Application for METAspexet 2023 is open!

Hello chapter!

It is time for us to open up the application for the largest project of the chapter, METAspexet!

But what do we do in the METAspexet project? Well, as the name would suggest we put up a spex show, which is a theatric show rooted in student culture that incorporates both musical and interactive elements, that we show to an audience at the end of the school year. METAspexet have a lot of different groups, both on stage and off stage, that helps us put up an fantastic show every year so there is surely a group that will interest you. Check out the application page if you want to see all the groups open for application!

Apply for METAspexet on the webpage

If you have questions or other comments to us you can leave them in this form

We are looking forward to meeting you!