Dinner party in Helsinki

Hello everyone!

First, thank you for bestowing upon me the trust to lead the project Hello World on Budget-SM! 😊

We have already received an invitation to Tietokilta’s party Välimuistinnollaus (lit. cache reset) the 7th of december! Tietokilta is the guild for computer science students at Aalto university. Välimuistinnollaus is a fine dinner party with a more relaxed twist that celebrates the 33½th birthday of the Tietokilta. The evening will include a cocktail party, dinner, and an afterparty. Next morning one can attend sillis (kinda recovery party) if one would like! The dress code for the evening is black tie. Sillis is more appropriate to attend in overalls.

The plan for the expedition is to travel there and back by ferry. Our friends in Tietokilta has kindly preliminary offered to accomodate us during our visit. The expedition plans to depart on the afternoon of the friday the 6th and return monday morning the 9th. Except the dinner and sillis will no meals be included. Travelers are also expected to arrange their own transport in Helsinki. It would cost approximately 900:- to join the expedition, or 800:- if you do not want to go to sillis. (The price may fluctuate a bit due to the price for the ferry. The stated price is however the best estimate we can give today.)

If you are interested in going with us, sign up in the form below no later than next wednesday (the 6th of november)! There is unfortunately a limited number of tickets available, so sign up immediately to ensure you get one! I can from experience promise that a party at Tietokilta is an event worth remembering! 💃



WHAT? Party at Tietokilta (We but Finns)

WHERE? Helsinki

WHEN? 6th dec - 8th dec

DRESSCODE? Black tie (+ ovve for sillis)

PRICE? Ferry ~400:- + party 35€ (+ sillis 8€) ≈ 900:- (800:-)

(The price may fluctuate due the price for the ferry fluctuating.)