyrka: the tallest church in the nordic countries
  • Uppsala University: the oldest university of Sweden - tour by a student of their CS chapter!
  • visit the viking graves
  • and of course the city center etc.

Uppsala is one of the most famous Swedish cities, so you really don’t want to miss it :D

Note: We’ll pay the train ticket Stockholm -> Uppsala (not back!) for the first 10 people to sign up!

Train to Uppsala: 9:45 from T-Centralen (right now 65 SEK).. Train from Uppsala: choose your own time to go back! (ca. 100 SEK).

Sign-Up opens TODAY (23rd of may), 22:00!->