Need for experts in online software tools to aid epidemiologists - urgent

Offer of helping with software tools to solve the covid-19 epidemic:

Dear all,

Please forward to persons you think suited.

I started working with Nele Brusselaers, Associate professor of clinical epidemiology, team leader at the Centre of Translational Microbiome Research at KI.

There are very few epidemiological models available on COVID19 outbreak and people typically have their own home tools of sorts.

We see a need in getting online software tools for people to use in different settings.

  1. We are looking for expertise to do this.
  2. We are trying to model and publish on the outbreak in Sweden - Swedish authorities (as one of few countries) do not release key information. There is a need for transparency.

Please identify one or few persons that could help with this kind of immediately. This innitiative started yesterday night, so prepare for a non-structured organisation of this in a near future.

It would be great to have a Telco soon - there will probably be one at 14h00 with some of the persons involved.

Best greetings, Wouter <[email protected]>