Extra recruitment for METAspexet project group is closing

Hi! Extra recruitment of the roles Sminqchef, Körchef and Arrchef for METAspexet 2023 will be closing on monday the 26th of September at 23:59 o clock. Do you want to apply for one of these roles? Surf onto the web page https://haj.metaspexet.se/sok, click one of the groups who are currently missing a leader and on the question "Skulle du vilja ta på dig en chefsroll/mer ansvarig roll för gruppen?" (Swedish for "would you like to apply for a leader role within the group") that pops up, answer "Yes" or equivalent and we'll get in contact with you after the application period has closed.

ATTENTION: The ordinary recruitment for the project's groups will remain open, it is only application for the three mentioned leader roles that will close the 26th.