DKM Presents: Reclaim21!

BA BA BOOM! The wait is over! The time has come for Titel to hand over the keys to spritis to its rightful owners! Join us, and celebrate the return of spritis at ✨ Reclaim21! ✨


What? Ehm?... Reclaim21 of course!

When? Saturday the 2nd of October @ 18:00

Where? META!

How? Weird question… wear something comfortable i guess... maybe ovve?

How much does it cost? For alcfree the price is 120:- and 150:- för alcohol.

How about tickets? The link to the tickets will be release in THIS event on Wednesday at 20:00 the 8th of September (8/9). OBS! Be ready with your finger over the F5 button as tickets usually get taken quicker than you can say RECLAIM21!

Hope you're as EXCITED as we are! Make sure not to miss this HYPED event, and ensure you get your ticket before someone else snatches it!