Städfesten 2022

After 2 years of waiting, it's finally time for the städfesten again!

städfesten is a gasque that METAdors usually holds to thank the people who helped keep META clean during the year. If you have cleaned META twice during the year during Monday cleaning or if you are a a part of the pubpersonel, you can go for free! (Except alcohol of course).

You can also come even if you have not cleaned twice but then have to pay full ticket price!

Theme: Pirates vs Ninjas! Date: Friday 27/5 Time: 18.30 Location: META Attire: Ovve or B-frack or both. Thematic attire is encouraged.

Note! If you have only cleaned once (or never), we will have two Mondays (9/5 and 16/5) where you can have the opportunity to clean a second time so that you too can go for free. If you only cleaned once when you fill this in but plan to clean a second time, choose the option that you have cleaned two times.

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