No sign-up needed! Just show up somewhere between 17:30 and 18:00 and we will register you. Everyone is welcome no matter skill level and fika will be provided!

QN and DESC invite you to the SICKEST 1v1 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament since fall 2022!!!

Everyone from the CS and Media chapters are welcome and every chapter member can also bring one additional external participant (+1)!

The tournament will be a double-elimination, which means if you lose two games you are out of the tournament (i.e. don't lose to win!).

The ruleset for the matches themselves are the standard tournament ruleset: https://www.ssbwiki.com/Tournament_rulesets_(SSBU)

DLC characters (exempting Steve) are allowed assuming we have enough stations with DLC characters. Bring your own Switch if you want to be sure.

Controllers will be provided but bring your own controller if you do not want to risk having to use a joycon!

Join the Discord if you haven't already: https://discord.gg/8tmEG8DVeJ