The JML-system is running

Hello CS Chapter! ❤️

The Equity Committee is here to make everyone feel included and welcome at the school and the chapter. As a person in the chapter you are always more than welcome to come talk to us about any questions that you might have around this. We can also offer support and guidance around reporting any incidents that might have occurred.

But we also understand that the questions which we talk about can be very sensitive. Sometimes you might want to ask a question or report that something has happened anonymously.

Therefore we now have a system in place where you can ask all your questions to JNO anonymously. We can then reply to this question even if we don't know who asked it to start with. You can also opt to sign your question with your name if you so wish.

LINK TO FORM Unfortunately, the form is only available in Swedish for the time being, english will be added eventually. You are, however, more than welcome to write in English if you so prefer.

All regular ways of contacting us are still in place, this just provides an extra way if you don't want to use the others.

XOXO Ebba and Amanda, JNO