Get funding for your dream project via KTH Opportunities Fund

Did you know that as a student or young researcher at KTH, you have the opportunity to receive funding for degree projects, student associations, field studies and other student initiatives from KTH Opportunities Fund. Funded by dedicated alumni and friends of KTH, this is an opportunity to make your dream a reality, a way to explore, innovate and excel. Make the most of your time at KTH and apply for a scholarship today!

Please submit your application before April 25th

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Webinar on KTH Opportunities Fund applications

Are you interrested in applying for a grant from KTH Opportunities Fund?

Supported by dedicated alumni and friends of KTH, Opportunities Fund offers scholarships to KTH students at both undergraduate and master's level, as well as to PhD-students. You can apply for a scholarship to fund projects, internships and research connected to your studies and we accept applications once a year. The application period for 2021 starts on March 15th and ends on April 25th. The final decision will be made by the end of May and the results published in the beginning of June. If you're interrested in applying for a grant from the fund, this is an opportunity to know more about how things work, what you can expect and ask questions regarding your application and the process of electing this year's candidates. We also hope to offer a short presentation by one of our former scholarship holders and give you some idea of how a typical project that has recieved support from the fund might look.

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KTH OF webinar 13/4

KTH OF webinar 14/4

KTH OF webinar 15/4