Lunch lecture with Folke&Partners

Welcome to a lunch lecture with Folke&Partners! 🤩

March 19, it is time for a lunch lecture with NLG and Folke&Partners! There will be lunch, but there are limited seats so sign up via the link below for a chance to get a seat! 🍔🌭

Sign up here: 🕑 When? March 19, 12:00 📍 Where? V2

More information about Folke&Partners: Folke&Partners are IT consultants with three strong ideals. Transparency, Sustainability and The higher purpose. This means that we have an open working climate where we know about each other's salaries and conditions and where we encourage sharing our knowledge with each other. We encourage a working environment where we help each other succeed and focus on supporting each other rather than maximizing performance. We prioritize assignments that make the world a better place over assignments that only pay well, and finally, we give a clear majority of our profits to charity. We have consultants who specialize in several areas and our expertise today ranges from project management to full-stack development and cloud transformations.