Company Event at SEB

Join us for an evening where innovation meets ambition:

Welcome to an inspirational evening with Datasektionen KTH and SEB Tech! During this evening you will hear inspirational talks and discussions about banking, Machine Learning and AI, how it’s closely tied together! There will also be some career focus – how to kickstart your tech career at SEB! Food & drinks will be served! 😋 P.S dont forget your ID.


17:00-17:15 Check in and welcome to SEB.

17:15-18:15 Presentation from Anastasia Varvara, Manne Fagerlin and Parasto Rahgozar + questions

18:15-18:30 Presentation from Shahin Salehi, Tech programme + questions

18:30-20:00 Food, mingle and more interaction with the students


Anastasia Varvara: she is currently a Research Lead at SEBx, an innovation studio at SEB, where she is working towards bringing state-of-the-art AI to real applications. She is also responsible for coordinating the Language track of WARA Media and Language, aiming to bridge the gap between academic research and industry, and contribute to the development and adoption of NLP tools and methods in Sweden. Her background is from KTH, where she achieved a PHD in Computer Science.

Manne Fagerlind: He is working as a Technical Lead of the Machine learning engineering team. He joined SEB five years ago as a data engineer after a long career as backend developer and system architect.

Parastu Rahgozar: She is working as a Scrum master's in the Data & Analytics team. She joined SEB as a backend developer and Scrum master two years ago. Parastu has a rather different background, starting as a Medical Engineer at KTH, working as a consultant after graduation and continuing embarking a journey at SEB.

Shahin Salehi: He is working as a Data Scientist in the Monitoring Solutions team. He kickstarted his career at SEB within the Tech program 2022. He has a master's in computer science with a specialization in AI and data mining.