City walk "Queera Stockholm"

Project Pride and the JN are organizing the city walk "Queera Stockholm" which is held by the Stadsmuseet. 🌈 "Queera Stockholm" is a walk about sexual politics and LGBTQ culture from the 19th century onwards, about how the modern city both made it possible and limited people's sexuality. We examine some of the places in the capital that are loaded with sexual expectations, opportunities and obstacles - from nightclubs, bathhouses and parks to private homes and supervised public toilets. The focus is on the history of LGBTQ people and we tell, among other things, about the fear of "gay leagues," drag queens, liberation demonstrations and the so-called "lesbian tangle" in 1943.

When: Monday 23/5 at 17:30 Where: Around Östermalm How: ABSOLUTELY FREE! The hike is about 1.5 hours and approx. 2 km long. There is a limited number of places! Computer scientists are given priority in the first place, but medians are welcome, if places are still available.