Event with SEB

Welcome to an evening with SEB and NLG! The evening will consist of talks, mingle, food and drinks. You will get to listen to a panel discussion about cyber security from people working with cyber security at SEB, and a presentation from the cyber security company Cparta.

When: 30/3 17.30-20.00

Where: SEB's office in Solna, Stjärntorget 4

Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfBJ3yjfCvClb8z3UWvKFZCCltjp1fvizycQL5GRhvy_Q0UBg/viewform?usp=sf_link

More information about the event:

Panel discussion: Talks, mingle, food, and drinks around cyber security

Almost every aspect of our lives has been digitized and the world is explored via our fingertips via screens and keyboards. Information- and cyber security represent fundamental trust pillars of these digital ecosystems. This is even more true when running a bank. This evening is all about explorations of areas like threat actors and landscape, threat intelligence, cloud security, security operations, and the ongoing paradigm shifts in AI aided hybrid attacks. You will meet Dick Svensson, Kristian Borryd, Milena Friend, Predrag Mitrovic and Sara Bäckner from SEB as well as security professionals from Cparta. We will mingle around food, drinks, and our favorite subject – Cyber security.

Presentation from Cparta: Modern Hacking: a Realistic Scenario

Cparta is a company dedicated to protecting Swedish commercial interests by providing tailored cyber security services. Cparta combines expertise, innovation, and dedication to secure our client's digital integrity. www.cparta.se. Sandra and Martin will explain the importance of cybersecurity in a digitalised Sweden. Presented is a realistic attack chain followed by blue team response, based on real incidents, and the actions taken by Cparta together with SEB in order to defend Sweden's critical infrastructure.