Help us make Magenta happen!

Hello Chapter 👋 The recruitment for the Magenta gasque on November 26:th is now officially open!! We need your help to be able to make the event that we have promised all girls and non-binaries of KTH happen.

If working the event is something that you're interested in then you can apply via the link down below and become part of a great team. Everyone is welcome to apply** regardless of their gender identity** 🥰 If you are one of the workers, we will make sure that you can do your work in english!

The recruitment will be closing on October 24th so make sure to apply before then!!

If the above didn't sound like something you'd wanna do then you can, as a woman or non-binary, instead choose to attend the event. There is a form below that you can fill out so that you'll get all the important updates about the gasque directly sent to you via mail. Toasting and other activities during the gasque will be held in Swedish but feel free to speak any language that you're comfortable with at your tables! Hope to see you there ❤️❤️❤️