Election - project leader Project Pride 2021

During the DM-before-Audit-Chapter-Meeting, the project Project Pride 2021 was opened. This means that a project leader has to be elected at the Audit Chapter Meeting. This can be done at val.datasektionen.se. Nominations has to be submitted before the end of the 23rd of February.

Mentor Program for students

Get an insight into life after graduation – learn from alumni through our mentor program

The aim of the mentor program is to give you as a student inspiration for your future career. Your mentor will be a former student, i.e. an alumnus/alumna of KTH, with experiences and personal knowledge of how life after graduation can be. He/she may have a different educational background. Mentoring is about asking questions, listening, reflecting and discovering new perspectives. As a mentee in the program, you are expected to meet up with your mentor four times, of which two meetings are together with the other participants. The mentors and mentees will plan the other two meetings on their own. Please contact [email protected] should you have any questions.

Register before 14 March 2021.

KF-fika in preperation for KF-meeting

Hi everybody!

Next week there will be a Student Union Council (KF) meeting. We KF-delegates will arrange a digital KF-fika as preperation for the KF-meeting. The KF-fika will take place on monday the 22:nd at 12:00-13:00.

For those of you that don't know, KF-meetings are basically a chapter meeting for THS. Only KF-delegates have voting rights on KF-meetings. Every chapter is represented by 1-4 delegates. How many delegates a chapter gets depends on its size.

All chapter members are welcome to attend the fika and discuss the KF-meeting agenda!

The Zoom-link to the KF-fika can be found here

The KF-meeting agenda that we will discuss can be found here

D-20 patch

Hello first year students! It's time for you to create your own patch 🔥. This patch is supposed to represent you as group, to show other student who you truly are. On the 24 of Febuary, Prylis will host a workshop, helping everyone to design their patches. 8/3 is the deadline for submission, and on the 10 of March you guys get to decide who is the winner.


Hi Chapter!

On thursday the 18th of February at 17:30 we will hold a D-directoratemeeting. The board will go through motions for the Audit Chapter Meeting, decide on contracts and close the project Hello World.

The Zoom link can be found here.

All chapter members are welcome!


The summons can be found here.

Old agenda can be found here.

Supplemented agenda can be found here.

Minutes can be found here.

Regards, The D-directorate

Nomination for the Delta of Honor and THS Kamratstipendium close soon!

Hi Chapter!

The last date for nomination to the Delta of Honor and THS Kamratstipendium is changed to February 17th (from February 28th). Take the chance now and nominate someone!

The Delta of Honor is awarded to members of the chapter who have exceptionally meritoriously worked voluntarily for the chapter. You can nominate here.

The Kamratstipendium is awarded at each chapter each year for exceptionally good displays of camaraderie. You can nominate here.

Best regards, The D-directorate

dbuggen annual start-up meeting!

Hey all!

Now on Friday at 12:00 it is time for dbuggen's annual start-up meeting. We start the meeting at 12:05 already so no normal evening!

The idea is to give out some responsibilities and simply get started with the new year!

It will be chill and very niicceee.

Zoom: https://kth-se.zoom.us/j/65659106530 Meeting ID: 656 5910 6530

ZOOm-pub: Last day to apply to the Reception2021

The day we have been waiting for is soon here, the first pub for this year!! However, it is not just any pub, but it is a pub held by Titel and it is your LAST chance to take the FANTASTIC opportunity to APPLY to the reception in 2021! ❤️ The pub will of course be digital via ZOOm. The different branches will each have a break-out room and it will be possible for you to ask all your questions, hang out with each other, play games and enjoy movies from previous years' receptions. The theme is ZOOm and we in titel will make sure to have fantastic ZOO costumes and incredible backgrounds. We hope you do the same! During the pub, different activities are planned and we will have a main room where different exciting things happen every quarter. It will all end with a competition where the winner will receive a fantastic prize! We can promise you that you will not want to miss it!

If you can only come for a little while, or can not be there right from the start, no danger! Come when you can, but we can promise that this is something you want to plan into the calendar, and you will regret it if you are not from the start!

So bring out your best ZOOm outfits, choose a fantastic and creative background, and join an evening with titel you will soon forget !!

