Audit Chapter Meeting

Hello Chapter!

On March 2nd a CM will be held on Zoom at 17:30. The reserve date is March 4th at 17:30.

During the Meeting, we will be reviewing last year’s reports and summaries, as well as discussing the discharge of the D-directorate of 2020 and committees with accounting obligation. We will also discuss motions and propositions.

All chapter members are welcome!

Zoom link for the meeting can be found here. Notice that you must be logged in to Zoom with KTH-id to join the meeting.

You can buy 100kr worth of food to eat during the meeting. However, you can only buy ready-made meals from, for example, a restaurant or grocery store. It is not allowed to buy ingredients for meals. You get your money back for the food by going to cashflow and registering it as an expense. We recommend that you buy food so that you receive the original receipt in digital format, as the receipt then doesn't need to be inserted in the receipt folder. Put the expense on the budget item "Centralt > Sektionsmöte > Mat, dricka och fika". Please note that if you do not attend the meeting, you will not get your money back. In order for you to get money back, you must also buy the food on the same day as the meeting takes place. Do not hesitate to contact the D-directorate if you have any questions!


The summons can be found here

The agenda can be found here

The minutes can now be found here