Mulled Wine Chapter Meeting

On the 28th of November the Mulled Wine Chapter Meeting will be held in D1 at 17:30. The reserve date is the 5th of December in D1. The second reserve date is the 6th of december at 17:30.

The last day for submitting motions is on the 14th of November.

At the chapter meeting all submitted motions and propositions will be discussed and elections will be held for around half of the positions in the chapter.

The second reading for a few changes in the statues will also be held. The first of those is regarding removing the board position Vice Treasurer. The second is regarding adding the board position D-SOL. The third is regarding changing the deadline for summons to a chapter meeting to 35 days before the meeting. The fourth one is regarding allowing changing the location of chapter meetings after the summons is out.

All chapter members are welcome!

The complete summons can be found here

The summons can be found here