See you at ZOOm! Big hugs from Titel 21❤️ (And of course do not forget to apply to the reception in 2021 at https://datasektionen.se/mottagningen/janifattar)

Audit Chapter Meeting

Hello Chapter!

On March 2nd a CM will be held on Zoom at 17:30. The reserve date is March 4th at 17:30.

During the Meeting, we will be reviewing last year’s reports and summaries, as well as discussing the discharge of the D-directorate of 2020 and committees with accounting obligation. We will also discuss motions and propositions.

All chapter members are welcome!

Zoom link for the meeting can be found here. Notice that you must be logged in to Zoom with KTH-id to join the meeting.

You can buy 100kr worth of food to eat during the meeting. However, you can only buy ready-made meals from, for example, a restaurant or grocery store. It is not allowed to buy ingredients for meals. You get your money back for the food by going to cashflow and registering it as an expense. We recommend that you buy food so that you receive the original receipt in digital format, as the receipt then doesn't need to be inserted in the receipt folder. Put the expense on the budget item "Centralt > Sektionsmöte > Mat, dricka och fika". Please note that if you do not attend the meeting, you will not get your money back. In order for you to get money back, you must also buy the food on the same day as the meeting takes place. Do not hesitate to contact the D-directorate if you have any questions!


The summons can be found here

The agenda can be found here

The minutes can now be found here

Motion writing session

On Monday the 8:th of February the D-directorate will arrange a motion writing session.

What is a motion writing session?

It is a opportunity for you that want to write motions for Revisions-SM to discuss motion ideas with the board. The session can also be used to get feedback for a motion that you have written.

Should i write a motion?

Good question! If you have an idea of a change that you think will make the chapter that little bit nicer, then it could be that it is a motion that you want to write. Attend the motion writing session so we can discuss it!

The motion writing session will take place digitally via Zoom. A link to the meeting can be found here.

Application to the reception has opened!

The application for the reception has now opened !!

Go and aplyyy! You will not regret it, it is among the most fun things you can do on data !!

super good link

Elections - Audit Chapter Meeting

The elections for the Audit Chapter Meeting are now open and can be found here.

These elections include a brand new position: Vice-Treasurer!

Apply to D-Dagen 2021 projectgroup

🤙 https://ddagen.se/sok 👈 It's now one week until the application for D-Dagens projectgroup closes!😮 Apply for the bigest project within the chapter. It will be six months of teambuilding and community. Get experience in event planing🎉, PR📷, economy💰 and much more. You can read more about ther roles in the application form. Do you want to know even more just ask during the interview. D-Dagen is incredibly fun!🙌 Apply now! 👉 https://ddagen.se/sok 👈

Elections Documents - Extra Chapter Meeting

The election documents for the extra chapter meeting are now available, they can be found here.

Curtain talks from EECS

TL;DR EECS have four curtain talks during the spring. The first one is 27 January.

Read more on this link: https://www.digitalfutures.kth.se/event-category/curtain-talks/

Here are all the dates with the associated event link

Curtain talk: Shannon’s theorem, 27 January In the first Curtain lecture, Professor Mikael Skoglund, will talk about Shannon’s theorem. https://www.facebook.com/events/1238535359881447/

Curtain talk: Lambda calcul, 24 February Meet David Broman who can tell us about the origin of the Lambda calcul, what it means and how it has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of technology. facebook.com/events/131975562088541/

Curtain talk: Differential privacy equation, 28 April Meet Professor Sonja Buchegger, that will be talking about the Differential privacy equation. facebook.com/events/239543071028512/

Curtain talk: Bayes theorem, 23 June Meet Professor Patric Jensfeldt, that will be talking about the Bayes theorem. facebook.com/events/465276887819717/

New rules for META during the pandemic

Hi all Chapter Members!

Due to the new Pandemic law and restrictions, the following decisions have been made by KTH and THS.

  • New opening hours for META is between 8-22.
  • New maximum capacity for META is 26 persons.
  • The furniture arrangement will be adapted to this as soon as possible, please do not rearrange.
  • The premise is open for study purposes only, not for Chapter activities.

There is also some updated information regarding Nymble and THS from THS President Charley:


  • We will continue having no events in Nymble or Osqvik.
  • The previous rule about administrators for crucial democratic meetings being allowed to book rooms in Nymble is no longer in effect.

