GUDAR is the Chapters history Club. GUDAR is responsible for safekeeping and rediscovering the long history of the Data Chapter.

The club is lead by the chapter historian and was created in the spring of 2024.

Do you want to learn about the chapters history?

You can read the most glorious of all dbuggen, dJubileumsdbuggen 2003 (Swedish), here.

Do you want to learn about stuff that happened after dJubileumsdbuggen 20023 (or get information in english)? Message the Chapter historian.

There is currently an updated document of the chapters complete history in the works and its expected to be finished in the spring of 2025.

Do you want to join GUDAR?

Message the chapter historian!

Do you want help with finding something from the chapters past?


Do you want to tell us something about the Data Chapters history?

Contact GUDAR at or the chapter historian at if the information is sensetive.