D-Lab Opinions and Suggestions

Hi Chapter!

I hope you all had an amazing friday!

I have recently attended two startup meetings to create a so called **D-Lab **at Kista Campus. D-Lab is proposed to be a place where you can go to work with hardware, software and everything that relates to it. The idea is that there will be faculty that will be able to assist you with your studies as well as your own projects.

Another idea is that KTH eventually can host a voluntary course/workshop for new students with no previous background in programming at D-Lab to get acquainted with the basics of programming before being thrown into the world of Computer Science.

Since we are in the early stages of this project I want your opinions and suggestions regarding what you want to see and do in such a place as well as what the industry's role would be. Current suggestions include the ability to work with Unreal Engine, Ray Tracing, UI/UX, VR, Deep Learning/AI,* IoT* and RISC-V! 😮

I would appreciate if you took a minute to fill out this survey which also contains a bit more detailed information about D-Lab: dsekt.se/dlab

Thank you in advance and have a great weekend!