Public areas in Nymble:

  • Nymble, the Bookstore and the Restaurant will still be open, but with new updated safety information posted around the building and even stricter restrictions in the number of seats and tables in their respective areas.
  • Only 4 people per table is allowed, and we ask that people do not move any furniture. If you happen to be in Nymble we ask that we all help out to remind people of these restrictions when necessary. For example, if you see a table with too many people, ask them to move apart.
  • KårX will continue to be physically open only Monday-Wednesday, but will still be reachable by phone: 08-790 98 51 and by mail: [email protected] during their regular office hours.
  • THS Café is closed and the Restaurant will instead be open 9-15 for the foreseeable future. Lunch will still be served as usual in the restaurant, with some extension of its supply in order to offer what THS Café usually does.
  • We will regularly evaluate the situation and the above is subject to change.

What do we know right now about KTH?

  • KTH library will open again on January 25th.
  • Study places are kept open as usual.

Take care of yourself and those around you <3


On January the 22nd there will be a D-directorate meeting!

At the DM, the board will, among other things, review two already made per capsulam-decisions, close two projects, and inform of the dismissal of two officials.

All chapter members are welcome!

Zoom link can be found here

The summons can be found here

Agenda can be found here

Supplementary documents can be found here

Meeting minutes can be found here

Nomination for THS Kamratstipendium

You can now nominate your friends to THS Kamratstipendium. The Kamratstipendium is awarded at each chapter each year for exceptionally good displays of camaraderie. Apart from the great honor of the award the receivers also get a modest amount of money.

Do you know anyone who has shown an exceptional friendship or camaraderie?

Nominate them now!

The form is open until February 17th.

Greetings, D-rektoratet

Nomination for the Delta of Honor

At the Audit Chapter Meeting we will present the recipients of the Delta of Honor and we would therefore like to remind you that you can nominate your friends for the chapters's most honorable badge of merit.

Use the link below to nominate!

The Delta of Honor is awarded to members of the chapter who have exceptionally meritoriously worked voluntarily for the chapter. Take you chance now to nominate someone deserving!

The last day for nomination is February 17th.

Salutations from the D-directorate!

Update of summons for Extra Chapter Meeting

Summons and agenda for Extra Chapter Meeting has been updated to include the election of International Student Coordinator, a very important role at the chapter!

The summons can be found here

And the agenda over here

Elections - Extra Chapter Meeting

It is time for elections once again!

The nominations for the Extra Chapter Meeting are available here: val.datasektionen.se

Extra Chapter Meeting

On January 26th, Extra Chapter Meeting (Extra-SM) will be held on Zoom at 17:30.

All chapter members are welcome!

Zoomlink can be found here


The summons can be found here

The agenda can be found here

Action minutes can be found here

Complete minutes can be found here


In accordance with our statutes §4.4 Brådskande ärenden and §4.8 D-rektiv I hereby issue a D-rektiv.

A year may be full of hardships. Sometimes they will feel so lighter after a run. In case they don't feel lighter, you hopefully become so fast that you can outrun your problems.

Thank you to everybody that has been part of the chapter during 2020! A special thank you to all who have developed and worked for the Computer Science Chapter during 2020, it has been so much fun to work with you. I also wish continued good luck for the coming year, you will do a fantastic job!

I wish you all a happy new year!

See you on Strava - Niklas Vatn, President 2020

Apply to D-Dagen 2021 projectgroup

Do you want to take part in something really fun? Be part of a rewarding group and truly make an effort for the chapter? Sounds interesting? Apply for the D-Dagen 2021 project group! It will be 8 months of teambuilding, exciting work and above all community. More information about the different roles can be found in the form. A new year, new possibilities, new D-Dagen. Apply! 👉https://ddagen.se/sok 👈

dJulmiddagen 2020 Zoom Edition

It's time for DKM's yearly Christmas Dinner but this time it will be hosted on Zoom. During the evening we will get christmas greetings from DREK and Titel2021, but there will also be time to just hang!

Link will be published in this event!

So grab some christmas candy and of course GLÖGG, and hang with us this saturday at 6pm!🌟