Post Exam Gaming Session with DESC

After high demand, DESC is back with another "Nattgibb". Last nattgibb was very successful and now when the exams are over we plan to take Inferno Online by storm again.

What is nattgibb? Nattgibb is when you gather towards the evening and play games til morning. We will be playing at the internet café Inferno Online Stockholm (IO), you get to use one of their computers during the nattgibb. IO also sells food and snacks during the whole night.

Price DESC will sponsor 30 seats and first come first served is applied, so make sure to register! If you wanna join but did not make it for the first 30 or you are not a Chapter member, you can still join but you have to pay the entry fee yourself (150kr).

How/where/when Where: Inferno Online Odenplan, Odengatan 60, 113 22 Stockholm

When: 10pm the gaming session starts, but we formally gather around 09:30pm. At 9pm DESCTOP will be there for dinner.

Hur: There are 2 form, registration and reserves. Registration gets their seat payed. Reserved gets booked but has to pay for themselfs. Registration: Reservation:


  • Registration closes 21/10/2020 08:00pm
  • Even if you are on the reserves list we will still book you a seat, but you have to pay for yourself.
  • If you need to come at a later time make sure to contact DESCTOP before the event ([email protected])