Hello all girls and non-binary!

The workshop today gave me a bunch of thoughts and ideas that I would like to execute at CS Chapter. Mostly I learned that us girls* generally are bad at self promotion. This means that we are bad at telling other people about things we have accomplished or are proud of. Men* are generally better at this. Being good at self promotion helps you advance your career which means that women* advance their careers more slowly than men*. Therefore, this is something that needs practice.

To help with this I created the channel #remarkable_wednesday in the META-slack. All girls and non-binary are welcome to that channel. In it, we will every week write something that we have accomplished during that week, something that makes us remarkable or something that we are proud of. it's supposed to be a place where we celebrate each other for our accomplishments and somewhere where we can practice those self promotion skills!

* In the text I refer to girls/women and guys/men. The studies that we looked at didn't mention anything about non-binaries and I didn't want to write anything that might be incorrect, which is why I didn't want to include any information regarding non-binaries. Of course, you are welcome into the slack channel as a non-binary person!

TLDR; For all girls and non-binary there is now a channel in the META-slack ( #remarkable_wednesday ) where every Wednesday we write something that we are proud of or have accomplished during that week. We celebrate each other's achievements and get to practice our self promotion skills!