Student Union Council #3


On Thursday 1st December it's time for the Student Union Council (a.k.a. KF) again. All members of THS have the right to attend but only elected members may vote and speak. But if you're interested in listening, you're welcome! The meeting will start at 6pm and will be held in Nya Matsalen in Nymble (the large room by the union bookstore).

The KF is the highest decision-making body of THS, and could be described as roughly the EU of the chapters. Each section sends a certain number of members who vote on things that concern the whole THS, both THS central and the sections.

In addition to some general info points, we will also discuss:

  • The distribution of seats in the KF for the next term (after the summer).
  • A very important motion on the reintroduction of the KF stew.
  • Whether literally anyone wants to become a THS election officer (you can run!).

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to talk to us members. Elected members for Data are Jakob Carlsson, Pontus Söderlund, Noah Hopkins, and David Puustinen; and alternates Douglas Fischer and Fabian Andréasson.