Patches for the students of year 2022

As per tradition, every year the new first-years of the Computer Science chapter are allowed to create their own exclusive patch to represent their year. And it is finally time for the year 2022, D-22, to create their own patch!

If you want to see previous years patches then check out the examples on damm with the tag "årskursmärke". We'll also be posting examples on Prylis on Facebook.

So all entries to the competition should be sent to Prylis at the mail [email protected]. The entry should preferably be in the format .svg, .ai or .png, as a vectorfile or a HD image. We'll also need a text that will be around the design on the patch! The deadline for the competition will be at November 7 23.59 and the voting will happen at the pub two days later, on Wednesday. Everyone in D-22 will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite design and accompanying text. The winning entry will be ordered and be available for sale at all regular sales på Prylmångleriet when it has arrived.

Send all your questions and entries to [email protected].