Welcome to Speed-Friending, for internationals and Swedes!

The “Speed-friending” event is perfect for you if you want to get to know other CS and Media students! How does that work? Both Swedish and international students are invited to the event. We then match people in small groups (4-6 people per group) where you will play some games and get to know each other. You will get to change groups a few times. Of course, we will also have free fika for everyone!

We want this event to be a win-win for both Swedish and international students, so we also want to give the “non-international” students a chance to find out more about studying abroad and about everyones different home countries!☺️

When? September 7th, 17:15

Where? Gasquen in Nymble (note: we have moved the event from Meta)

What? Get to know other computer science & media students + Free Fika! 🍪

Sign up at the google form!